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Unexpected Turns
Harry Potter/Naruto
by Shinji the Good Sharer

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Chapter 12
Training and Meeting

Harry walked into the training room for his morning exercises. He had expected his elves to be there as they were every morning to help him train but he was interested in why everyone else, even Gabrielle, was awake and sitting off to the side. Fleur smiled as she sat with the others sipping some warm cocoa as she looked at him. That explained where she had gone after they woke up together that morning. "Why are you all awake so early?"

Lily smiled at her son and cuddled into James' lap more under the blanket wrapped around them. "We've known about your training for almost six months now Harry. Gabrielle asked yesterday what you did so early in the morning and none of us knew how to answer that beyond 'training'. So we decided to get up early and see what you do for training." she told him happily.

'…crap. If she finds out about how extreme my training is she'll have a…ah screw it. I might as well get it over with. If I dull it down they'll want to start training with me and my own training will suffer for it.' Starting with push-ups Harry went through the normal exercises and warm-ups. His contortionist-like stretches had some of the girls blushing. Then he moved onto some of his more specialized training, including forty push ups on each of his fingers and one hundred on his tongue. Several girls and women had to be physically restrained from tearing off his clothes by the time he got to fifteen. Body binds from the males became necessary at fifty.

Practicing with a chain whip had been acrobatic to say the least. It was followed by bo staff training and a sword duel with Iymithra using weighted bokken. Everyone had watched closely as Nauris lifted latches in the floor to reveal three notches in the floor. She took three Chinese spears from Nippy and put the ends in the notches so the points were pointed up then leaned them down at Harry. "Harry, what are you doing?" Lily asked worriedly. He ignored her as he put the three spear points against the best of his throat right above his collar bone. "Harry, take those spears away from your neck!" Lily cried as Ssapdril picked up a large number of Eskrima sticks.

Except for the elves and Cologne everyone's jaws dropped as Harry pushed forward bending the spears. Iymithra took one of the bat-like sticks and struck it across Harry's back hard enough to make it break. More show was had when not even a red mark showed up from the loud crack. She took another stick and systematically went all over Harry's body starting from his ankles then heading to his knees. His thighs, abs, sides, shoulders and even the top of his head followed as she broke stick after stick on his shirtless body before the group. Many of the men cringed at the strike to the groin which didn't seem to even faze Harry's eleven year old body.

Once she was finished Harry pushed forward harder snapping the three spears and stretching his muscles. He took a stance after that and held his hands over his head exposing his abs. Iymithra took another sick and slammed it into his stomach making it snap in half. It was repeated on his arms and knuckles once he held his arms out. His calves and knees followed as he held them out to the side while balancing on one foot.

If that wasn't enough, dozens of Iymithra and the other elves appeared. The originals backed away to stand with the gaping crowd and Harry took a loose stance. Even Cologne looked shocked at the ability. "On the count of three master." One of Iymithra's Kage Bunshin said as it stood in front of him. "One… Two… Three!" The reaction was faster than anyone could see. Harry's hand snapped up and punched the clone in the mouth causing it to vanish in a puff of smoke.

A Nauris clone tried to punch him but he caught the fist on one hand while her elbow was in the other. He wrenched down on the elbow with a sickening crack then twisted the wrist and popped it out of join before dislocating the shoulder. Shoving it firmly, the clone smacked it's head on the wall and vanished.

One of Ssapdril's clones grabbed a kendo stick off the wall and tried to strike him only to have him block her hands with his forearm and kick the handle causing the wooden sword to fly back up and strike her in the face. As that cloned vanished Nippy's clone swung at him which he caught and twisted, dislocating the shoulder and elbow before flipping her over into the wall. She vanished instantly.

Another Nauris clone tried to kick him and he kicked her heel up so it was on one of the tables holding a set of swords. He then brought his foot down on her knee snapping it before snapping her neck as well causing the clone to vanish. Kicking another Iymithra clone I the face he snapped the spine on a Nippy clone before stabbing his hand into the chest of a Nauris clone making all three vanish. For nearly twenty minutes Harry systematically 'killed' the clones as they tried to take him down and he did it all with his bare hands.

