Dean's 'WONDERFUL' vacation 'from the Supernatural'

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In Dean's girlfriends home

"Dean it has been two weeks" she retorts.

"I don't care. I don't want to go to a ** foreign nation where they are still winy about the nuke we dropped or those flying death traps. I prefer watching real porn and not that cartoon ** they import to us." Dean told her without thinking who he was talking to.

"Dean, you … I'm sorry, I thought that you want to have a real relationship rather than just fun sex that we had when we first meet." Feeling the need to correct his mistake, he agrees to her demands with a few charming words and sealed their agreement with a kiss.

'Who knows, maybe going out of the country for a few weeks would be good for me. I just wish that I could drive rather than freaking fly. Especially, after … Sam.' Dean thought as he went to get ready for bed.

The next day at the afternoon in an airplane

"Wait, you want me to learn this **." Dean questions his girlfriend looking down at language book while he sits in his narrow airline sit with twenty hours left in his flight.

"Listen, it would be a great idea to learn the language if we are going to the country Dean." She told him in a gentle tone as she leads over his side.

"No you listen, only Bobby and …" Dean wince at the thoughts of Sam. "I just don't want to learn another language, especially not Jap." He mutters to his girlfriend.

"If you feel that strongly about it then I won't make you. Just remember, we still have a while before we reach Japan and there are not a lot to do. More importantly, it may take your mind off your fear of flying."

With a turn glance and a scowl, Dean says, "I'll find something."

After a long flight, Dean and co. arrive in Japan.

All three of them walk through the airport seeing many new sights and smells for about thirty minutes. That is when Dean saw Bobby in front of him, talking to a Japanese cop in his FBI uniform. In moments, Dean walks over to Bobby and decides to confront him with questions of his own.

With one fluid motion, Dean pulls Bobby's shoulder, says "excuse me" to the cop, and drags him to an area five feet away. "Bobby, what the ** are you doing over here? You are supposed to be back in the Great USA hunting Demons" he says in a very hushed, angry tone.

"What about you Dean? Aren't you supposed to be getting married to that girl of yours?" Bobby says in an equally angry tone. "Look, I am in the middle of a case right now. You can talk to me after I am done talking to this girl."

Bobby turns back to finish talking to the Japanese cop. Dean can tell that Bobby was talking about him when the girl looked at him and laughed. The thing that annoyed Dean was the fact that they were talking about him in a foreign language right in front of him… for five minute before his girlfriend touches him on the shoulder. Being irritated, Dean decides to go with her to the hotel where he can enjoy his vacation from the Supernatural for a little while and get his mind off Sam.

During night, Dean relaxes in the living room with his girlfriend and her son.

"Dean, I know that look. What happened?" She questions.

"Nothing" he growls.

"What is your problem Dean? You don't talk about why you basically said you were going to die, you never talk about your brother …" "Hey, I told you not to talk about him." "And you still won't explain why that thing looked like my son or what that thing was or even what happened to it." She says in true concern.

"You really want to bring this up, OK. What about you Lisa, why don't you tell me who the kid's dad is?" He raises voice to her as she looks away. "Yea, that's what I thought." With five seconds of silence, Dean's cell rings while she leaves the room.

"This better be important." Dean snaps at the caller.

"Hi Dean" Dean clenches his fist.

"** Bobby, why were you talking to that Japanese chick, better question, why are you here?" Dean says in anger.

"Dean, I need you to help me with a case and before you go ** ** Bill O'Rilly, hear me out." Bobby says in an aggressive tone.

"OK Bobby, I am listening." He says in an annoyed tone.

"The reason why I am here is because about twenty police and firefighters were killed and these ** morons think that there was a gas leak or some other dumb **. Then there is that fire truck that smashed into a shrine. Dean, this stinks to high heaven."

"No" Dean rebukes. "I promised Sam that would live my life."

