I've decided to start my own drabble series. I looked at one of AllHerosWearHats' stories and found that it could be used for a really good drabble series. So here they are, not the 35 but 60 deadly sins of One Piece. Yep not 35, 60 sins. Well, let's start with #1

Rating: T, for a little language if any

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece or the original story this is based on. They belong to Eiichiro Oda and AllHerosWearHats.

Word Count: 475 words. Thought it'd be longer…

Also a now late birthday present for Usopp. Happy Birthday, you crazy liar!

Sin #1: Don't touch the hat. A very, very stupid thing to do.

Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew found themselves in a crowded, alcohol-fueled bar.

Nami was slammed down her sixth drink and yelled to the bartender for another.

Zoro sat calmly as he leaned up against a far wall near them, barely paying any notice to the commotion going on in front of him.

Usopp was telling yet another great tale of his awesomeness to the naïve Chopper.

Sanji swooned at all the women that neared him.

Robin found with great ease to read in the new environment.

Franky was up on a table, dancing and yelling "Super!" at odd intervals as the cola and rum started to kick in.

Brook crawled along with sticky bar floor, blood trickling from his nose as he gazed up at the wonderful array of panties.

And where was Luffy in all this? He found himself glaring at the intoxicated man who had, without warning, taken the young pirate's hat.

"Yo-you know," The older man slurred as he waved around the straw hat. "Kids like youshouldn't be in bars. So go on. Get your scrawny butt out. Get!" He pointed to the door with his hand, the one that held onto Luffy's hat.

"Give me…my hat back." Luffy said to him, a seemingly invisible dark aura surrounding him. The man frowned and looked at the hat before smirking.

"You mean this?" He teased Luffy, waving the hat in front of the teen's face. The man pulled it away and leaned in smirking, the smell of grog clear on him. "Nah, I don't think so." The man continued teasing Luffy and threw the hat onto the ground before stomping on it with his heel. He turned to Luffy and, in his drunken state, still smirked.

"You. Stomped. On. My. Hat." Luffy said each word with seething rage. The man laughed.

"Yeah! How you like tha-" The man's words were cut off as he flung across the bar and threw the opposite wall, knocking over tables and crashing into innocent people.

Luffy picked up his hat and dusted it off before placing it on his head.

The rest of the crew watched this action and took it as a sign that they were to take their leave now. The entire crew filed out of the bar and down the street to the ship.

Back in the bar, people stared at the person-shaped hole in the wall. Wanted posters that littered the wall fluttered down and one fell onto the man's face.

He groaned out, in pain and of stupidity, as he realized who just knocked him through the wall.


Dead or Alive

Monkey D. Luffy

300,000,000 belies

Taking the hat and also stomping on it can also be very, very stupid things to do

So how'd you like the first sin? I think I could've done better but it's 2 in the morning and what can you do? Reviews are greatly appreciated. Also if you can come up with anymore sins, good ones, I'll add them in along with your name. I advise against flames but if you feel like you must, go ahead. I'll update soon! And before I go….R&R DOES NOT STAND FOR READ AND RUN! SO READ AND REVIEW!