The entire group had been somewhat shocked at his efficiency and ruthlessness as he took the clones down as fast as they could attack him. After the brutal massacre of clones, Harry and the elves went out to the backyard with everyone else following. Nippy held up a speed gun and pointed it at the perimeter wall while Nauris took a stop watch out of her cleavage and held it up. "Ten laps around the estate at top speed master. Go!" she said and pushed the button to start the time. The ground under Harry's right foot cracked slightly before he vanished with only the loud whistle of displaced air to show he hadn't simply vanished.

None of them could actually see Harry but the dust trail that began circling the estate at high speed was enough to let them guess where he was. One lap around the estate perimeter was equal to one kilometer which meant that Harry was taking a ten kilometer run. He made the entire run in slightly over one minute forty-seven seconds with Nippy clocking him at three hundred thirty six kilometers per hour.

Last he did three hours of meditation standing on his head with his arms and legs strait up against his body. This wouldn't have been as impressive as the other exercises if he hadn't been using chakra to balance on top of a sword point upside down using the top of his head as he meditated. "You do all of zis every day 'arry?" Fleur asked wide-eyed.

"Yes. I am in a bit of a rush now though so I have to do only the basics or I'll be late for the meeting with the council." Harry said calmly. It was lunch and he had to take his mother and father to the council meeting in Konoha so he could adopt Naruto today after dinner, he had no intention of letting his mother go on another panic attack making him late.

Iymithra was wiping his body down with a towel as he walked up towards the shower in the Turkish style baths. Everyone seemed intent on following him to ask questions so he felt going to the co-ed bath would be better. The fact that it was the only bathroom large enough to let everyone in without making them all feel like sardines was also a plus. Nippy went off to get his clothes together while Harry undressed. Iymithra, Nauris and Ssapdril also undressed and walked into the large heated bath. None of the four seemed to care that everyone could see them as Harry walked under the statue of a nude woman holding a basin which worked like a shower.

All of the men looked at the elves with small amounts of drool. Curiously, Akane did the same while alternating between looking at them and Harry. The rest of the women were blushing as they tried not to glance at Harry. They failed occasionally as the elves washed Harry's body and scrubbed his back. Fleur didn't seem to have their problem and openly appraised her fiancée… at least that was what she would call it. Everyone else would just call it ogling and panting like a starving dog over a steak.

Too soon in many of their opinions, Harry and the elves got out and dressed. "Nippy, did you set up the floo station as I asked?" he queried to his house elf who nodded and handed him the floo address along with the passports he had gotten for him, his mother and his father.

In a small apartment in Konohagakure no Sato a large fireplace burst in green flames and spit out a seventeen year old young man in a black cloak covered in red clouds. A beautiful redheaded woman and a messy haired man with glasses soon followed behind him. They left the apartment almost immediately and began to head for the tall tower that bore the Kanji for 'fire' with the boy leading the other two.

Under his cloak, Harry was decked out in his full dragon hide ANBU gear completed with one of his chakra fangs across the small of his back and the one he had taken from Itachi's corpse on his back over his left shoulder. It was hidden by the high collar of his cloak however making sure that nobody would be able to notice it unless he took it off. However that was when someone came up in front of Harry holding a pair of trench knives.

Sarutobi Azuma was having a bad day. He had skipped out on the ninja meeting that was currently going on in the hopes of getting Yuuhi Kurenai to ditch with him for a date. Like she did every other time he had asked her out she shot him down calling him a lazy smoker and Mitarashi Anko had bitched that they had to suffer a jackass like him on their team. He didn't like to admit it but he had only made Jounin because of two things.

First was being on their team. Anko knew more ninjutsu that any other ninja in the village save the Hokage and Hatake Kakashi. She also could take on most ANBU two at a time with no problem. She wasn't ANBU captain level but she was easily high-ANBU level. Kurenai was the strongest Genjutsu user in the village and known as the ice queen. She often had to rebuff men trying to date her because of her unnatural beauty. Between Anko's attacks and Kurenai's illusions he pretty much never had to do anything and he knew both could beat his ass on their own. They had done so enough times for him to realize it wasn't a fluke when he tried to peek on them in the baths.

Second, his father was the boss. He often boasted about his taijutsu skill and complained about people thinking he got his rank because of his father. Unfortunately he was all too aware that it was true. Kurenai, Anko and just about everyone in the village knew as well making him more angry about it. At the rate he was going the only chance he would get of bagging the ice queen would be… '…is that Uchiha Itachi?' Azuma thought as he squinted making his grin widen. 'Oh yes! Thank you Kami-sama! This is my freakin' lucky day!'

