Chapter Twelve


Kyd Wykkyd watched his friend while keeping an impassive expression. For days now, See-More had been on the computer non-stop. Well, it would be non-stop had the others not forcibly dragged him out of his room to keep him alive. When asked about his new project, he kept his mouth shut, but as the days wore on, See-More began to frown more, keeping his eyebrow creased perpetually. The others knew then that See-More was having little to no luck with the search he was holding, but he kept a tight lip on the matter regardless. What little he found, he sent Kyd Wykkyd to check out, but was crushed when the younger teen turned up with nothing. After a few days, See-More finally burst out to Kyd Wykkyd how futile his search was coming.

"I don't get it Elliot!" See-More confessed, throwing his hands up in the air with frustration. "Nothing is popping up. Literally nothing! This is crazy! Why is nothing coming up?!"

Maybe you should stop, Kyd Wykkyd signed. Perhaps it really is just a rumor.

See-More's shoulders sagged, and he let out a sigh. "That's what I'm beginning to think too. But Elliot! Just think about it! If that was the truth—man!" See-More became animated again, hands gesturing in the air excitedly. "It'd be so cool. And we'd have the scoop on what kind of training he was put through, you know? And, I bet he's like super strong. Seriously!"

His friend nodded. I get it. But at the same time, maybe it's too wild to be true. From out of nowhere, a rumor like that? Kyd Wykkyd reasoned skeptically. I respect Red X as much as you, but what source did he get it from? Why does he only know? Perhaps this is all a trick and he's being tricked as well.

See-More frowned. "Elliot, this is X we're talking about."

Kyd Wykkyd's face turned harsh. And it's because it's X we have to be careful. He is on no one's side but his own. We're villains Seymour, but even with honor among thieves we have to be careful. We're a team, but Red X flies solo. We should be cautious.

See-More nodded at Kyd Wykkyd's logic, some light dawning on his face. "You do have a point there. I shouldn't keep my hopes up, but just keep looking just in case."

Kyd Wykkyd shrugged. I suppose. Perhaps it's just better to stop though. Or at least take a break. Seymour, you need to rest. Stop chasing an empty rumor for a moment and just rest. He told his best friend seriously.

See-More blinked, surprised. "Sure Kyd. Whatever you say." He offered Elliot a grin. "Let's all go out."

Kyd Wykkyd smiled and took See-More's arm, teleporting him out to where the others were, stopping by Gizmo's room to drag him out as well. After that the five of them went out for tacos and pizzas.


Red X dropped down onto a roof, but did not bother to rise from his crouch. It was strange. There was little to no lead on anything he tried to find, and like See-More he had extensive contacts. Not that they were too much help, granted, but that was why he had enlisted See-More's help. Speaking of See-More, he should probably go check up on him. It had been a few days and he was eager to see what leads the African-American had.

But first, he glanced down at the paper he held in his hand. This lead was vague but could possibly lead to something. He had to investigate this first. Red X jumped off the roof and made his way safely to his destination by jumping from ledge to ledge and running across rooftops with relative ease.


Kyd Wykkyd stared at the mirror's surface, a look of strangeness reflected back. Filled with doubt and worry, the young teen was not in a state of panic, but of one who is not sure what the next step to a problem would be. In the beginning, it had seemed that See-More's search was going somewhere, but as the days wore on, the search came to no avail. He too had searched, but instead of uncovering what little he found, he made sure that it was completely buried. It would not do to reveal anything, that he was sure. And during these searches he was alert and made sure to cover his tracks. See-More had yet to find anything. So, just exactly why did he feel worry?

He found out why a few minutes later when a shout suddenly burst out from down the hall. Kyd Wykkyd hurriedly made his way out of the bathroom and over to his excited friend.

What is it Seymour?

"Elliot! Oh good you're here. I found a lead! I mean I seriously found one!"

What kind of lead is it?

"Well, you know how we heard about the apprentice? There's a vague rumor that he's here. In Jump!"

Really? Did you make contact with him?

"Making it now." See-More typed furiously on his keyboard. "There! Now we wait."

"Well, now I see why they say you're so good," a voice remarked and the two teens whirled around in surprise. From the shadows emerged a familiar mask, and the two emitted a relieved sigh.

