Inheriting Family

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

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Part 43 Reunion

The reunion went well and that had Jack on edge. He looked over at Carter who sadly seemed to happy to notice his unease. He was less than thrilled when he noted their companion were more alert then his team. Then again the thought of having a dead friend come back to life might be throwing off his people. Even Teal'c seemed to be caught up in the moment. Jack sighed he was glad Janet was alive and well he really was but his gut told him this was just the calm before the storm.

Giles looked around he had tears flowing from his face and noted Ethan did as well. It was clear his friend was in control and that made him both happy and wary. Ethan might be trying to change but he was under no real illusions that he was in any way not a dangerous man. He pushed that aside and decided to be glad Janet was alive.

Janet clung to her daughter and half brother for a moment then shifted to take Giles into her hug. She then was passed to her team mates. Ok maybe technically she was not a part of SG-1 but that was the team she was closest to. They were all family. Not that she did not care about the other teams but circumstances had made her exceptionally close to the flagship team.

"So how'd ya manage to get loss of them snake things?" Xander asked.

Jack snickered at that and wondered what Baal would think being demoted to being called a snake thing.

"Eugenie helped me escape." Janet said pulling back and taking a deep breath." Maybe we should find dome cover before I go into detail. I'm not sure how long Baal will be fooled. I am betting he won't be too happy with my escape especially when he realizes he authorized it."

Giles pulled off his glasses and began to polish them. There was clearly a story that had to be told. "Janet is sadly correct this has been lucky for us so far but…."

"Yeah we need to find a safe place to hide." Jack said. "We are to in the open here."

Sadly Buffy had to agree."As much as I don't like the colonel here I have to agree."

"Maybe we could have the briefing back at the SGC." Sam suggested not liking the idea but, now seeing her CO point.

"Well getting under cover is good. Maybe we can hide in that valley we saw. It has good cover and it's close to the Star Gate if we need a back up."

"Maybe Janet should come with us. Some of my Jaffa could bring her ship along." Ethan suggested not wanting to be parted from her."

Eugenie was not happy with that idea not really trusting the Jaffa after she was attacked but, she did not want to offend them either.

"That could work. Sir we really could use another ship. That is if Eugenie did not mind?"

"The Tokra need ships as well. We can table that for now. However I do want to get Janet home. She has been through a lot and may need medical care. I can cure many things but it never hurts to have her checked out. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be Baal used a sarcophagus on us. He also wanted Janet healed completely so she is repaired. However he was unaware of my presence in her which is perhaps a good thing. However I fear it may have altered the blending."

Cassie snorted at that. She looked at her mother and decided that if having her meant she had to be a Tokra she could live with it.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked. She knew how traumatizing a blending could be even with the ToKra attempting to ease their host.

"What Eugenie is saying is we really are one now. I don't think I want to be without her anymore. I'm not sure if that is normal or not but she feels like she is a part of me."

Ethan nodded at that his blending had been similar. Edgar took over for a moment. "Ethan is my fourth host and I do believe he will be my last. I do not understand it but, he feels like he should be a part of me."

"Now that's just spooky." Xander said. "Giles could magic cause that feeling of belonging maybe they ToKra like magic?"

The watcher sighed and decided that once more Xander was seeing the larger picture.

"It is possible of course both Edgar and Ethan were close to death when they became blended as were Eugenie and Janet that may have also affected the outcome."

"I do not believe so because I have faced death before." Edgar said his voice deep and gravelly clearly not Ethan's. "I feel as if I am to guide this host."

"Yes that is exactly the feeling I have." Eugenie said softly.

"Well its official tptb had a hand in this." Buffy said with a resigned look. "Ok so what do we do now?"

"First off we find safety." Jack said like Buffy he was worried but his practical turn of mind wanted them out of the open.

"The Colonel is right.' Janet said taking back over.

"Man that is freaky." Xander quipped only to get a dark look from the others. "Just sayin…."

Privately Jack O'Neill agreed but for once he was resisting snarking because Janet was his friend and had been through the ringer.

"Jaffa move our ships." Edgar ordered. "We can determine our next actions once we are in a secure location. We have crystals and can create tunnels."

"Sir that is actually a good idea, we could hide the ships and save energy and not cloak them until we have too." Sam Carter said. "Maybe we could contact the base then. I'm sure the General is worried."

"Yeah, good point Carter. Daniel you make the call while we help Edgar here with the making of a base maybe a nice large cavern for the ships with a couple of rooms for us to chill out in."

"We will need to disguise the openings." Xander said."Willow and Tara could help with that. Me and Oz and the others can scout a location for the base. Maybe near some water?"

"Kid that's good thinking, I hope we aren't here long enough to need a back up water supply but it's a good idea anyway. Maybe we could make this base a back up." Jack said thinking of the future.

"It could work sir I don't think the gould would think to look for us here." Carter said. "It's not listed as having many resources."

Buffy frowned not liking the idea but deciding to refrain from comment for the moment. SG-1 was right about seeking cover so she go along but she was uneasy about this and that made her worry. Oh well time enough to sort it out later.

The place for their base was quickly found it was only about 5km from the gate but the hillside was perfect for creating tunnels. They could even perhaps make one that ran parallel to the gate. That was still being debated but Buffy was certain her idea had merit. An escape hatch was always of the good especially if they did not make one obvious. She had to admit it was kind of cool to watch the crystals tunnel. She could see how excited the science made her friends. Even Xander was enthralled. Then again he was becoming quite the engineer. She rolled her eyes as he called it the slayer cave. Really was that the best they could come up with. She noted that Faith was even less amused then she was at that as she smacked him in the head.

"We live in a base not a cave dork."

Buffy watched amused even as she kept an eye on the military types. They might be allies but she in no way really trusted them at all. It was sadly mutual as Jack glared at her. At lease Sam seemed to get along with Willow and Oz. Then again Oz was so calm and laid back that it was bound to happen. She sighed wishing life could be simple for once. Her gut however screamed that they would soon pay for this calm in the storm.


Baal moved his fleet toward the last known location of the escaped ship. He would have his revenge and any that aided the Tauri would feel his wrath. Only his absolute certainty of the young Jaffa kept him alive. He had done something he rarely did and pulled the young Jaffa file. The youth was young but devoted even going so far as to attack those who did not show his god proper deference. Ok most of his Jaffa were loyal but this boy was above that. It had taken courage to speak and ask guidance and to accept and even expect to be punished for failure. The boy had all but begged to pay for his mistake. That loyalty could not be faked or bought so instead of punishment the youth got more instruction. Such a loyal Jaffa would be worth their weight in gold. After all the upper ranks sometimes had to be filled it was always wiser to fill such spaces with those one was certain were loyal. Besides the extra drills and classes would ease the boy's feelings of guilt as the trainers were harsh taskmasters.

Trent silently cursed as he ran another interval dodging the staffs of his trainers. I so messed up. How the hell is it that Baal likes me now? Maybe getting shot would have been less painful? He stumbled as he was hit by his trainer and fell. Damn better get my head back in the game or I could lose it. Then again if I rise up maybe I can help our people defeat the Goauld sooner. I so have to make this work.