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Chapter 8

All things considered, a collapsing building wasn't exactly the most life threatening thing Demyx had faced that day. With Mimi and her giant cactus friend down on the beach with everyone else – which Demyx didn't remember seeing, but he supposed it could have happened at anytime during the explosion – all he had to do was summon a portal of darkness and simply step outside. What he wasn't expecting was that as he went to do so, Zexion had insisted that they take Vexen along with them.

Demyx had all but forgotten about the scientist. He wouldn't have minded too much if Vexen had 'mysteriously gone missing,' but one look at Zexion's face was enough to see that he wasn't going to take no for an answer. A pity really. It would've been nice to have breakfast one morning without being entirely creeped out of his mind. Chuckling madly into one's cereal was quite possibly one of the most unattractive things anyone ever did at The Castle That Never Was, and that was really saying something. But Demyx had heard it all before, all the reasons concerning the 'clone program' and 'heart research' and 'hall monitoring', so he didn't complain.

Together they managed to drag Vexen's unconscious body into the portal without much difficulty and with plenty of time to spare. The building eventually collapsed in on itself with Demyx watching from a short distance away. It was incredibly noisy, really, with plumes of smoke and chunks of masonry falling all over the place, but still rather entertaining to watch. At the end of it there was a sizable hill of broken walls and rooftops with the tail of the 'honourable lord and master' Shogunmon sticking out the top. It was lucky the Geckomon still had their main mansion to live in, otherwise they would've been rather... well, screwed.

To Demyx's glee, the gathering of children and monsters had moved up to examine the wreckage just like he had, so he snuck a bit closer to do some expert 'eavesdropping'. The sneaking probably wasn't exactly necessary, not with his coat making him as precisely forgettable as he was, but it just didn't feel right to stand around in the middle of a group conversation when no-one could actually see you.

Apparently the mood was a rather light one. The children were all happily laughing and discussing what to do next. From the sounds of it, it was pretty much guaranteed that they would just continue their journey to search for the rest of their friends with no harm done. Seriously, if these kids had a reputation for setting up dysfunctional monarchies, destroying entire mansions and then just leaving without a word it was no wonder their friends were off hiding somewhere. To Demyx's great surprise, the Geckomon were laughing right along with the children, and from the looks of it were completely unconcerned with the mass destruction of their property, live burial of their murderous ruler and complete loss of their life purpose. Once again, this was insanely appealing to Demyx. This was quite possibly the happiest place in the entire universe.

Demyx nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt something grab his shoulder. He whirled around in a panic only to find Zexion giving him a deprecating look and motioning for him to follow him back to where Vexen had been haphazardly dumped on the ground. With one last look over his shoulder at the departing group of children and monsters, Demyx fell in beside Zexion.

Their short walk was a silent one. After so much excitement Demyx could hardly think up anything interesting to say. He instead busied himself with looking out across the view of the ocean, now that the cliff-side mansion wasn't as 'looming in the foreground' as it once was, being a pile of rubble and all. Thankfully Zexion broke the silence once they reached Vexen's corp- erm, unconscious body.

"Are you ready to go?"

Demyx immediately opened his mouth to argue. Then it hit him that he had run out of things to do here. The frog had been awakened, the friends had been united, and everyone was happily off to do whatever it was that they usually did. It all felt slightly anti-climatic to Demyx. There had been no heartfelt goodbyes and not a single 'thank you for all your help'. On top of that, he would probably be lucky if they remembered him whatsoever at the end of the day. All in all, it wasn't exactly the preferred way to end his day of helping people. He'd heard the saying that you helped people for their benefit and not your own, but screw that, Demyx wanted the gratitude! Where was his happy ending? Perhaps he'd try it again with a different world and see if those people knew how to show proper respect for completely unwanted help.

Demyx then realised that he had completely failed to answer Zexion's question in any way whatsoever. He looked to the other Organization member to find him frowning at Vexen, clearly deep in thought.

