Crowley's Blackmail

Dean walks through this Gate of the gods, only to have it nearly close on his left leg. He didn't care that it closed behind him as much as he sees that demon in front of him with many bloody bodies littering the ground. They were bodies of the monsters that he fought out in his travel with Bobby, but seeing Crowley yelling at a half dead creature was odd.

"Where is purgatory?"

"Hey," Dean yells at him.

Crowley turns his head and addresses him with that same sarcastic tone, "Oh Dean, what a pleasant surprise."

"Can it, I have been through hell in these forsaken place," he says referring to the many weeks of being controlled, beaten, and just plain mess with by these gods.

"Oh you referring to that Nako guy or that well "goddess" that punched a hole through time and space," Crowley making annoying smirk as if mocking his hardships. "Dean, why did you come-"

"Shut it," Dean says with authority.

"What do you think you can do with everyone in the country side calling you the White Devil," Crowley mocks. "Come on, you know your mess over through and through. If you are not a complete moron you would see you have only few choose, oh most hated man in all of poor-excuse-of-a-island-nation."

Dean looks around to see if there are any exits he could exploit, but three are only three doors (one at each side and one in front with the sides being a two second run). Plus, the fact that Crowley is right in front of him with his arrogant smirk is far faster than him.

"You can't run or hide, so let me simplify it for your pea-sized mind. You can try calling Cass or work for me," he mocks, turning toward the escaping yokai and killing it in the goriest fashion possible as Dean reaching for the Colt. "Oh, I almost forgot," he says with no worry in his voice and appears with Dean stuck on the wall three from the ground. "You really think you can hit me with the Colt."

Dean glares at him with seething hate, "**".

"Ah yes, the reason your Angel friend doesn't come at your call is because you're stuck in the past where Cass hasn't met you yet or maybe he's just done with you," he reaches his right arm out and stuns another Yuma and tares off its legs. "Then there's Michel, the Angel of Great Apocalypse, he's only watching your family-line and dealing with Angel business. Now, tell me Dean, what are your choices?"

"Go ** yourself," Dean retorts nearly spiting at him before Crowley disappears saying. "Well, good luck then. I'll say hi to Sam and your family then."

Before he could responds, he falls to the ground on the hard stone floor, with nothing but body part everywhere. For a good few minutes of yelling after Crowley, then explores the structure finding many strange looking objects. None of them of which he could use or understand, but nevertheless he could not stop trying to find answers with his family lives at stake. He walks through many rooms with many Asian styles in construction and far more objects that look far older than anything human made. There are even rooms that looked like a swamp with many half eaten remains of monsters and human alike. The moment he put his first step into the room, the door disappears with nothing but forest and swamp for miles across and a ten foot monster comes charging at him. With all the pain and fear he has gone through, these two months alone, he just pulls out an iron knife and charges the creature. The monster is not anything special, just a genetic humanoid horned freak. One advantage from killing monsters or 'demons' across the country side is he now knows more ways to kill and that iron works for many. So he uses correct timing through its legs as the monster swings to grab him and cuts its ankles as he slides. The monster roars a pain as Dean quickly stabs in between the legs, slashes the inner legs, and stabs the tail bone in seconds flat. The monster jumps back and backhands him a good ten feet just before the monster is cut in pieces by Crowley covering him in its blood.

"Listen, soon or … much sooner you will die or lose your sanity if you keep this up. Then where would good old Sammy be or Lisa," Crowley mocks him with an annoying smirk.

"You stay away from them… wait Sam in the pit" Dean looks down with disgust on his face before he glares at him again. "Sorry, but wrong again- Sammy is out and your friend Bobby knew all about it."

'**, he has to be lying. But if he's not, should it risk it. If only there something- that it,' Dean realizes. "What prove do you have that you are telling me the truth? For all-"Crowley interrupts. "Oh Dean… stop. Are you really as dense that you didn't check his phone mail or that his hiding something? Let me save you the trouble."

Crowley grabs out of his pocket Bobby's phone and tosses it to Dean. Dean knew right away that it was Bobby's cell and he heard Sam's voice about the job he was doing in a distinct of Japan. He nearly dropped the phone hearing the news and that is when he knew that he have to agree to work for Crowley.

"Okay, I will work for you, but only if you give me a sword against these monsters, more bullets for the Colt, and a book on all the monsters in this country." Dean authoritatively dictated,

"Good, now here are the bullets you need for your precious Colt. And don't worry about the ** or the language problem, I have some of my men be your translator and put a wall in your head."

"Good, but what about the-"Crowley interrupts a predatory grin.

"Monsters and how you kill them… don't worry about that. The information for that is in that book right next to you." Instead of looking next to him, Dean walks closer to him and puts plan into action.

"Crowley, what do you have to gain by helping me? I'm trapped in the past, in the land of the Lost, with no way of communicating with anyone, with god knows how many monsters after me," Dean says using his method of pumping information out of strong enemies. "More importantly, why isn't Cass here if you are? What is going on here?"

"More than you know," Crowley says with unnervingly creepy grin that told him something was defiantly up. "But who knows, maybe you'll find that special person."