So saying he drew his trench knives and jumped down in front of 'the missing-nin' and smirked at him, ignoring the obvious civilians behind him. There was no way those rumors about his strength were true, right? "Uchiha Itachi. You are under arrest for the mass murder of the Uchiha clan and treason to Konoha. Give up quietly or I'll be forced to take you in by force." the bearded man with the cigarette in his mouth quipped.

"You were not informed of my arrival Sarutobi Azuma?" the Sharingan user asked making Azuma's face go red. "I was under the impression that your father held you in higher regard than that." Turning an angry purple Azuma glared at the two civilians laughing at him.

Fuming and obviously, too foolish to think about the possibility that the boy before him actually had been expected like he claimed. Azuma ran at him angrily. "Let's see how funny you are when you're dead Uchiha!" he yelled with one knife pulled back and charged with chakra.

Remembering how Terry had beaten Gai in the King of Fighter's tournament as well as that Azuma was also a taijutsu expert Harry opted to give it a try. Chakra began to pour off Harry, surrounding him in a bright blue glow of energy. "Hakkyoku Seiken: Ha Do Senpū Kyaku!" James and Lily covered their faces as Harry seemed to turn into a whirlwind, spinning at high enough speed to cause a rather powerful wind.

Azuma bunkered down and took a blocking stance hoping to defend from the attack. He was… less than successful as he flew through the air strait at the Hokage tower. A deep frown creased Harry's face as he looked at the spinning form of Azuma Sarutobi soaring at the building about twenty yards off. "Damn, still putting too much power into that one. Meh at least Kurenai will be happy."


Every ninja in the Hokage's meeting room blinked at the man shaped indentation in the wall. For some reason a man had slapped into the outer wall of the Hokage tower like a bug on a pair of ninja sunglasses. Mitarashi Anko got out of her chair and stuck her head out the window to see who it was.

Seconds later she pulled her head back in and looked at them all with a shit eating grin plastered on her face. "Hey Kurenai, come check this out. Azuma's finally decided to learn how to make an impression." she said and stuck her head back out the window. The ninja were cracking up while Kurenai and the Hokage put their heads in their hands and groaned at the stupidity of the man. "You know Azuma. There are better ways to knock. You shouldn't be throwing yourself into your work so much." Anko pointed out making the other ninja start laughing.

Groaning in pain Azuma forced out. "Uchiha… Itachi… too powerful… coming… this way." he moaned before passing out. The assembled Jōunin all jumped up to go search for the missing-nin when the door opened calmly. Two ANBU were sleeping quietly in their guard duty posts obviously put under some type of sleeping Genjutsu. Not one of them had noticed the two guards being disabled which was unnerving to even the Hokage.

A figure walked in wearing a kasa which had fabric strips hanging from the inside to hide his head and a Taoist tassel on the front that rung with a small cat bell on it. He wore a black cloak with red clouds on it that hid the rest of his face revealing a pair of red eyes which had three tomoe in each. Behind him were two civilians who followed him to the Hokage's desk. "I'm here for our meeting with the council, Hokage-sama. May we please sign the adoption papers now and get this all out of the way?" he said in a deep, husky voice that caused the kunoichi to blush despite the monotone.

Sarutobi Kyoukan, the Sandaime Hokage, sighed as he looked at the figure. "Did you have to do that to my son, Harry? You know how much he's going to whine to me about this whole incident." the old man grunted as he rubbed his forehead.

"No, but if it is any consolation I hope you father some more at some point in the very near future. You've bred a decent punching bag in that boy of yours, little Saru." Harry quipped back making Sarutobi's eye twitch.

Irritated but quite entertained by the entire rouse, mostly because it would take his son down a peg and the faces on the other ninja were a sight he would treasure till the day he died as he laughed his way to hell. "Damned ancient old coot. Just because you're immortal you get to stay young." he mumbled loud enough for the ninja to hear purposely according to the plan they had made through the mail.

Raising an eyebrow Harry looked at the old man. "Physically you're older than I am, Hokage-sama so I'd be careful of who's calling who an 'old coot'." he pointed out before tossing the old man a sixteen ounce flask engraved with Manda the snake summon boss coiled around the Uchiha fan. "Sixteen ounces of elixir, that's one hundred twenty-eight teaspoons. You and your wife will be reversed the age one year per teaspoon. Just be careful, I don't want to change and diapers… which is another reason to make you younger I suppose." he quipped making Sarutobi chuckle slightly.

