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WARNINGS: Language, Sex, Violence, Dark Themes, Blood



"Mommy…where's Daddy?"

There were so many things that Carmen wanted to say, and yet she had a feeling that anything she said was just going to make it worse. She'd come home that afternoon to see Mason moving some things with his mind, seeing her and then coming clean about how he'd been able to do that for a while. He had finally come into his mutant powers and Carmen hadn't been there to help him through the transition like she had wanted…but he hadn't needed her to be there.

He was taking it rather well actually, and now he was asking all of the hard questions and Carmen didn't have the heart to lie to him. If he asked her questions she was going to answer them, Carmen just didn't know how to at the same time, sugar coat things a little. Mason was far too young to be told the entire truth, and yet he deserved some straight forward answers considering the questions he had been asking.

"Wade, I've told you, I'm not doing this! I'm not getting rid of it!" Carmen told him as she looked at the abortion and the planned parenthood pamphlets that he had left for her that morning as he got ready to leave.

Wade looked at him. "I told you I was leaving, Car! I'm not settling down and I'm not doing this—I'm not being a dad. This is the only solution."

"This is what you do, Wade! You get scared and you run! You can't do this to me anymore!" Carmen said angrily, shaking her head as the tears started to come, running her hands along her stomach and remembering that they had both put life there. "You can't get closer to me just to push me farther away! Take some responsibility for your actions!"

"I have to go, Car—Stryker needs me and he cured my cancer…I owe him." Wade told her shrugging and grabbing his jacket.

Carmen understood that Wade had a duty to Stryker—she really did—she just couldn't handle Wade always running out on her. He was a mercenary and the wrong kind of man to be involved with, but at the same time Stryker had cured him…Stryker had given him back his life. It was like a life debt and Wade had to do this, but Carmen needed him too and he'd said that he loved her…so why wasn't he standing by her? Why was he instead trying to take the easy way out and making her feel like she was meaningless to him?

"You're not walking out, Wade—not again!" Carmen told him desperately, wiping a fallen tear away and crossing her arms over her chest.

Wade looked at her. "I have to go, Car! I don't know when I'll be back."

"If you walk out that door, Wade, don't even think about coming back!" Carmen said firmly, hearing the words and letting it sink in just how much she meant them. "Do you hear me? I'm not going through this again."

"I hear you." Wade said after a pause, nodding and looking at the floor.

With one final look to her, Wade took his jacket and he headed for the door, pausing a moment and then going out of the door. Carmen felt the tears start to spill down her cheeks as he closed the door behind him, nodding at his decision. She knew in that moment that Wade was only looking out for himself and she stood by her words—he wasn't welcome anymore.

"He's not here." Carmen told her son simply, looking at the food on the table instead of into his eyes because this conversation was killing her.

Mason nodded slowly. "Why?"

"He left…and I told him not to come back." Carmen explained to him, looking up at him and smiling sadly as he nodded, the realization hitting him.

"Oh…" He managed, and then he looked at his pancake.

Carmen nodded again. "I'm sorry, Buddy."

There wasn't much else that Carmen could say on the subject, so she got up and poured herself some coffee, glancing across one of the kitchen counters into the living room. Carmen may not have seen Wade anymore, and she may still have been upset about their last fight and the fact that he really never did come back, but Carmen still had some pictures of the two of them in frames just for Mason's sake. Mason knew who his father was, and he knew that once upon a time his parents had been in love, but that was all he knew—he was really just a five year-old who was just now wanting to know his father because a lot of his classmates knew theirs and interacted with them.

"Why don't you go get out of your jammies and get ready for school?" Carmen asked him as he ate a piece of bacon.

He nodded and hopped off of the bar stool up to the island counter, and then went up the stairs to his room as Carmen took a deep breath. The only tie he had to his father besides her was Logan, and that was only because Carmen used to work at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She still subbed for him every once in a while, but she was now a co-owner of a restaurant—the hours more flexible for taking care of Mason. Then again, now that he had powers just like his mother and his father, Carmen figured that they might just move into the X-Mansion and call it good.

