"Hey guys, meet the new member of G-Force; Colvin" said Ben as he placed the all white guinea pig in front of the

group, "Now you guys get acquainted" said Ben as he walked off because he had some business to attend to.

"Welcome Colvin, my name is Darwin, the leader of the team!" greeted Darwin as the two shook paws

"Yo, I'm Blaster" said Blaster

"I'm Juarez" said Juarez

Instantly Colvin was smitten with her, with a grin on his face he approached her;

"Ooh, hello mamacita, I speak a little Espanol" said Colvin mispronouncing the words

Juarez just chuckled and approached him

"Usted puede tener un gran ego, pero hay una pequeña posibilidad de salir conmigo [translation: You may have a big ego,

but you have a small chance at dating me]" said Juarez batting her eyes as if she was complementing him even

though she had insulted him. Colvin, not knowing what Juarez said took it as a compliment;

"Ooh, gracias mamacita" said Colvin in a slick tone even though he didn't understand a word she said, now Colvin

was a team player but he had an ego thrice the size of Texas.

"She totally wants me" chuckled Colvin as Blaster and Darwin just had a good laugh at him but Colvin brushed them

off and wanted to get better acquainted with the team.

"So, Colvin what do you have to offer the team?" asked Darwin

"I can pick locks and I can hack a computer without any traces of me doing so" replied Colvin

Darwin shook his head in agreement as he did trust Colvin and his knowledge of computer hacking and lock picking,

and being in G-Force was pretty cool by his standards. Colvin had a lot of training to endure but he had to first

show them if he could actually pick a lock;

"Alright everyone, stand back and watch the master in action" said Colvin

They had set him up in front of a locked door and he had a lock picking kit, and that little guy went to work on the


"Alright…come on…and….GOT IT" said Colvin as he managed to unlock the door with no struggle at all, this really

impressed Darwin.

"Nice lock picking skills, that's gonna be very valuable to the team!" exclaimed Darwin

Colvin felt proud that he was excepted by the team's leader but he still had his heart set on Juarez but she really

wasn't that interested in him, she liked him as a friend and teammate but Colvin didn't really see it like that. Colvin,

Blaster, Darwin and Juarez had headed back to their respected pens even though Colvin didn't have one he was

hanging out with Blaster who had a [miniaturized] Xbox 360 in his pen;

"You play Halo 3?" asked Blaster

"Do I? Heck yes!" exclaimed Colvin as the two went off to play.

Juarez had gone into her pen to update her Facebook status;

"We got a new member to the team…he has an ego bigger than his body, still he is cute but he has no shot"

Juarez had a little chuckle at her status and she began to just surf the web, browsing various sites and checking

her emails and other stuff like that. Meanwhile Blaster and Colvin were having a blast playing Halo 3;

"Plasma Sword KILL!" exclaimed Colvin

"Lucky stab, watch me drive this Banshee up ya butt!" teased Blaster

Darwin was just hanging out in his pen just listening to Blaster and Colvin playing each other in Halo 3

"I'm playing winner!" exclaimed Darwin

"Sure…I'll be ready in three more kills!" exclaimed Colvin

"Scores tied bro!" exclaimed Blaster

Then Ben had came in the room, he looked very serious;

"Guys, no time for games we got a mission! OK here's the debriefing; I've learned of a counterfeiting agency named

SPANK who have just recently stolen a money printer from the US Mint and are using to print fake money which

they plan to use for the purchase of nuclear weapons, your mission is to put an end to their counterfeiting ring!"

exclaimed Ben

"Alright G-Force, we've got a mission and we're gonna bring those thieves to justice!" exclaimed Darwin

"Ben, what do we know about said counterfeiters?" asked Colvin

"From what I know the leader's name is Eugene Austen, but goes by the nickname Gene" said Ben

"Hmmm…Eugene Austen, now why does that sound familiar?" pondered Colvin as him and the rest of G-Force

prepared for their mission to bring those fiends to justice.

"Alright Colvin, since you're new to the team here are the rules: 1) I'm the leader you follow my orders, 2) No

recklessness, we're spies not vigilantes and 3) We've all got each other's backs out there because not only are we

a team, we're a family" said Darwin

Colvin shook his head in agreement and was ready to head off with the team to get more debriefing on the alleged

counterfeiters and where they were located.

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