"Uh, you could've just knocked." See-More said, a hint of irritation in his voice.

Red X chuckled. "My bad, my bad. So, you made contact with the apprentice. "

"Yeah, I did actually. Just now. But I'm sure you know that already." See-More said. "What about you? What did you find?"

"Coincidentally? The same thing."

See-More frowned. "Hold up. You found the same thing I found? You found the apprentice too? Have you met him? And when did you find him?"

"Yup. And the information came to me earlier today as well. I've met him, and to say the least, he was an interesting figure."

"What was he like?" See-More asked curiously.

Red X chuckled. "You can meet him for yourself." At the others' confused faces he grinned. "I told him a little about you and he wants to meet you. Since you made contact with him, you should receive something soon."

As he finished talking, a small ding came from See-More's computer and he turned to the screen, confirming Red X's words. "Yeah, you're right. He wants to meet up at a bookstore… in ten minutes?" He and Kyd Wykkyd turned to Red X in disbelief.

"Mhm." The older villain nodded. "I came to pick you two up. In exchange for some information he wants to use our resources. Apparently he's looking for something as well, but has a hard time searching for it. What do you say?"

See-More exchanged a glance with Kyd Wykkyd and then grinned. "Let's go."


"Man, this stinks!" The shorter boy holding a large brown paper bag in his arms complained to the three people walking beside him.

"Quit whining ya little midget," a tall skinny lad beside him said.

"Yeah," another lad who looked exactly like the other said. "The sooner we get back the sooner we can drop all this food and let Mammoth here cook something for us."

Their last companion was the most muscular out of all of them, but he kept silent beside them. In addition to that he was holding a bigger bag of groceries.

"Man, Mammoth, can we get some burgers?" Billy Numerous asked.

"You idiot, we didn't get any burgers! " Gizmo told him annoyed.

The other Billy Numerous glared at him. "Well, I am in the mood for burgers," he announced arrogantly.

"So am I, Billy!" Billy Numerous said and the two looked down at Gizmo. "Two against one I'm afraid."

Gizmo glared at them both. "I don't want burgers! It was my money so I say roast chicken! And we only bought chicken! So there!" The bald kid stuck his tongue out at them childishly.

"Nuh uh, no way!" Billy Numerous said.

"We're havin' burgers!"

It was then the three got into an arguing match while walking down the street.






"We are having chicken and that's final so wah!—" Gizmo was cut off when he ran into a solid object. "Hey! What's the big idea?" It was then that he noticed the others had stopped walking and was little distance behind him. He also noticed the shadow looming above him and he shifted the grocery bag so he could see who it was. He blanched when he saw the face.


"Hey guys," the familiar feminine voice of Jinx reached the villains ears. "You two arguing over food again?"

"That's none of your business!" Gizmo shot back at her.

"Yeah!" Billy Numerous agreed.

"What're ya doin' here anyway?" the other Billy asked. "Shouldn't you be out with the Titans or somethin'?"

"What, I can't come by and say hi?" Jinx feigned a hurt look. "Boys I'm hurt."

"Well you should be. What do you want Jinx?"

"It's a job. Wanna hear it?"

The four exchanged a confused glance with each other. Although Jinx was now the enemy, her personality hadn't changed a bit, and they knew that she wouldn't have approached them unless it she really needed it. Her pride ensured that.

"Give us a sec." Mammoth said, and then took out his communicator. "Hey Kyd? Can you pick up our bags? Something came up."

A swirl of black appeared and Kyd Wykkyd stood before them, cocking his head at them in confusion. They gestured to Jinx behind him and he turned, making a shocked expression upon seeing the female and raised an eyebrow at her curiously.

"Hey Kyd. Long time no see." Jinx said, waving a hand at him.

He returned the greeting and turned back to his friends, a strange expression on his face.

"Don't worry," Mammoth clapped a large hand on Kyd Wykkyd's shoulder. "It'll be fine. Just take this back alright?" He lifted his bag and Kyd Wykkyd looked unsure but nodded, taking the bag in both hands, disappearing and reappearing seconds later. One by one Gizmo and the two Billys handed over their bags with Kyd Wykkyd taking them away until none were left.

"Kyd, stay with See-More."

Kyd Wykkyd frowned. I'm not a child. He turned to Jinx. I want in.