"Mommy! Where are my light-up high-tops?" Mason said, poking his head around the corner in the hallway and looking at her from the top of stairs, only his pajama pants on. "I can't find them."

Carmen laughed softly. "Where was the last place you put them?"

"I think I had them when I was playing with Jack." Mason explained, making a face. "I don't remember."

"I'll find them, Sweet-Pea, you just go put a shirt on." Carmen replied, pointing her finger up the stairs sternly. "You need to be clothed for school."

Mason rolled his eyes and slowly stomped his way back to his room in his socks, Carmen laughing a little and then searching for his shoes as he got some jeans on, and one of his favorite striped shirts. Thankfully he took after his mother—Carmen thanked God for that every single day. The problem was that now that he had powers, he was going to be introduced to a whole new world and Carmen hoped that that would last…she hoped that Mason would continue to take on challenges…not run from them as Wade always had.

"Momma! Momma! It's Uncle Logan!" Mason called as he ran down the hallway, hurrying down the stairs as the doorbell rang.

He had seen Logan out of the window, and he was incredibly excited to see the man that had always been there for his mother. Carmen and Logan would never be romantically involved, but Logan knew Mason was Wade's son and he and Carmen had always been good friends—they'd always been practically siblings. Mason ripped the door open excitedly and Logan chuckled, picking him up and hugging him close as Carmen appeared and held up her son's shoes, smiling at the two and rolling her eyes.

"Good morning, Logan." Carmen said and walked over to them, kissing Mason's cheek. "Shoes, Mister."

Mason made a face. "Not in front of Uncle Logan, Momma."

"Yeah, Car—not in front of me." Logan joked, chuckling more as Carmen punched him in the arm playfully and he set Mason down, he and Carmen watching Mason head to the couch and put his shoes on. "He's growing up fast."

"Yeah he is." Carmen replied, leaning into Logan as he put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. "He asked about Wade today."

Logan took a deep breath. "Yeah…about Wade."


Wade took a deep breath as he looked at the address in his hands and shook his head, looking at Chris, who shrugged his shoulders. They used to work together—Deadpool and Bolt—and somewhere along the way Wade had found out that Chris and Carmen were half siblings—they had different fathers. Chris knew about what was going on with Carmen and with Mason and sometimes he told Wade…after all Wade had a feeling after he left that she wouldn't get rid of the baby and that she would keep her brother in the loop no matter his connections to Wade.

"She told me not to come back." Wade told him.

Chris rolled his eyes. "Oh come on, Wade—that was like 6 years ago."

"It doesn't matter! She told me not to and I'm respecting her wishes!" Wade replied, walking in the direction of a restaurant. "I'm hungry!"

"Wade, stop running." Chris said dismally, following his friend into the restaurant and then taking another breath. "I'm seeing her today because Mason's birthday is tomorrow and he's my nephew."

Wade sighed loudly. "Yeah…he's turning five."

Chris nodded and then he sat down at a booth and opened up his menu, knowing he needed to meet his sister soon. Mason was going to be going to school and it seemed like the best time—besides, he didn't want to intrude on Logan's time with the little family. Logan had become Mason's other uncle and that was fine with Chris…Chris trusted Logan with their lives.

"Besides, I'm sure Mason doesn't even want me there—it's not like I'm going to stay." Wade said with a shrug as he gave the menu a glance over and then hit on their waitress.

Chris took a deep breath and muttered, "You never stay."

Wade wasn't paying any attention to what Chris was saying and he expected that, to be fair—he understood. Chris knew that Wade wasn't the type of man to stay in one place and that was why he had told Carmen not to get involved with him in the first place, but she had…she'd fallen in love with him. Everyone had thought that Wade was in love too, but the second he found out she was pregnant he had told her to get an abortion and Carmen wasn't the kind of person to do that—besides, now they had Mason.

Neither of them noticed when Carmen walked into the restaurant, heading straight to the back to wash up and put her uniform on. Logan had driven Mason to school and then headed to Xavier's school, ready to take on his job as a teacher since he was settling down nicely there—and falling for Ororo aka Storm slowly but surely. Carmen was rooting them on, and at the same time she was a little lonely because she wanted that kind of love…but knew she'd never love anyone like she had loved Wade.

