Too scared

Zoey's POV

They say love is kind, it does not boast and it doesn't lie. I believe this is true. It may not seem like it, but I think Barry is very attractive. Yes, he's rambunctious, says, "You'll get a fine if you blah, blah, blah," but I don't care. His vigour makes him an attractive opponent. I'm too scared to approach him to ask him out though.

I looked at the Grand Festival ribbon I won; sighing, I set it down inside a drawer and shut it. "I feel bad… I wish Dawn won and not me…" It was seven years ago last week that I defeated her. I was now eighteen and Barry is nineteen. "Come Glameow, let's go figure out Barry is, I bet he's at the bar, drinking, as usual. I should tell him to stop."

"Meow," Glameow agreed. I rubbed her head and she purred. I picked her up and we walked out the door, to find Barry…

A/N: For now, they're ficlets until I can think of better ideas.