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Rating – A T for Teens and everyone else who doesn't give a fuck…make that M…

Time Period – Post Drum Island, pre Alabasta without mention of Vivi

Word Count – 494 words, I'm coming back on a high note

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Sin #21: Do not feed Luffy Chopper's Rumble Balls to see what happens. The result won't be worth it.

The crew sat around the deck, basking in the newfound warmth. Chopper sat on the deck, fiddling with the ingredients he needed to make Rumble Balls, many already on a tray at his side. The small reindeer smiled as he had finished a minute batch of the golden medicine, three round balls sitting in a bowl. Looking at how many, if not all of his ingredients had been used up; Chopper went to the newly furnished sick bay to retrieve more. But doing that only caused a foreseeing trouble as Luffy, unknowing to what the Rumble Balls truly were, ran to the bowl. Returning to his current spot on Merry, he picked one of the objects from the bowl and sniffed it carefully as any other sane and rubbery person would. Luffy easily detected faint traces of cinnamon, pear, sugar, and ultimately…

"Meat!" His yell startled all the crew members on the deck and Nami ran over to Luffy as he popped not one, not two, but al three of the Rumble Balls into his mouth and swallowed. Finally smacking her captain in the head and making him topple over the Merry and into the ocean; Zoro immediately went over the railing to fetch the drowning hammer boy. Chopper reappeared on the deck moments later, looking for the bowl containing his Rumble Balls.

"Usopp?" The doctor turned to his hero sniper. "Where'd my bowl go?" The long-nosed boy raised his head from the blueprints in his hands.

"Hmm…I think Luffy took it." He replied quickly and concisely. "And then he ate whatever was in there." Usopp added slowly. Chopper's eyes widened and he turned to see Luffy being retrieved from the ocean.

"Luffy! Luffy! Are you alright?" Zoro raised an eyebrow at the frantic worrying. He had always known Luffy would be fine within a couple moments of being out of sea water.

"He'll be fine, Chopper-"

"No!" He interrupted, tears in his eyes. "He ate three of my Rumble Balls. They could make him have a fever, or the flu, or give him a terrible infection or poison or…!" He gasped, hooves covering his mouth as Luffy coughed a couple of times, water sputtering from his mouth.

"I'll be fine, Chopper." An unusually high voice answered. Luffy frowned and cleared his throat. "I'll be- What happened to my voice?" Zoro covered his eyes with one hand, a welling stress starting.

"Goddammit…" Luffy glanced down and yelled as he poked at his chest.

"What the hell are these?" Sanji walked out from the kitchen on cue and saw 'Luffy', bled from the nose, and finally fainted from blood loss.

"Sanji!" Chopper changed to Heavy Point and went to help the chef. The captain mostly understood the situation and ran to the bathroom. Just moments later, everyone was sure of something.

"Little Luffy! Where is he?"

Genderbending is always fun.

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