"Hokage-sama! Please don't drink tha…" one of the Jounin tried to say as the old man took a big swig of the flask. The ninja gaped in wide-eyed shock as their leader's skin started to bubble and ripple, gradually changing.

When it stopped after about thirty seconds his hair was a deep black and completely replenished with his receding hairline rejuvenated. His wrinkles were gone and instead of the pale old skin he now had a deep tan with a small dark beard on the tip of his chin. From his looks one would assume he was around thirty-six years old instead of his original fifty-nine. "I'll be damned. This stuff of yours actually works!" the newly restored Hokage said happily.

Harry looked at him emotionlessly. "As if there was a reason to doubt." he said and sat down in an empty chair that just happened to be by Kurenai in the front row. Ignoring Anko's rants of how that had been her seat Harry looked at his parents and nodded to them. "I don't want to be rude but we need to hurry this along. Time is money and my time is quite literally worth billions. I also don't wish to be around you for too much longer, Hokage-sama. I told you before, no more than seven teaspoons a day."

All of the ninja snapped their heads to look at Harry. Kurenai was the one who spoke to him being right next to him at the time. "He's not going to suffer any side effects will he?" she asked sharply.

"No, but his wife will. The gas he'll have for the next two days will be horrid." he replied making Sarutobi wince. As if to prove his point the formerly old man leaned to the side and let out a long loud fart. "Nice, Hokage-sama. Real classy like." Harry prodded making the man blush a dark red and cough into his hand.

Suffering near mortal embarrassment Sarutobi cleared his throat. He pulled out some papers and slid them over to Lily and James who looked mortified to even be standing next to him. James wincing and muttering about 'invisible walls' didn't help much as the ninja started sniggering. "Both of you please sign here and the adoption will be official." he said before turning to the ninja. "Now, as I was saying before Azuma so rudely interrupted me with his announcement." he joked at his groaning son's expense. "An old friend of mine has agreed to an alliance between our village and him. I hope you will all make him feel welcome, his name is Harry Uchiha-Potter. Harry, please stand and introduce yourself."

"You're only asking me to introduce myself to get back at me fore the 'depends' joke aren't you, Sarutobi?" he asked making the Hokage grin stupidly. Standing, Harry sighed and turned to the other ninja. "My name is Harry Uchiha-Potter. I'm 200,000 years old. My likes are the company of lovely women while eating meals, training, night time walks, Chinese bell flowers and spicy food. I dislike arrogant people who think the bloodline limit's I created for the ninja world make them more or less than others rather than seeing them as tools to be used like they were meant to be. My hobbies include training, creating new Jutsu, creating bloodline limits and furthering my business. My dreams for the future include the commonality of all ninja, with or without bloodline limits, in terms of status." he finished.

One of the Jōunin, Kakashi in fact, raised his hand before Harry could sit down and was called on. "But surely you think that bloodline limits make ninja stronger. The Sharingan is a prime example of that." he said lifting his head band to show his implanted Sharingan staring at Harry.

Activating his own Sharingan, Harry took off his kasa and slowly opened his cloak, looking at Kakashi silently with his red eyes. Those who hadn't believed he was an Uchiha before had their disbelief crushed at the sight of the tomoe filled eyes. "You have no idea what you're talking about, Hatake. You copy a jutsu and call it done but you have no idea how to use the Sharingan to its full effect and you never will. I'm not one of those defective Uchiha you had in the village, they were all weak rejects like Itachi who were thrown out of the clan or abandoned for their laziness and lack of perspective. Sit down and be silent, even letting you live is an insult to my artwork of bloodline creation." Snapping his wand out, Harry flicked it at Kakashi sending out bolt of silver light that struck him before engulfing his body and absorbing into him.

Kakashi looked down at himself looking shocked. He felt different, like a part of him was missing. It was then that he caught sight of his reflection in the window. Gasping wide-eyed he touched his dirty brown hair which used to be a platinum white. "What… what did you do to me?" he yelped angrily.

"I have given bloodlines and I can take my gifts away. The Hatake bloodline limit, which is known as Shirokonpakuton has been destroyed." With that he turned away and looked at Sarutobi. "I'll wait for you in the council chamber Hokage-sama. I refuse to be in the same room as that disgrace."