With a gleeful smirk, Demyx figured it was the perfect time for revenge. He silently got behind Zexion and grabbed his shoulder, completely expecting him to jump like Demyx himself had. Unfortunately Zexion was completely unaffected by Demyx's ingenious plan. He even seemed to blush a little. Today was just not Demyx's day.

Completely refusing to look like an idiot who had just failed to sneak up on the one person in this world that could actually see him, Demyx quickly threw out the first words that came to mind.

"So, uh, crazy little things huh? Who knew they could change shape like that."

Demyx sorely hoped Zexion knew what he was meaning. He hated looking like an idiot in front of someone so smart, he really really did. He was just about to clarify that he indeed meant the 'crazy little monsters that followed those weirdly dressed kids around' when Zexion nodded as if he had been thinking the exact same thing.

"I believe it's called 'digivolution'. The mechanics of it elude me for the moment, but the potential power for it is astounding."

Then Zexion bent down and was taking something out of Vexen's hand. It took Demyx a moment to recognise it. It was the little shiny locket Vexen had been taunting them with mid-battle. Demyx still had no clue what the hell it was. He asked as such.

"It belongs to that - uh, it belongs to Mimi," Zexion explained. "It has some link to the level of power Palmon can access, but it requires the strength of Mimi's heart to activate it."

Demyx scratched his chin at that. So there really was a lot more to these kids than met the eye. Shapeshifting monsters whose power was directly linked to the heart? No wonder Vexen was so eager to stick his nose in this world. This was right up his alley. Then something occurred to Demyx.

"Um, are you going to give it back to her?"

For a short moment Zexion hesitated. Then he caught Demyx's eye, shifted his weight from one foot to the other and folded his arms.

"Of course. I'll replace it without her even knowing it was gone." Demyx could just about hear the words he didn't say, 'right after I run some tests on it first.' It was good enough for Demyx either way. Mimi got her all powerful trinket back and all went back to the way it was before Demyx had tried to save the day. You know, ignoring the possibly dead giant frog and the completely destroyed house. He was just glad this place didn't have lawyers.

With a partially bored grunt, Demyx swung his arms around. His adventure may be over, but perhaps there was one last glimpse of awesome he could get before they left.

His gaze fell upon Vexen. He felt his foot twitch. He smiled.

It was brilliant, of course. Vexen would never even know. He lifted his leg.

"Don't even think about it."

Demyx spun around, face aghast.

"Oh come on Zexion! Just one kick! That's all!"

"The answer is no Demyx," Zexion said firmly, without even the slightest twinge of a sense of humour.

"But he's a pri-"

"-senior member of the Organization, and you will respect him as such."


Demyx folded his arms and wrinkled his nose. Zexion was no fun, no fun at all. As Zexion turned away to open a portal of darkness Demyx stuck his tongue out at his back.

"I can still see you."

Demyx threw up his hands. "You know what? You suck. I'm going home."

It was under these circumstances that Demyx stomped off through the summoned portal and walked in on one of the most curious things he'd seen all day. Or perhaps, it would have been if he had just spent a day on any other world at all. As things were though, singing murderous frogs were just a little stranger. Even so, it was pretty darn strange.

Demyx had, in fact, walked straight into Vexen's laboratory. The sudden transition from a bright and colourful world to such blinding white walls made him squint, but his eyes still caught on pretty much the last person he had expected to be anywhere near a science experiment. There was Xigbar, complete with eye patch and long grey-streaked ponytail.

The strange part was that he was for some reason completely lacking any clothing whatsoever

He was standing behind one of the taller desks, so Demyx luckily couldn't see anything particularly scarring, but the simple fact that he had walked in on Xigbar completely and utterly naked brought an immediate myriad of questions blazing across his mind. Even worse, Xigbar hadn't heard him enter, so he continued rather busily pressing buttons on a big expensive looking piece of machinery. Demyx had absolutely no idea how to break it to the guy that he'd just snapped whatever dirty deeds he was doing, so he opted to remain silent.

