Ok so this story takes place in Huntington beach California, at HBHS. I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! =D


I could lie and say that I wasn't nervous to start high school, but the truth is im terrified. It wouldn't be as bad if I was still in Chicago with all my friends I have been with since kindergarten, but now that im here in Huntington beach California, where I don't know anyone, I am very nervous. So here I am walking in shorts and a shirt and a bag packed with some school supplies heading to pick up my schedule since I missed registration. I walked up to the counter when I entered the office and told the lady all my information. She gave me my schedule and told me I needed to come back tomorrow to take my ID photo. I thanked her and looked down at the schedule in my hands.

American Sign Language 1

Dance Tech 1



Honors English


Music Theory

It Looked all good until I saw Dance? I don't dance? I turned around and went back to the lady.

"is there a problem?" she asked sounding slightly annoyed. I handed her back my schedule and she took it with a confused look.

"I don't dance. And I was put into a dance class." She looked back over my schedule and after a few minutes excused herself. She came back a few minutes later with a sigh.

"im sorry but you are going to have to go to the dance class for the first week before we can switch you out." I sighed and thanked her quietly before walking away to my first period class. It didn't start for fifteen minutes but I didn't want to be late on the first day. I looked up from my map and gulped. This school was way bigger then my last one and I had no idea where the J building was! I looked around and saw a group of three boys talking quietly to each other on a bunch of stairs. I took a deep breath a walked towards them. One of the boys had blond curly hair and was sitting with him back against the wall, and he had his eyes closed, the one nexted to him was really buff and had brown short hair, and the last one was really tan and had long black hair. I approached them and they all looked over when they noticed my presence.

"um, hi… I was wondering if you knew where the J building is?" I asked in a semi-small voice. The big muscly one laughed and patted my shoulder.

"dude, relax. Haha, you look like your gonna pass out. I will show you where it is. Im Emmett by the way." He said extending his hand. I took it and gave a small smile.

"hi, im Edward, I just moved here from Chicago." He smiled and turned towards his friends.

"that's cool. Well this is jasper," jasper did a half wave and closed his eyes again. "don't mind him, he isn't a morning person." Emmett said with a laugh. "and this is Jacob." He said giving the tan guy a fake punch on the shoulder. I said hi to all of them and then was walking with Emmett towards my first class.

"so are you a freshman?" Emmett asked after a few minutes of silence. I nodded my head while taking a short glance at his face. "that's cool. Im a sophomore, but Jacob and jasper are freshmen too. So you said you just moved here right?" he asked looking down at me.

"yeah. I lived in Chicago my whole life before I moved here a few weeks ago." I said shyly. He laughed.

"dude, you need to relax. You will love this school. Its pretty bad ass. The teachers are pretty nice too. Let me see your schedule." He said before taking it out of my hands before I could protest. I stood there horrified. He was gonna see dance and think I a weirdo or something. I waited to see his reaction and when he finally handed my schedule back I held my breath. "you got some good teachers. I love asl. Im in 2 this year. You will love shields, she is really nice." He said not mentioning dance at all. I sighed and just followed him. We were walking through this open space that had a couple seating areas when he stopped me.

"ok so there is the J building. And I saw your second class is dance and that is right there." He said pointing to a building right next to us. "I got to go to my class. But if you want you can hang with us at lunch. Same place we were at this morning. Good luck" and with that he walked off. I looked back at the J building and walked towards it, but just as I reached for the door it swung open and I had to jump back. Standing there were two girls. One was bigger and had blond hair and she had a red eye, and they other was smaller and also had blond hair with a rat face. They looked at me with a strange expression before laughing and walking away. I hunched my shoulders and walked towards my classroom. When I walked in I saw a small girl with black short hair sitting on a desk by the teacher. They were signing back and forth to each other. When I walked in the teacher looked up at me and smiled.

"Hello, im Mrs. Shields." She said offering me her hand. I shook it and said hi back.

"Im Edward, Edward Cullen. It's nice to meet you." I said with a small smile. I looked down at the girl who Mrs. Shields was just signing with and saw her smiling at me. she stuck her hand out and shook my hand.

"this is Alice." Mrs. Shields told me. I looked kind of confused at why she told me Alice's name, but then realized she must be deaf.

"is she deaf?" Alice and Mrs. Shields nodded, which made me confused again.

The two laughed and Mrs. Shields explained that Alice is actually hard-of-hearing, and she is very good at reading lips, but she uses sign language as her main way of communication. I started talking with Alice until the bell rang and kids started coming in. we all sat down in random seats, and I sat next to Alice. After roll was taken and we learned a few different signs the bell rang and I reluctantly got up and walked towards dance, wondering what I did to deserve this punishment!

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