Amu pov

$30,000 in bail for a rapist. Shit.

My day hadn't been peachy as it was, but now that I learned this little… blockage it just highlights the fact that my life is absolute crap.

Ikuto was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a rapist. Hell. No.

But because I was 15 and he was 19 when it happened, he was an adult and I was a child, legally. That mean legally, it didn't matter what I, the victim, said. This was also the worst way possible to find out I was pregnant; under adult control.

I was forced to stay in a fucking orphanage! An obviously pregnant teen living with small children? Even if I wanted to be adopted, it would be impossible!

These crazy priggish couples came in smiling like everything was just fabulous- in their lives; it probably was- until they saw me. Their obnoxiously fake smile would turn to confusion at seeing a petite pinkette curled up in the corner, and then their eyes would lie upon my swollen stomach. The reactions to this were all different. Some, stomped away immediately. Others even insulted me; saying I was an irresponsible whore, blah, blah…

One woman, however strange and rare, looked at me and… and smiled. It was a warm smile that was not at all fake. She was a redheaded woman, very pretty, but underneath it all you could see the understanding. She knew what it was like. She had, or so I guessed, gone through a similar situation.

The woman came back to see me- only me- as much as possible. At first, she didn't talk, because she knew I wasn't ready to.

On her fourth visit (in only two weeks, which made me very happy) a couple was visiting the orphanage to look at the pickings. This couple was especially judgmental. I knew this because they were currently discussing in hushed whispers which child they wanted.

"Dear, I think the little black child could be the one. I could tell the girls that I adopted him from Africa. They'll be so jealous! Besides, Anne just got that little Chinese girl; we have to be on top of this!"

"I liked the skinny little redheaded boy! We could say we saved him from starving to death!"

It made me sick to listen to anymore banter from the duo, but my ears had been made super sensitive due to careful eavesdropping at the insane asylum. Because of this, I had to endure hearing them verbally tear apart children for their own selfish benefits.

"What about the pink-haired girl?" I froze. No. Not another thing. Please, please! I can't be ripped further from him! The wife gasped in horror.

"By god, David! Look at her stomach!" They weren't even being discreet anymore. They were blatantly staring at my midsection and it was making me uncomfortable.

"Yes, I know. Imagine that, Janet? Taking a pregnant teen to see your friends! It's two in one! Now that's charity." I was so congealed with fear, I couldn't even register how hilarious it was that they sounded exactly like the rich snobs in a movie I'd seen. My heart skipped so many beats I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn't breathe.

The dark haired man and woman gracelessly shuffled to my usual spot in the corner. The husband opened his mouth to speak when another voice cut across his.

"Oh, there you are! We have to go if we want to be home at a decent hour, it's a long drive. Come on, we'll try another orphanage sometime."

I almost threw myself at the pretty red haired woman. I almost did a lot of things, including crying in relief and socking the couple in the face.

Once we got just about to the big glass front doors in the west wing, the nice woman turned to me and smiled pleasantly.

"Hi, I'm Mira Mikado. We haven't formally met, but I think I can help you out. Amu Hinamori, right?" Mira's voice never lost its warm feeling; a quality I liked. However, in my many consecutive unfortunate events, I had learned the art of cynicism.

"How can you help me?" No more words than needed, just as I liked it.

"I can get you an ultrasound." My eyebrows rose higher than I thought possible. I hadn't even thought of that, even though I already knew the gender because my offspring had decided to kill someone in my time period.


"So, Amu, what grade are you in?" I know it's not a fantastic decision to get in a car with someone you barely now, but Mira was different, I could tell.

"I'm a junior."

"Uh! Eleventh is the hardest year." I nodded absently. Hell yeah it's a hard year.

A few peaceful minutes passed in which I contemplated the situation.

"So… do you know this doctor? Or was it just sort of a Google miracle?" She laughed; it was a loud and pleasant sound that filled the entire car.

"It was originally what you could call a Yellow Pages miracle. But I've known her since I was 17 and I know that she is probably one of the most awesome people on the planet." I've known her since I was 17. That detail stuck out to me. 17. A mere teenager. Just like me.

"Yeah. I was just like you once."