Jinx frowned, which was surprising in itself. "Actually, I think it would be better if you sat this one out." She glanced around curiously. "Where'd See-More run off to?"

Kyd Wykkyd shrugged but narrowed his eyes at their former leader. Why See-More and not me?

Jinx stared back at him. "Because I can't have all the H.I.V.E. now. Me contacting you guys now is not exactly," her eyes shifted around, "official. But I do have a sponsor," she added looking back at them. "So come?"

The villains nodded. Mammoth told Kyd Wykkyd to head back, but Kyd Wykkyd frowned at them all.

"We'll call if we need back up. Stick with See-More for now." Mammoth told him firmly and Kyd Wykkyd disappeared in a swirl of black leaving them minus one member.

"Alright Jinx. Let's talk." Mammoth said and they followed her into a more secluded area.


"Where'd he go?" Red X asked See-More when Kyd Wykkyd disappeared without warning.

"Not important," See-More told him, glancing around the bookstore curiously. "Where's our guy?"

"Should be here," Red X said, also taking a look. Something moved in his peripheral vision and he turned. Ah. "There. In the back." He said, and the younger teen beside him nodded.

"I see him." See-More began to make his way to his quarry between the rows of shelves, Red X following. In a matter of seconds they were face to face with him, Trigon's apprentice. But he was different than what See-More envisioned. For one thing, he was relatively normal, which was a disappointment considering that he had trained under Trigon of all people.

"Uh, you sure we got the right guy?" See-More asked Red X next to him not so subtly.

"Positive. Morte Jones, this is See-More, who I mentioned previously. See-More, Trigon's apprentice, Morte Jones." Red X said, introducing the two.

"Pleasure to meet you." The older man extended a hand out to See-More and See-More shook it.

"You too. No offense, but you weren't exactly what I expected. Kinda on the skinny side, huh?" See-More observed.

"Well, from Red X's description you weren't what I expected either," Morte retorted, crossing his arms in the process.

"Touché. Enough questions. We gonna chat here or move to a more secluded location?" See-More wondered.

"This place will do for now." Morte took a seat and gestured at the empty chairs across from him. "Please. Take a seat."

See-More and Red X sat down, and for a moment the three of them stared at each other taking their time in observing each other. Morte Jones was neither tall nor short. He had kempt black hair, brown eyes, a short mustache, and wore a black T-shirt with casual pants. He looked average, and that was the problem. Nothing about him seemed alien or otherworldly, something that See-More found highly suspicious, considering that Trigon lived on an otherworldly planet himself. Was this guy human? Or an alien? The real deal? Or an impostor?

But, if this guy was indeed the real deal, then it would be best to keep on his good side.

See-More broke the silence first. "I believe you know what we want."

Morte nodded. "Information, isn't that right? About Trigon and his ways."

"Yes, among other things." See-More confirmed. "What do you want from us in exchange?"

Red X remained silent, more than willing to observe the man across him and let See-More handle the conversation. He may have been young, but the "all-seeing" villain was under no circumstances immature. Morte Jones, however, was a mystery. Before Red X confirmed the lead he gained a week ago, he had researched all he could on Morte. Strangely enough, everything checked out, leading to their initial meeting. Even with that, there was something about this man that unnerved Red X, but he couldn't but his finger on it at all.

"I have only just moved to this city," Morte admitted. "Currently, I am searching for someone, but alas I do not have an extensive enough network to find my quarry."

"So you want us to try." See-More leaned back in his chair. "That seems reasonable. What kind of information do you have on this person?"

Morte pulled out a manila folder and set it down on the table. "This is the compilation I have on my quarry. Please let me know immediately if you find anything at all."

"We'll keep in touch," See-More replied, taking the offered folder and putting it down in front of him. "Now, about Trigon."

Morte clucked his tongue. "That information would best be discussed in a more secluded area. However, as it is getting late, let me just give you a basic overview." Morte paused thoughtfully. "Trigon is not the most patient of people. To say he was human is quite the understatement. First and foremost, he is a demon. But not just any demon, the most powerful of demons. Under his tutelage I learned a great many things. But I assure you, that itself is no easy feat."

"I would imagine so," See-More agreed. "May I ask how you came to no longer be under his apprenticeship?"