Before he could open his mouth, he found two men in front of him with the equipment Crowley gave to him in a small village with a forest around him. The men wore military uniforms with black eyes, straight faces, and … non-normal katana. They spoke perfect English that Dean didn't bother to listening knowing that he is their captive … for now. They gave him a few weapons for the journey to track down and capture monsters for Crowley's purposes. The only question now is if Castiel is not coming, who is this special person Crowley was talking about.

After two weeks of listening to a language he no longer understood, he started to identify some curse words because of his knowledge the many other languages he knows and his 'acting' history. He figured out very quickly that there is a mix of strong emotions when people saw any person of authority. The civilians in this nation plea to them for help, gave fake smiles, and tried to kill him. Normally, if any official is attacked by the public, they would be killed in moments or punished harshly. However, this is Dean and after the first person was killed in front of him, he shot his demon 'bodyguard' in the head and yelled at the other with the Colt pointed at him. Afterward, the 'bodyguards' just scared the human public that gave them trouble (being only people who tried to kill him). Not trusting these 'bodyguards' in the slightest, Dean did all he could do to learn the language as quickly as possible by ditching them. Dean never knew this before now, but only two monsters attacked him during these two weeks compared to monsters attacking him and Bobby three times per day. He was greatly relived at this fact as he studied tirelessly as he learned every syllable, vowel, and phases. After a few days of this, the goons caught on and hired a few Yokai to kill a family, only to be killed in a great battle with Dean. Dean fought courageously trying to save the family from these monsters with only the father surviving out of a family of ten. This devastated him to see that the same family who care about him and had the patience to teach him to be killed in a battle that almost killed him. With a father's family gone and Dean injured with bad wounds, Dean shot one goon with the Colt and pull a devil's seal on the ground questioning him before killing him and traveling to the west.

"How many times must I have see good people? What do I have give before I can have peace in my life?"

-Dean Winchester

Now, at the end of the two weeks, Dean knows he must be a merciless killer and a legendary scholar to stop Crowley and the Goddess from their dark plans without Sam or anyone. In order to do that, he has to get rid his bodyguards and learn a foreign language as quickly as possible or he will never go back home.

Now, Dean is in the lower quarters of a palace of a ruler who he helped rid a worm monster from the ruler's palace. As a token of his gratitude, the ruler let him use anything the ruler has, giving him three soldiers and use of his dungeon. Dean uses simple seal to capture a monster and get information it. Even if Dean would die 1100 times before he ever admits it, Sam habits of study and research really rubbed off on him and this people knew interest ways to trap supernatural creatures. Thanks to his father and brother, learning languages came easier than he thought, but writing was a different story. The Asian languages are way different than the Western language in fact, many of the ruler's men looked at him with distain when he asked for help to say or write many words or phrases from the monks. However, he never cared about what they thought based on the fact that they were too afraid of him to say anything to his face. He guessed it was because of the rumors of him being the white devil. Though, at the moment, the superstitious soldiers fearing him made questioning the monster a little less difficult. Nevertheless, he still has to yell at them to stay when they are fearful of the inhuman torture he puts the yokai through trying to find who was behind the attack against the kind family. After that, he becomes satisfied with information. As he finishes, the soldiers start running away from the room making Dean yelling and shooting his favorite pistol upward. They all stop at the show of power making the clean up simple.

'-If only Sam could see me now.' Dean thinks as he does his own research and commands the men to stay put. With nothing more than a punch to the face and an angry disciplinary yell, Dean leaves to the weapons makers to tell them how to make weapons he needs.

"Listen, this is a shotgun and these are shotgun shells. I want you to use these materials and this design to make this," Dean points at the paper he drew yelling at the weapons maker. "Look, these are the correct characters right." The maker looks it over gestures no and says iron, gunpowder, wood, and other word as he points to each of the Kanji and material his talking about. Dean resists the urge to round his eyes again.

"Okay, look… Can you give me these things-"He interrupts Dean. "I know that you helped our ruler and all but why must I help white skin foreign devil like you who can't even read?"

"Wait, can you slow down please. I can't understand all of that," Dean says not hiding his frustration.

"Plus, you can't even speech the language you ** fool," the maker growls under his breath.

Not needing to understand the words, Dean yells with authority, "Shut your whiny little mouth, you little shrimp and tell me if you can get me the material."

"Yes" After a short moment of silence, the weapon maker asks, "What happened to your two body-guards?"

"They are traitors; they suffered a fate of great tail. If you don't follow my orders, you will feel the same fate," Dean says coldly not knowing that miss said a word.

Not even two seconds passed before Crowley appear behind him to greet him. Before Dean could react, Crowley pits him on to the wall saying (in English), "Why did you kill two-"

"Those ** are responsible for the deaths of an entire family, you**- only their father was alive."

"Dean, if you don't remember, someone other than Bobby is in this world of monsters that you know. Now, if you want be to keep that loved one unharmed, you deliver more of these monsters to my … employees." Crowley lets go of Dean, then appears at the entrance the ground, "Don't worry about any of my men, you can have all the freedom you want."

Crowley disappears shortly after with only Dean and the weapon maker in the room.

'Good riddences'