Everyone was silent as Harry, Lily and James walked out of the room. Kakashi himself looked completely devastated with wide eyes and a pale face. Nobody said anything for several minutes until Anko spoke up. "Damn, you fucked up, Hatake." Anko said and walked out of the meeting laughing as she dragged Kurenai out behind her.

Walking into the council chamber Harry frowned at the panicked faces of those who noticed him. Danzo stood up and pointed with his one good hand angrily, obviously going to call for ANBU to come take him away when Harry spoke. "The last person to challenge me, that weakling descendant of mine or one of those defective Uchiha rejects your village took in did not fair very well, Danzo. I believe Hokage-sama is pealing his son off the side of his tower with a spatula for it. Besides… my men have already neutralized all your ROOTs." he pointed out making the man freeze.

It was true in a way. He had sent Iymithra ahead to the ROOTs headquarters and had her send her sleeping pollen into the ventilation system. Currently, she was looking through Danzo's files and records as well as those of ROOTs for the files he had made of various dealings. Ignoring the nervous stares he was getting Harry walked up the platform and sat down in the Uchiha clan head's seat. James and Lily had gone with a summoned Nippy to meet Naruto for the first time and take him to move into the other guest house on the estate.

Minutes Later, the Hokage walked in, strutting happily in his new younger form to an invisible beat. "Hokage-sama… How did you… what happened to…" the council asked while looking at the younger man.

"Oh, you noticed the little change?" he quipped happily. "An old friend, Harry Uchiha-Potter, decided to make a show of good will by granting me some of his elixir of life which makes the user immortal. He even granted enough for me to make my wife younger too. I always did enjoy the schoolgirl look. Thank you, Harry." Sarutobi said making Harry's eye twitch in irritation as everyone looked at him. "Now, we need to get onto the first piece of business since my eighteen year old wife is waiting at home for me." Several mutters about dirty perverts grumbled at the highly entertained man. "Now, you wished to discuss some alliances you may be able to get for Konoha, Harry?"

Looking off to the side, Ssapdril and Nauris appeared making the ninja jump. "I have made contact with nearly a dozen bloodline carrying clans. Ssapdril and Nauris are now handing out packets on the clans. These are the clans I've been able to contact that are interested in joining the village. You will find that I've arranged for a trip to happen during the summer to allow their children to mingle with the general population and get a feel for both civilian and shinobi life." he explained as he took his own packet from Nauris who stood behind him and to his right while Ssapdril passed out her last packet to the Hyūuga clan head on his left and took a post behind and to the left of Harry. "I figure that negotiations shouldn't take more than a month and I can take care of most details. Each clan has agreed to register as a shinobi clan on the condition that they are granted land, social independence from Konoha on their own land and noble status. Nothing they aren't entitled to already."

Shikaku Nara looked over the packet lightly. He would take a better look at it on a later date like the others so he only skimmed it. Turning to Harry he got up from his seat. "You said these were the clans you managed to contact. Are there any others you could contact?" prompted the middle-aged ninja.

A nod came from Harry. "I'm currently attempting to contact the nation of Bethmoora who have been hidden for millennia. The King has been quite busy according to rumor and hasn't replied to my notices. He would probably send his son, Prince Nuada, and his daughter, Princess Nuala, to any negotiations. The nations of Makai, Atlantis, El Dorado, Shangri La and numerous others have so far been unresponsive but there have been rumors that they are considering future negotiations." he told them making jaws drop.

Even Sarutobi was flinching at the name of so many legendary places being revealed as real. Danzo looked Harry over skeptically and frowned. "And naturally you want an alliance between yourself and Konoha for this. Correct?" he queried.

"No." Harry said looking up as Iymithra appeared and handed him several folders. He began looking through them and frowned as he read. "I have been an ally of Konoha ever since little Hashirama built the village, if only to ensure that it was a haven for my art."

Sarutobi sighed as everyone looked to him for clarification. "Harry's original name was Senju Tamura 200,000 years ago. He creates bloodline limits. I believe the term he used was 'all life is a canvas and bloodlines are my paint to make a masterpiece of the world' the last time I asked." It had actually been the real Senju Tamura who had said it to him as a boy but it would help to solidify the image that Harry was actually the original and not the heir. In the long run it would be extremely useful.