Morte studied See-More intently before replying. "One could say I had a falling out with my former master. But I'm afraid to find out the details of that event you must provide a lead in my search." Morte stood. "If you'll excuse me, I have another appointment to keep. Red X, See-More, I shall be in touch." He made his way out of the bookstore, leaving See-More and Red X alone with the manila folder. It was quite thin and the two stared at it curiously.

"Let's get back to the base first and then we can look at it," See-More decided, gathering the folder up and getting up from the chair. It was then that a swirl of black appeared by the green-and-white-clad villain's side.

"There you are Wykkyd. You missed the entire show. But don't worry, I'll catch you up."

The pale-skinned villain nodded and looked at Red X.

"Oh, he'll be coming with us," said See-More airily. "We have to analyze the contents of this folder."

Kyd Wykkyd shrugged and took a hold of See-More's sleeve with one hand. "We'll see you at our base." See-More told Red X before the two disappeared. Red X disappeared seconds later.


"So, let me get this straight. The Titans have such a difficult time searching for a book that they have turn to us? Villains?"

Jinx narrowed her eyes. "Keep it down, Billy."

After Kyd Wykkyd had left, she had led them to a private booth in one of the diners. No one ordered anything, only water in front of them as Jinx explained what she knew and what she proposed to do.

"No offense, but what about your new team? Why aren't they good enough?"

Jinx sighed and rubbed her eyes. "Guys, this investigation has been going on for months. Two months actually, but no one has found anything, nothing at all." She let out a tired sigh. "I get along fine with the Titans, but most of them left a week ago, back to their own cities, because crime rates have been so high."

"Why are you here then?" Gizmo narrowed his eyes. "Shouldn't you be packed with your boy toy back to Keystone?"

Jinx had a wounded expression on her face. "Even though he's my boyfriend Jump is still my home. But that's not the reason I'm here to ask your help."

"Then what is it, exactly," Mammoth finally demanded, in that careful way of his.

Jinx closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened her eyes. "I think, although I haven't told anyone, that this is somehow connected to Kyd."

That caught them off-guard, and Mammoth was the first to recover.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Jinx was about to respond, but a ring sounded from one of the guys, and Billy Numerous pulled out his communicator.


"Man, where is everyone?" See-More asked, taking a note of the empty base.

Kyd Wykkyd shrugged in response and turned to face Red X who had just appeared next to them.

"Well, let's take a look at this mysterious person."

See-More set the folder down on the desk and opened it. The first thing that greeted them was a picture. It wasn't a very clear photograph, the image fuzzy and blurred around the edges. But one could make out the figure clear enough. In the picture were two children, but only one was circled in red. It was a boy, with pale skin and dark hair. With this lighting, they could only presume it was black. But the child next to him was a female, and very recognizable female at that. Even as an adult, this female looked the same from when she was a child.

Short, indigo hair framed a pale, delicate face. The red-diamond on her forehead was also a dead giveaway. This, without a doubt, was Raven, founding member of the Teen Titans, and, to their knowledge, the only daughter of Trigon.

"Raven, huh?" See-More wondered curiously. "What's she doing there?" He flipped the page and began to read the contents on the next sheet.

"Hmm, name is Elliot, huh? Too bad he didn't get a last name huh? What do you think Kyd?"

Kyd Wykkyd only shrugged and then pointed at the paper.

"Right." See-More turned his attention back to the paper, reading aloud the rest of the contents. "Age: unknown, Powers: spellcasting, teleportation, Origin: unknown, Personality: unknown, Special Notes: particularly protective of Rachel," See-More paused in his reading. "Man, Morte did not have any real information on this guy. So many unknowns, what the heck? No wonder he could never find anything on this guy. And is Rachel supposed to be Raven?"

Kyd Wykkyd jabbed at the paper, and See-More resumed his reading of it.

"Ok let's see, Language: Portuguese, Eye Color: red, Hair Color: dark, Skin Color: pale, Height: unknown, Weight: unknown, Weakness: unknown, Status: unknown," See-More stopped. "That's it?" he asked, incredulous, and then proceeded to flip the page, but there was only a sheet of blank paper with a sticky note attached. After that, there was no other page.