Zexion stepped out of the darkness and appeared next to Demyx then, holding up the unconscious form of Vexen with one arm slung around his shoulders. Demyx could not remember being so pleased to have anyone else around ever. Zexion quickly saw the problem and cleared his throat, in that precise tone that just screamed excuse me what do you think you are doing?

Xigbar's back stiffened then. He turned around and saw them, but otherwise remained completely still. Apparently he didn't even have the modesty to cover up any choice pieces of his anatomy. He just stood there, looking shocked, and rather obviously trying to think up a plausible excuse for just what was going down. Demyx was looking forward to hearing whatever he came up with, because he had absolutely no idea what he would be trying to do.

...Hair removal, perhaps?

It took a great amount of effort to keep his eyes trained exactly on Xigbar's face and nowhere else. Apparently this guy's scars weren't just facial ones- but no, his face. Yes, his face. He wasn't even blushing. Was he naked in front of people like this often?

Thankfully, Zexion broke the silence once again. Demyx was ready to kiss the guy for saving him from such an awkward thought cycle.

"I specifically remember Vexen declining your ideas for the cloning programme, Number II. You don't have the authority to clone yourself." Wait, what?

Darkness domed around Xigbar. For a second Demyx thought he was teleport-fleeing away, but no, the darkness disappeared just as fast as it appeared, leaving Xigbar just where he was but now wearing his Organization cloak. Demyx would have kissed the darkness as well - you know, if that were physically possible. He would've considered kissing the waist high desks in the room too, for keeping things out of sight, but who knew which ones Xigbar had touched while he was naked? Demyx instinctively took a step away from the nearest bench.

"If I remember correctly," Xigbar was saying smarmily, "I have the highest rank here. Which means I'm in charge here. You know?" Xigbar was smirking. Pulling the rank card almost seemed like a low blow to Demyx. It wasn't actually possible to outrank Xigbar without being Xemnas himself. It was practically cheating.

"Oh, were you wanting the order to come from the Superior instead?"

Zexion was handling it a lot better than Demyx thought he could have. He opted to continue his lengthy silence and hope that he could slip out before anyone noticed he had even been there at all. He took a tentative step towards the doorway.

Xigbar's head abruptly swivelled around to look at the other side of the laboratory. Demyx peeked over to see what he was looking at, but there was no-one there.

"You wouldn't dare," Xigbar was saying slowly. To the empty side of the room. Then his eyes widened and he took a step back, before summoning his guns in a flash. "Why you- You need to be taught a lesson!"

"Then bring it!"

Demyx almost squealed. The voice had spoken in his ... well, voice, but he hadn't spoken at all. He opened his mouth to say such, but no sound came out. On the verge of panic he looked around, his gaze falling on Zexion. It was only then that he realised how remarkably calm the shorter man was, and that he had his hand out towards Xigbar. Following that, Demyx glanced at Xigbar. It all made sense then.

Something else must've happened in whatever illusion he was seeing, for Xigbar suddenly dove to the side in a crash, rolling out of the way of some imagined attack and lurched forward into a run.

"Get back here!"

Then he ran out of the room and was gone.

Demyx turned back to Zexion, making an effort to lower his eyebrows as he did so. Zexion was looking remarkably calm really, much calmer than Vexen sprawled out on the floor like a discarded rag.

He made a mental note to never, ever piss Zexion off.

"How long are you gonna leave him doing that?"

Zexion flipped his hair.

"Oh, until he figures it out. It may take a while, but I feel it's justified."

"Huh." Demyx folded his arms, looking Zexion up and down as if seeing him for the first time. "You know, you're a lot more fun than I give you credit for."

"I know."

Demyx didn't see the self gratuitous smile sitting plainly on Zexion's lips, due to the hair and all, but he hardly needed to. If anything else, Demyx had discovered a new pastime that he was hardly going to let die out anytime soon.

"So, about them Tuba frogs."