"There is a really hot guy out there." Mandy said as she came back to grab an order. "You should check him out, Carmen."

Carmen rolled her eyes. "My days of letting you set me up are so over you don't even know how over they are."

"Oh, whatever—humor me." Mandy replied as she grabbed a couple of plates.

Carmen laughed and rolled her eyes again as she shook her head, fully intending to do just that even though she didn't intend on anything going that far. She wasn't looking for any other man to bring into Mason's life, but flirting wasn't a crime and she was the first to admit out loud that she was lonely. She joked to the contrary most times, but she fully knew that she wanted some kind of companionship…she just didn't trust men anymore after what Wade had done—he'd told her he loved her and then walked out and never returned, knowing he was going to have a kid.

"They're over near Sara's side, but not quite—I'm going on my break after this." Mandy told her.

Carmen glanced over at the table and saw that one of them was bending over to pick something up off of the floor, the back of the other guys' head visible to her. She looked over their order as it was being filled and then grabbed the plates, heading to the table and dropping the plates in her hand as she saw the man who had been leaning over before—Wade. What the Hell was he doing there and why? Why had Chris brought Wade with him and oh shit she had dropped the plates and they'd broken on the floor, Wade looked at her completely and utterly confused.

"I'll pay for those!" Carmen shot back to her co-owner, Gladys Mitchell, sighing and then muttering, "I'm going to kill Mandy."

Mandy laughed a little as she passed Gladys. "She must have really thought he was hot."

"Nice to see you, Car—you look amazing." Wade tried, smiling a little and then shooting Chris a look as he burst out laughing.

"Don't talk to me, Wade." Carmen shot at him, daggers in her eyes and pain in her voice. "Just don't…fucking talk to me."

Wade sighed loudly. "Come on, Car. I'm here, so the least you can do is talk to me."

"The least you could have done was stuck around and been a man!" Carmen yelled, closing her eyes and flushing, stopping trying to desperately pick up the food as people stared at her. "I'm going on my break!"

Carmen stood up and wiped her hand on her apron, heading out of the restaurant and walking down the street, closing her eyes and groaning as she heard the door close again. Wade was following her and when he called out to her, she stopped on the sidewalk and turned around, looking like she was going to cry, but she was holding it in. He hated seeing her hurt like this, and knowing that he was the one that had hurt her. What was he thinking letting Chris drag him back here?

"You don't get to do this, Wade! You don't get to do this!" Carmen yelled, a tear leaking out, Wade reaching up automatically to wipe it away but she blocked his hand and pushed it down. "Stop it!"

Wade groaned and shook his head. "You are so stubborn! I made the effort to come back and you're yelling at me!"

"I told you not to come back! You made your decision six years ago and you have to live with it!" She practically screamed, growling to herself because the frustrated tears were now assaulting her.

"You didn't really want me to stay away!" Wade countered, following her as she shot daggers at him again and then turned to walk away from him, trying to shake him off as he grabbed her arm. "You were angry because you didn't like the decision that I made and now I'm here, okay? Just talk to me."

Carmen turned back to him and managed to shake off his arm. "Just stay away from me, Wade. Chris is still invited tomorrow but I don't want to see you."

"You can't keep me away from my own son." Wade tried, really wanting to try and be on some sort of ground with her that wasn't her screaming at him.

"Way to start to care now." She told him sadly, turning away and walking down the sidewalk, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Wade watched her as she left and shook his head slowly, Chris coming out of the restaurant and nodding. He had known the encounter wouldn't go well, but he had expected Wade to push back just a little bit harder in the long run. What was wrong with him? He had so many chances and he was just ruining all of them? Didn't he know how to apologize?

"You're in the wrong so tell her that." Chris told him as he stood next to him.

Wade looked at him. "Yeah, cause that is going to work."

"Oh my God! Stop being a little bitch and suck it up!" Chris replied angrily, heading in the direction his sister had stormed off in. "Stop making me clean up your damn messes all the time, Wade!"

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