See-More looked at Red X with a frown. "This is really weird. I suppose Morte's the apprentice, but if so, why can't he find this Elliot guy on his own? And for that matter, why exactly does he need to find this guy?"

Red X nodded sharing the other's concern. "Something doesn't add up. But for now, we should do as he says. Make me a copy, will ya?"

See-More nodded and left the room, returning a few minutes later with another set of papers. He handed these to Red X who rifled through them. "What about the sticky note?"

"It's strange that he would include a blank sticky note on a blank sheet of paper but perhaps it has invisible ink or something on it. We'll let you know what we find when we find it." See-More told him.

"That's fine. I'll catch the two of you later." Red X disappeared, leaving the two teammates alone.

"It's so strange. There is literally no information on this kid. The only definite things known are his powers and his basic physical description. We can't even tell if he's alive!" See-More narrowed his eye. "What do you think, Elliot? Is this guy for real or is he just playing us?"

Kyd Wykkyd only gave him a blank look in return, and See-More blinked, a look of realization dawning over him. "Oh yeah, I forgot you weren't there. Gimme a sec." See-More turned to face a blank wall and turned the knob on his helmet, changing the eyeball's power into one of a movie projector. "I also added audio," See-More said, a hint of pride in his voice. "Here we go."

Kyd Wykkyd watched the entire exchange with a blank face, and at the end of it, he could not aid See-More's thoughts. Ignoring his friend's disappointed look, Kyd Wykkyd proceeded to turn his head left and right, as if looking for someone. See-More followed his gaze, but saw nothing.

"What are you—oh! Where are the others? Still out? Man, it's late." See-More commented, and flipped out his communicator. "Billy? Where are ya man?"

"Guys, it's See-More." Billy said upon seeing the darker face.

"Well yeah. Where are you?"

"He wants to know where we are. What do I tell 'em?"

"Make dinner!" Gizmo's voice immediately burst through.

See-More frowned. "Dude, it's not even my turn. It's Mammoth's."

Gizmo suddenly appeared on the screen looking annoyed. "Yeah, well if you want to wait up for dinner, then go ahead. But if you gobstinker want to eat when we get back, make the food!"

See-More made a mournful face. "You don't have to be so mean about it. But I can't make dinner without food, and you guys were supposed to get the groceries earlier."

Gizmo rolled his eyes. "Kyd already brought it back. Now git!" The communicator screen went black. As See-More was about to put it away, it suddenly flickered to life again, producing an array of voices.

"Oh yeah, make chicken!" Gizmo said. "We only bought chicken so there better be some when we get back or you'll get it See-More!"

"Wha-" See-More was about to say when other voices overrode his own.

"See-More's making fried chicken?" a female voice said in the background.

"Hell no, tell him burgers!" there was a clatter of plates and See-More could tell that Billy had risen from wherever he sat with hands pushed onto the table. But that did not concern him at the moment.

"Guys? Are you with Jinx?" See-More's voice rose to an incredulous pitch and suddenly silence enveloped the other side. "Are you?!" See-More demanded, a rising anger welling up within him.

"Don't forget the salad," was all that Gizmo told him before hanging up, and See-More called back but no one answered. He turned to Kyd Wykkyd, shock and some hurt written all over his face.

"Elliot, they're with Jinx. Without us."

Kyd Wykkyd patted his shoulder sympathetically, and See-More smiled at him. "Thanks. But aren't you even slightly surprised or I dunno, upset about it?"

Kyd Wykkyd shrugged and made a few gestures with his hands. Whatever it is they're up to they'll let us know when they get back.

"Thanks, Elliot. I guess I should start on dinner now."

Kyd Wykkyd made another gesture.

"You will? Thanks Kyd." See-More said, walking over to the kitchen and opening the fridge. "You want salad or chicken?"

In response, Kyd Wykkyd took out the chicken, leaving a crestfallen See-More looking after the dead bird. "But, I was gonna do that," he protested, albeit weakly.

Kyd Wykkyd shook his head firmly. Usually, See-More made a mean fried chicken dish. But Kyd Wykkyd thought the sudden appearance of their former teammate would upset him enough to distract him from his goal. They would then have burned charcoal chicken for dinner if that were to happen. Thus putting See-More in charge of the salad. Kyd Wykkyd hoped that the salad proved edible, because See-More liked to create the weirdest dressings. But it would have to do.