"I don't believe this farce." Hiashi said looking at the Hokage. "Hokage-sama, if that is really you, how can you stand there and allow a boy to walk in claiming to be one of the greatest men in our history? It's an insult to Senju Tamura's name!"

Without even looking up from the files Harry spoke. "Big talk from someone who uses a bloodline meant for long ranged artillery and sniping as a tool for hand-to-hand combat. It creates a rather foolish weakness. You may be able to see them coming but you can't do anything about them until they come to you. Additionally…" Harry was cut off when Hiashi moved to strike him.

Blocking the strike with his wrist, Harry grabbed Hiashi's hand from behind wrenched it down at the wrist with a pop and struck the wrist with his palm knocking Hiashi onto his feet without even looking up from the files. The Hyūuga Clan head massaged his wrist to get rid of the pain and lunged only for Harry to gracefully stand, reaching out with a palm strike that was blocked by a forearm.

Hiashi flinched back, barely dodging a palm to the face only to get one from the same hand to the sternum followed by a harder one from the boy's left hand. Catching Harry's arm between his forearms Hiashi grunted as Harry used his right forearm to shove both his own forearms against his chest in a cross formation while slipping his left forearm out of the Hyūuga's grip. Raising his left hand over his head Harry struck his own right wrist with a chakra enhanced palm strike transferring the inertia into Hiashi's body.

All of the council gaped as the Hyūuga leader slid back on his feet to the other end of the sixty foot chamber and hit the wall. Though the wind had been knocked out of him the man was unharmed as he gasped for air on his knees. The entire display had taken less than fifteen seconds. "Additionally your attacks, such as Kaiten, use up massive amounts of chakra, weakening you until your long range opponents wear you out. All one needs to do is bombard you with poisoned needles or a gas bomb and you're helpless. Once it was said that no enemy could survive within miles of a Hyūuga. Now look at you. Easily defeated, easily worn out and so arrogant that you've forgotten what your own bloodline was meant to be used for. If you want the Hyūuga to be great again then I will teach you. But first you must learn humility as your daughter Hinata has. She has not lost the path as the rest of you have, nor had her mother if you would care to remember."

Everyone but Harry and the elves flinched at those words. The topic of Hyūuga Hina's death had always been a touchy subject. Cloud ninja had poisoned her tea to get the clan distracted then kidnapped Hyūuga Hinata in all the confusion. Hina had died before anyone even noticed Hinata's capture and Hiashi had hunted down then killed those men not for taking his daughter but for killing his wife. The political repercussions had cost him the life of his brother as well and from what the psychological specialists assumed he had blamed it all on Hinata for being the target in the first place.

"I will not take the Hyūuga bloodline away this time out only of concern for the branch members and Hinata. However, the Hyūuga clan WILL submit and reform or not even that charity will allow you all to keep the Byakugan. Is that understood?" Harry asked with enough killing intent to make even the Hokage go pale. Hiashi merely nodded and cowered under the magically enhanced killing intent.

Once Harry had walked back to his seat, where Iymithra began serving everyone tea to calm and steady nerves, the Hokage cleared his throat. "Yes, well, onto our next item. Uchiha Sasuke has lately been refusing all the suitors posed to him in terms of possible wives to repopulate the Uchiha clan. Harry has agreed that we need to choose possible betrothed for him on the condition that we leave the final choices up to Sasuke himself upon his sixteenth birthday and accept any choices Sasuke himself elects to bring in as well. Sexual intercourse or attempts to influence his decision will not be tolerated though." he said while reading the docket. "All in favor?" a chorus of ayes answered him with Danzo, Koharu and Homura giving nays. "Nominations?"

Almost instantly Haruno Tsubaki's hand shot into the air. "I nominate my daughter Haruno Sakura." she crowed with it being seconded by Danzo.

Yamanaka Inochi held up his hand much calmer. "I nominate my daughter Yamanaka Ino for the position of his wife as well." he said calmly.

Rolling his eyes, Harry looked up from the files he had been reading. "As the human body can only sustain up to one bloodline limit at a time, as well as the fact that the mother's bloodline limit is the one inherited when two bloodline users procreate except in the case of two similar bloodlines, I nominate Fuuma Sasame from rice country. She has no bloodline limit, is the same age as Sasuke and both are already on friendly terms due to the Shinobi Penpal program in the academy." he said before going back to his files.