"** Dean, I love Sam too. He was like a son to me and if there was any other way, I wouldn't be asking you. I can't do it by myself, Dean." Bobby says in angry mixed with sadness.

Dean scowls, "What is so ** special about this case? Why can't you find some other hunter to help you with this?"

"There is nobody that is qualified enough to do this job Dean. The cops are morons, the hunters are nowhere to be found, and all I was able to get from these people is a firefighter with a mask drove off with a fire truck. This whole ** situation stinks Dean; we may even need the Colt and Ruby's knife in this to kill this thing. I can't do this by myself, it would be ** suicide." Bobby said very seriously.

With that, Dean really gets angry and nearly throws the phone down to the ground, "Bobby, you ** **." He breathes heavily to for a few seconds to get his emotions back under control. "Fine, WHAT do you want me to do?"

"Talk to your girl and back me up. I have a book that you will need to memorize when you get here." Bobby answers and then gives him the address of where to meet him before hanging up.

'**' Dean thought.

Over at the shrine Bobby was talking about during the afternoon of following day: Bobby's POV

"では、なぜ私たちの国の情報サービスは、私たちの輝きにアメリカを送って、氏はトムさん?" Asks Japanese lady.

多くの役員。私の周りに輝きを見る?" Bobby asks politely.

Ms. Hagurashi POV

"I have just moved here and became employed by the intelligence service to investigate the case when the firefighter supposedly went crazy and killed … about 'thirty people on his own with a fire trunk.' May I look around your shrine?" Bobby asks politely.

"You may look around the public part of the shrine, but show me your search warrant if you intend to search our home 'officer'." She says glaring at him.

"No, the public areas will be fine thank you." He bows and starts looking around.

In the private area: Kagome POV

"Mom, what is going on?" Kagome asks.

"It's nothing." She answers dismissively.

"Oh, well I am going to the feudal era tomorrow to meet Inuyasha and the others." Kagome joyfully says, but is concerned about her mother's response.

"That is good dear. Did you pack the ninja snacks that I bought for you and your friends?" She asks.

"Yes, also got ready my bike, bow, and arrows."

"What about the class work and your studies?"

"Oh no, I completely forgot!" She says in alarm as she ran to her room to study her school work completely forgetting the concern.

After a long day of searching the public area, Bobby meets Dean during midnight at the shrine.

"Alright Bobby, where is this thing?" Dean asks with irritation in his voice holding his shotgun with ammo in his jacket pockets, Ruby's knife in his jeans, and the Colt in his leather jacket.

"You studied that book I gave you." Bobby questions him, holding his shotgun, wearing his jacket with ammo in his pockets as well as two pocket books.

"The dead Asian language spells and devil seals… Yea studied it."

"You haven't memorized that I take it." Bobby narrows his eyes at Dean.

"Of Course not, how the ** am I suppose to memorize the ** ** stupid damn language." He yells glaring at Bobby with angry and tired look.

"Stop it! I know you are still upset about Sam, but I don't need to your ** attitude. Let's just get this ** job over with." Bobby says with an angry tone standing five feet from him being very irritated.

"I'm sorry Bobby. I just really need a break from all this." Dean apologizes and Bobby gives him an 'I understand' gesture.

They start their search as professionally as they could for about half hour before they both met up at the well. They both search around the well looking for anything that would be significant to their investigation. Soon, Bobby notices something in the well and asks Dean to help him down the well.

"Like **, you where paralyze about two months ago and there is no way I am going to let you climb down there." Dean sternly says with a scowl.

"Listen Dean…" He starts to retort.

"No you listen. You were paralyzed for about six months and there is no way I am going to climb down there. If anyone is going down there, it's me." He says as he grabs some of the rope. Bobby decides to let it go as Dean Climbs down the well holding tight to the rope. Then, Ruby's knife starts to react causing the symbols on the knife to glow and purple light flair up. Bobby quickly trying to pull Dean up, but instead the light pulls Bobby over into the light.