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Richard POV

I was concerned about Claire; she was one of the few people in Morganville that I could actually trust. Besides, Amelie and Hannah, Claire was a friend but I couldn't help but feel concerned with our relationship. As much as I wanted to go the next step and ask her to be my wife, something was holding me back and I couldn't be sure as to what it was.

I knew what it was but I just didn't want to admit it myself or anyone else for that matter…

Putting Monica in a pretty little jail cell wasn't a hard decision. It was something that should have been done a long time ago. Back when Alyssa Collins first died, but dad had decided that it was best for his image if he didn't send his daughter to jail. I hated myself for not putting her in that cell any sooner but I just couldn't not without a cause.

I could have put her in jail after Claire risked her own life to save mine, back when Frank Collins had kidnapped Monica. I should have arrested her, then on the spot. She was so spoiled and terrible to Claire and everyone else in Morganville. I couldn't believe that she had handcuffed Claire to a toilet. Or let's not forget the time she nearly killed Claire by setting her room on fire in Glass House. Or the time she pushed Claire down a flight of stairs.

I was so mad at myself for letting Monica get away with so much in Morganville. I was no better than my own father; I was letting her get away with everything. What happened this morning had been the last straw to Monica's little temper tantrums. She wasn't worth dealing with; she should have been put in that damn cell a long time ago. Now she's where she belongs.

But how was I going to tell Claire something that even I didn't fully understand…

Claire's POV

I was so involved with my thoughts that I didn't even notice that a bright light was steadily growing larger and larger in front of me, until it became so bright that I had to turn my head away. I kept my eyes closed as the light became brighter and brighter. It became so bright that I could see red behind my eyelids as I tried to turn away from the light.

Finally, after the burning light had stopped. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around to see what I was looking for. I spotted two small figures, standing in front of Sam. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of the two little brunettes, as they looked around at the people in front of them. I was so shocked and amazed that they had managed to get in here. But how did they manage to get in here? I knew that I would be having a serious discussion with them later, when we got home.

"Sam, Elizabeth?" I asked, my voice not really knowing how to continue.

Both of them ran towards me as soon the words left my lips. They hugged me and clung to my legs like they did whenever they were scared.

"Mommy," Two voices wailed as they hugged my legs, making it impossible for me to move around.

I couldn't stop the crying as I crumbled down onto the ground and held my little ones. The sobbing grew worse as I realized just how close I had come to losing them. I couldn't lose them; they were all I had left in the world. Even though I now knew that I wanted Shane, I really only had Sam, Elizabeth, Michael, and Eve.

I didn't want to even think about the thought of losing my children. They were my world. I didn't want them to lose them like they had lost their grandparents.

"I love you both so much," I said between sobs. I could hardly breathe but that didn't matter. What did was that I had my kids back.

The chorus of 'Love you too, Mommy' that came from the pair made me hold them tighter.

I don't know how long we sat there holding onto each other but we did. We held onto each other and didn't let anyone go. I relished in the feeling of Sam's and Elizabeth's soft hair against my cheeks. I enjoyed their soft apple smell. They were so perfect; it was hard to believe that I was their mother. They looked more like Shane than they did me but I loved so much.

"Claire, Sam, Elizabeth!" a voice exclaimed. I looked around trying to find the person but I couldn't. As their voice got louder it echoed, it sounded so familiar but I couldn't be sure.

"Let's go home," I said softly as I grabbed Sam and Elizabeth's hand.

They were the ones who had come here, so hopefully they had a way to get back. I closed my eyes as we were surrounded by a white blinding light.

Shane's Pov

I paced outside of Claire's room, anxiously looking at the door every time I passed. I couldn't help but wonder what was taking the twins so long. I respected that they wanted time with Claire but they had been in the room for almost two hours. I hadn't heard so much as a peep.

I sighed and decided that I was going in to see what was happening. Michael and Eve had gone to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I didn't know where Richard had gone but thankfully I was alone. I quickly glanced around to see that the hallway was empty.

I gently pushed the door open. I knew there was something wrong when I walked in because the twins were asleep, or they looked like they were. They were slumped over on top of Claire it would have looked peaceful if they didn't look dead.

"Sam, Elizabeth," I called while gently shaking them awake. I was hoping that they would snap out of their nap, I guess. But they didn't they just laid on Claire, not even moving. They were in a trance-like state.

"Sam, Elizabeth, oh god, please wake up," I said. I couldn't lose them, I had already lost Claire. I didn't want to lose the twins either. Though I had just met them they were my world. I couldn't lose them; they were all that I had left that reminded me of Claire.