The two began making dinner, and it was quiet. Like Kyd Wykkyd had predicted, See-More was quite lost in his thoughts—that was the only time he was ever this quiet. Although it bugged him, Kyd Wykkyd didn't disturb the silence, knowing eventually See-More would return to his senses.

It came when See-More suddenly let out a curse.


Kyd Wykkyd turned to him then, but See-More paid him no attention.

"Argh! I'll have to start over now!" As See-More fumed and fussed around his dish, Kyd Wykkyd let a trace of smile come onto his face, happy for the noise.

They set down the last bits of the meal as the others walked into the base.


"Well, that went well," Billy Numerous remarked.

Jinx rolled her eyes. "We'll have to do deal with that later whenever it comes. But what I'm saying is, this guy we're chasing after? Is really fishy. Even though we have some really skilled people on our side, he still hasn't been found, and hasn't done things like a regular villain. You know, like stealing stuff? He didn't do that. What we think is that he left us a retarded message on the wall about doom and the world ending and hasn't showed up or done anything even remotely significant since."

"What does that have to do with Kyd?" Billy Numerous asked, interrupting her story.

Jinx huffed and blew a fringe of hair from her face. "I'm getting to that part, Billy."

"Git on with it then, sheesh."

"I don't think he's working alone. Three days ago, we encountered a woman, a new villain. At the time, we must have been close to some kind of clue, or why distract us? As we chased her down, she seemingly disappeared. But I followed, got close, and was creeping along the wall hoping to catch her off guard. That when I heard her muttering."

"Damn, Jinx! Muttering?"

Jinx's eyes flashed. "This is serious, Billy!" she hissed, trying her hardest not to hex him with so much people around.

"Get to the point then," the older of the two drawled. "I'm starved an knowin' See-More, he's gonna burn that fried chicken so bad after hearin' your voice Jinx."

Jinx shrugged. "Order here then. I'll pay."

But Billy shook his head. "Naw. I don't need a hero to help me out."

"Suit yourself. What I was saying before somebody so rudely interrupted, was that I heard her muttering. All I could make out was her asking why they needed Elliot, why was he so important, and her complaining how tired she was of not making a move sooner. I didn't hear another voice, so I can only assume she was using coms or being a nutter and just mumbling to herself, but she got away even after I jumped out and surprised her."

"Didja just say Elliot? Our Elliot?" Billy was incredulous.

Jinx's face set into a hard line. "I don't know if that's who she was talking about for sure. But I don't want to take the chance. I may be a hero, and you guys may be villains, but you're still my friends, and I'm not going to let some creepy old-timers mess around with my former team while I'm still around."

"So why can't the Titans just handle it? Why should we get involved?" Gizmo asked.

Jinx shrugged. "Look, our forces are formidable, but it's not enough. When it involves a H.I.V.E. member it turns into a H.I.V.E. problem, isn't that right? That's where you guys come in. Until we know for sure the target's identity, it's better to be safe than sorry. What do you say?"

"We'll have to talk it over, of course," Billy Numerous said. "But I'm curious. You said you coming t'us wasn't official."

"That's right."

"But you've got a sponsor. Who is it, then?"

Jinx pursed her lips. "I not allowed to tell just yet."

"Whatever." Gizmo stood up on the seat. "You do know that if you want our help, it's all of us, right?"

Jinx smirked. "Of course. But hey, it's rather suspicious if I talked with the lot of you like this." She got up from her seat. "You know how to reach me. Give me a call when you decide."

She left them then, and the three villains sat in silence for a minute, later broken by Billy Numerous.

"Damn, she sure knows how to twist our strings, don't she?"

As they walked out of the diner, they wondered how to get their other teammates to agree. Because Billy was right, and Jinx was right. Sure, they got along well enough with each other, and they sometimes they couldn't stand each other. But when something involved one of their own, well they'd be damned if they couldn't help but butt their noses into the business.

For now, it wasn't dangerous. It was at best, a curiosity that had to be further explored. But if it evolved—when it escalated, then they would gather the rest.

As they walked out, Billy light-heartedly remarked that it would be a miracle if the chicken turned out alright in the end. They arrived back at the base just as See-More and Kyd Wykkyd finished setting up the table and putting the last bits of food down.


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