Ikuto pov

I stepped off the train, serenity radiation from the atmosphere in my hometown, a place I hadn't been to in 3 years. I was mostly excited about seeing Her again. I counted up the years. She was 15 now and I was 19. The age difference seemed smaller now. I smiled. I had missed this place.

I had found my father, whose tour was coming here next week. He'd been looking for me as well. I told him I'd like to live here permanently, and he'd promised we'd keep in touch.

I walked down the street, realizing to my dismay that it was only 12:30 and She was still in class. Sighing heavily, I started walking to where I'd played my violin in high school. As I approached the walkway leading to the park, however, I heard a faint sound. I listened closer and made it out to be a female singing, but I couldn't hear the words. Interested, I snuck behind a tree a few dozen meters from the gazebo-like structure in the park. The voice was clear and harmonic now. Almost hypnotic.

(The Bird and the Worm by The Used)

"He wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack,

his backpack is all that he knows.

Shot down by strangers whose glances can cripple,

The heart and devour the soul…"

It was a beautiful yet very sad song. I couldn't see the girl singing, so I climbed the tree I was hiding behind stealthily to catch a glimpse. The girl continued to sing as I peered at the figure sprawled out on the floor of the gazebo. Her long pink hair, pooled around her head like a humongous halo, reminded me very much of Hers. It was even the same shade. Her eyes were shut but I wondered absentmindedly if they were gold. I then noticed the tips of her hair were a dark red. Blood. It lay in puddles and tracks all around her. Her wrists were cut. When I stretched my neck out and chara changed with Yoru I could just see that there was a bleeding heart carved into one wrist, a spade on the other. Strange… I scanned for another source of blood because surely, there was no way those cuts could bleed in rivers like that. Sure enough there was a clover carved into one ankle and a diamond in the other. As if on cue, she opened her eyes, still singing. It was Her.