Koharu looked at Harry in surprise for a moment before speaking. "What do you mean that mother's bloodline is chosen and what counts as a 'similar bloodline'?" she asked Harry as he read.

"A bloodline is produced in the women's eggs more dominantly than the male's semen as it is larger and contains the base material building blocks for the creation of the physical body where as the male's body produces smaller increments. As such any bloodline the male has is over written by the female's bloodline. Similar bloodlines would count as like unto like, for instance two dojutsu or two soshijutsu. In that case which ever bloodline is more potent over writes the other since both exist under the same gene for eyes or element affinities." Harry explained as he moved into the next folder of files. "By extension, the children fathered by the Haruno will not have the Sharingan and will only have pink hair since their dominate gene would effectively work the same way as a bloodline. Those fathered by the Yamanaka will have the Omoiton like all other Yamanaka have. That's just how genetics work."

The Hokage sighed rubbing his forehead before accepting two other civilian candidates and picking up the next scroll. "The next item of business we have is choosing the fiancées of the last holder of the Rin'negan Dojutsu, Uzumaki Naruto." Every member of the council snapped their stares to the Hokage then to Harry.

"I'll be handling that actually Hokage-sama since he's been adopted into my clan. I already have a few candidates in mind. Hyūuga, Inuzuka, Itsame, please come see me this coming summer. I wish to arrange several omai if possible. The Rin'negan is the most powerful Dojutsu I've ever created and I believe we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement for all of us in order to see it continue on." Harry explained making the stunned clan heads nod.

Sarutobi nodded and handed the scroll to Ssapdril who took it back to Harry. "Our next item is choosing the fiancées of Harry Uchiha-Potter as one of the last Sharingan users." he said with a grin making Harry wince. "Harry, before we begin do you have any preferences?" The laughter in his eyes made Harry want to smack the youth off him.

Making a show of thinking Harry frowned. "Just get it over with. I'd rather get this meeting over with and deal with the beating my current fiancée is going to give me when I return home. Maybe I'll hide in my castle until she calms down." That made several clan heads chuckle as the Hokage grinned widely. Harry was too busy cursing himself for forgetting that this could happen if he came to the village looking over the age of sixteen. 'Damn you Sarutobi, you old coot. I'll get you back for this!' Harry thought as he sipped his tea.

Surprisingly, the first to speak was Yuuhi Reika. "I nominate my daughter Yuuhi Kurenai as the wife of Uchiha Harry." she said and sat back down making Harry blink. He had actually been hoping to avoid being engaged to Mai, Kurenai or Morrigan. Though he liked them well enough, if he were to be honest they made him feel uncomfortable on occasion since they usually treated him like a little kid or thought they knew better than him.

Mitarashi Momo stood up as well making Harry sigh. "I nominate my daughter Mitarashi Anko for the position of Uchiha Harry's wife." she said and sat back down.

Uzuki Goumon stood up from his chair and spoke. "I nominate my daughter Uzuki Yuugao as a fiancée for Uchiha Harry." he intoned making Harry blink.

"I was under the impression that your daughter was dating Gekkou Hayate." Harry questioned. He honestly was quite surprised as he looked at the man with long purple hair.

Goumon didn't look pleased but he nodded. "That is true, however he is terminally ill and because of his illness he is sterile. My daughter is heiress to the Uzuki clan and our family needs an heir. I've spoken with both Gekkou and Yuugao. She didn't want me to find her a fiancée at first but Gekkou insisted as the projections give him slightly over two years before he dies from his leukemia." Everyone winced at that as Hayate's condition was well known. "He's a good man, very practical. He's looking out for her future even though he's not going to be there for it. He'll want to meet you however to make sure you're up to his standards for her."

With a nod Harry went back to the files with a frown. "I nominate Senju Tsunade." And his head shot strait back up as he looked at Homura. The man was looking at Sarutobi so he didn't notice the twitching eye Harry was giving him.

"Are you bloody cracked?" Harry asked making the old man glare at him. "She my…" he paused to count for a second as he thought. "…tenth great granddaughter. That's… just plain sick man."

Flushing in embarrassment Homura stood his ground. "Be that as it may she is distant enough of a relative to not cause problems. With your elixir you can make her young again and continue the line of the Shodaime in honor of his work protecting your 'art'." The old man said.

