"Look guys I'm fin-"and before Colvin could finish, he was swooped up by the little girl;

"GUYS FOLLOW HER!" exclaimed Darwin as the team followed her up to her room but she slammed the door on them, Darwin was cross;

"Dang it, we gotta find a way in and rescue him!" exclaimed Darwin as the team searched for an alternative way in, meanwhile Colvin was in


"So Colvin…you're back!" squealed the girl

"Hey…Susan, how've ya been?" he nervously asked and that made the little girl mad

"MY NAME IS KATHY!" she exclaimed

"Oh…my…how you've g-grown…what're you now um…six?" stuttered Colvin

"I'M NINE!" exclaimed Kathy, Colvin was starting to get pains again. He began to remember all the pain and agony he endured in that very

room alone.

"Now, you're back and guess what?" exclaimed Kathy as she pulled out a bottle rocket and a lighter

"Oh dear" said Colvin as his stomach began to ache again

"That's right, bottle rocket time!" she exclaimed as she lunged at him but Colvin quickly dove out of the way

"No way, you're strapping me to that thing!" exclaimed Colvin as he ran for dear life but he was limited to space as toys and clothes were

strewn all over the floor. Colvin was backed into a corner but out of a vent came the team.


"Let him go" said Darwin sternly

Now of course Kathy wasn't going to just hand over Colvin but he had an idea

"Alright Kathy, you can strap me to that thing…IF you tell my friends where the basement is where your dad is hiding that money printer" said


"Sure, take the closet door on the left, behind the door is a stairwell" replied Kathy who gave up that info relatively quick, Kathy opened the

door to let G-Force out but Colvin quickly escaped along with them.

"DANG IT COLVIN!" exclaimed Kathy as she gave chase.

The team located the closet and to their luck it was open, they ran down the stairs and saw that in plain sight was the money printer, and it

was printing money. Stacks of it, there had to at least be millions.

"Uh…guys?" called out a voice

"I know that voice" said Juarez

Darwin took a look to see Hurley

"HURLEY!" he exclaimed

Hurley was strapped to 4 M-80s (For those who don't know an M-80 is a quarter stick of dynamite, 4 quarter sticks…do the math)

"Hurley what happened?" exclaimed Blaster

"Well, I was minding my own business when all of a sudden I was grabbed from behind and the next thing I knew I was here strapped to

these m-80s" replied Hurley

Just then they heard footsteps, it was Eugene coming downstairs, he was on his cell phone;

"Uh-huh, OK understood Mr. S" he said on his phone as he stood near the money printer, then he went to Hurley as the team watched;

"Well, well my little commodity if I don't get paid then you is going out with a…BANG!" he said as began to laugh maniacally.

"Not on our watch" whispered Colvin to the team

"OK, Colvin since you're good at hacking, I need you to hack Eugene's computer, and I'll rescue Hurley. Juarez, Blaster keep lookout!" said

Darwin as they did what they were told. Eugene left the machine as he had gotten a call from the mysterious "Mr. S"

"Alright sweetheart, I'm gonna hack you" said Colvin as he inserted a flash drive into the computer and began to crack it from bank accounts

to email passwords and everything. Darwin had gotten Hurley unstrapped from the M-80s and took him to safety;

"Oh thanks bro! I thought I was a goner!" exclaimed Hurley

"We never leave a man behind" replied Darwin

Colvin was busy hacking the computer when he saw a message pop-up;

"Abort printing? Yes or No"

Colvin clicked "Yes" and the printer shut off, then Eugene came and saw Colvin at his computer.

"So Colvin, you're back huh?" asked Eugene

"Yes…" replied Colvin

"Listen Colvin, I taught you how to hack a computer, I never thought you'd…wait a sec WHERE'S THAT OTHER? YOU LITTLE BAS-"but Eugene

didn't get to finish as right on cue, Mr. S popped up on a TV monitor and guess who it was…Sparkles (as if you didn't know)

"What the heck? You mean my boss was a star nosed mole?" exclaimed Eugene

This didn't shock Darwin or the rest of the team

"Speckles…I knew I smelled a mole!" exclaimed Darwin

"Yes Darwin…and now with my money, I shall purchase that nuke and me and Eugene will hold the world ransom for a hefty price!" exclaimed

Sparkles as him and Eugene shared a maniacal laugh.

"A nuke?" questioned Colvin

"Yes, Colvin a nuke" replied Eugene

"But…why?" asked Colvin

"For years, I was laughed at! I was the butt of every joke at the bank, then I bought you…I wanted you to be evil which is why I taught you

how to pick locks and hack computers and such, then my demon child of a daughter did the things she did to you, but now I'm gonna show

everyone who laughed at me that I'm not a force to be reckoned with!" exclaimed Eugene.

Colvin, was displeased at Eugene, but then Colvin's stomach began to kill him again, it was Kathy running downstairs

"DADDY WHERE'S COLVIN?" she exclaimed as she frantically searched for him even though he and the team and Hurley were hiding

"Oh no…here's comes the spawn of the Devil!" exclaimed Colvin as he clutched his stomach, Juarez went up to him and the damnedest thing

he began to feel better;

"Well when she came downstairs my stomach was killing me but then you came next to me and now I feel better, weird" said Colvin

"Yeah Colvin, very weird" replied Juarez

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