By now, Sarutobi was biting his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood and his shoulders were shaking as he sat huddled over the desk in front of him. "All for?" he asked and everyone but Harry or his elves called ayes.

Grunting Harry dropped his head on the desk. 'Damnit. This is the kind of crap I was hoping to avoid! For all I know she could be fugly as a pug!' Noticing a civilian man stand up out of the corner of his eye Harry pointed at him without lifting his head. "Not on your life buddy, I might be stuck with Tsunade but I'm NOT getting stuck with a civilian." Several people grinned at the resigned tone in Harry's voice.

Nobody else said anything about other girls and Harry was thankful for that. He knew only two things about Tsunade. One was that she had the perfect chakra control bloodline from her grandfather which made her a spectacular medic-nin known as Tsunade of the legendary Sennin. The other was that she had freakish strength. Naturally he wasn't going to like the coming meeting with her. Sarutobi on the other hand was making a note to watch the resulting fallout in his crystal ball. "That was the last of the scheduled business. Was there anything anyone wished to bring to the attention of the council?" Sarutobi asked.

"Yes." Harry said and handed the files to Ssapdril who snapped her fingers creating copies of the files. Nauris snapped her fingers making them levitate to the appropriate places in front of each member of the council. "I bring to the attention of the council evidence of treason, kidnapping, illegal experimentation, sedition and fraternization with a missing-nin by the name of Orochimaru authorized by Kato Danzo, Mitokado Homura and Utatane Koharu. In addition, I have evidence that they are directly responsible for the Uchiha massacre and the Kyuubi attack through Orochimaru and Uchiha Madara themselves."

All three old ninja had gone completely pale as they looked down at the files that they recognized as those from Danzo's office and ROOTs files. "H… how did you get these files from my ROOTs!" Danzo stuttered.

"When I said my 'men' had already taken out your ROOTs I may have been a bit misleading in the wording. All it took to wipe out all your private forces was one of mine. While I kept you busy here she got these files and retrieved them. I wonder what the other bloodline clans in the official council think now that they know you're willing to wipe out an entire clan that won't obey you." Harry prodded without ever losing his monotone. "What will you do if one of their clans doesn't feel like doing as you tell them? Will you frame them for 'conspiring with Orochimaru' and have them wiped out too?"

"I'll kill y…" Danzo started only to start coughing up blood. Koharu and Homura looked down at the bloody handkerchiefs in their hands as well in shock. "What… how?" Not the least bit bothered, Harry kept drinking his tea and tipped it up in salute to the three. "The… tea… you… bastard… It can't… end yet… I'm… not… Hoka… ge." he gurgled out before the poison took effect paralyzing them and killing them almost a minute later.

Harry looked at the Hokage who was pale and staring at him. Both of them knew the Hokage had been in on the Uchiha massacre, it was obvious that Harry knew but he hadn't put that information out there yet. Sarutobi wasn't able to move against him without being exposed as well and from the intent look in Harry's dark eyes it was obvious that he knew he could crush the old man if he had to. Besides that, he had the law on his side since the three had moved first drawing kunai.

Swallowing on his dry tongue, Sarutobi looked at the other pale council members. "Is there any other business for the day?" he asked and nobody but Harry and the elves even moved. "Then I declare this meeting adjourned. I'm going to go get drunk." he muttered and walked out. The rest of the council did so as well making sure to give Harry and his elves a wide berth.

End Chapter 12


Hokage – Fire Shadow
Sennin – Legendary Ninja
Jutsu – Technique
ANBU – Black Ops
Jōunin – Elite Ninja
Chūunin – Average or Journeyman Ninja
Genin – Trainee Ninja
Shinobi – Male Ninja
Kunoichi – Female Ninja
Genjutsu – Illusion Shill
Ninjutsu – Ninja Skill
Taijutsu – Body Skill
Kenjutsu – Sword Skill
Kinjutsu – Forbidden Skill
Konohagakure no Sato – The Hidden Village of the Leaves
Hakkyoku Seiken: Ha Do Senpū Kyaku - Sacred Fist of Eight Extremities: Wave Motion Whirlwind Kick
Shirokonpakuton – White Soul Release
Dojutsu – Eye Skill
Soshijutsu – Element Skill
Omoiton – Mind Release

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