Chapter Fourteen


As Raven followed Robin out of the lounge area, she let no feelings of unconfidence betray her. What was done had been done, and although her initial plan had been to inform Robin of her ideas beforehand, it couldn't be helped. They entered a smaller room and Raven waited patiently for Robin to speak, knowing he was still struggling to put his thoughts together.


"Yes, Robin?"

"Why did you ask Jinx to bring the H.I.V.E. Five here? Why do you think that we need their help?"

"I asked her to bring them because I thought they would be useful. You don't know my father, Robin, and now that I remember more, I can tell you with some certainty that we're out of our depths with this. Things aren't as simple as a mediocre villain stealing an object. The issue at hand is that someone stole something from my father, the destroyer of worlds, and that artifact is possibly one of the most dangerous items to have existed." Raven studied Robin's expression and said gently, "Robin, you trust me, don't you?" At his nod she continued. "Then trust me when I say that it is to our advantage that we have H.I.V.E. Five with us now. In the long term, it will mean the difference between victory and defeat."

Robin nodded in understanding, but he was still not supportive of the idea. "Raven. I get that this is a big deal, but we've searched and haven't gotten any leads. Don't you think that maybe we're blowing the problem out of proportion?"

Raven gave him a grim smile. Robin was still too stubborn to accept his enemies, but that was understandable, considering the circumstances. "It is not just for my thoughts that I asked Jinx to bring her old team here. They have talents and resources that will benefit us if we let them help us. For instance, as Cyborg said, they can contact their network of villains and keep an eye out for newcomers and suspicious activities. In addition to that, they can help us make sure that we're going in the right direction."

Robin wasn't sure what to think. Raven's argument was sound, but he still didn't trust them. "How do we know that they won't betray us? Turn on us in the middle of battle? You can't guarantee that."

"You're right. I can't. But Jinx has agreed to vouch for them and I think that we should draw up a truce agreement. If they keep their word and follow the conditions set, there is no reason to not trust them." Raven stared at Robin's face, at the eyes behind the mask. "And if you must know, the reason they help us is likely to their own benefit. Perhaps they need something from us as well, and if that is really the case, Robin, I am sure they will help us out."

Robin didn't speak for a moment, turning her words over in his head. But already, he had decided to agree. This wasn't all because Raven's argument had made sense. Rather, it was out of a guilty conscience that he was going behind his team's back and cooperating with Red X but at the same time berating Jinx's open honesty concerning her old team. "Okay," he said at last. "I'll listen to what they have to say and if we are going to help each other out, I want an agreement drawn up to see that they keep their word."

Raven felt a sudden tension lift from her shoulder but made no outward appearance of it. Despite what she had told Jinx and how she had seemed confident to the other members in handling the explanation to appease Robin, in reality, she had been afraid. Afraid that even after hearing her side of the argument, on hearing the logic of why the H.I.V.E. would benefit them, he would have still refused. Raven might have been the second-in-command of the team, but Robin was still her leader, and Raven would have defected to his final decision whether she liked it or not.

"Of course," she said as it was obvious, and the two headed back to the lounge where they had left the others.


Following Robin's orders, Cyborg and Kid Flash started to cook breakfast, putting some frozen waffles into the toaster when the blond girl asked them to. The others sat around in stony silence keeping an eye on each other, showing their wariness openly. So of course the Titans started when Billy Numerous stood up and headed over to the fridge. Jinx rolled her eyes at the action. "Chill guys, he's just helping out with breakfast," she said and though she had told herself she was not going to act overly friendly with her old team, she found herself falling back into some of her old mannerisms.

"Cyborg and Kid Flash are handling it," Bushido said. "We don't need their help."

Jinx snorted and stood up. "If you're worried about getting food poisoning, don't bother. They're not going to come all the way out to their enemy's base to poison them. Here, I'll help supervise if you're worried. Billy, what were you planning to make?"

"French toast and fruit smoothies. Gizmo over there needs the energy, no doubt and we didn't eat anything much except pancakes before we came over."

Jinx groaned. "Augh! Pancakes? What kind? Why didn't you save me some? Why didn't you call me before you came?" she complained as she took out fruit from the fridge. "Bread's over on the counter. Hey, the waffles are done. Melvin, Timmy, Teether, do you want to eat them now?"

At their nods, Jinx put the waffles on plates and set them on the coffee table for them to eat at. Beast Boy handled the maple syrup and the utensils, taking a seat next to the kids to watch over them and to make sure they didn't drop anything on the floor and make a mess.

"Pancakes were chocolate darlin'," Billy said with a smirk on his face as he stood by Cyborg heating up a pan while another one of him was whisking up the eggs to dip the bread in.

Jinx glared at him. "Oooh, you know chocolate's my favorite!" she whined as she took out the blender and started it up. "Also, I still want to know why you didn't bother to call me last night. If you did, we wouldn't be having this issue right now."

The other Billy shrugged. "Didn't occur ta us 'til See-More over there reminded us, and that was only when we were already in the car darlin'. Honestly, you're lucky that we did remember to call you at all. Everything was decided rather spontaneously ya know."

While Jinx was conversing with her former teammate, the others were watching each other. What harm was a friendly staring match? When it wasn't so friendly to begin with, that's what, but without permission and in the presence of minors, they couldn't very likely start up a fight without facing some dire consequences. But the Titans really didn't need to be so worried about it—the H.I.V.E. Five members were sitting quietly, not moving even one muscle.

Starfire, the friendliest of all the present members, was easily the first to relax but that didn't mean she was completely off-guard. "Is there anything that requires assistance?" she asked, heading over to the five in the kitchen.

"Well, we're gonna need more fruit if we're going to make enough smoothies," Jinx said with a frown. "Kid Flash, do you think you can buy some? Starfire could probably take over for you."

Kid Flash nodded. "Sure thing. Here you go Star," he said, handing his task over to her and then dashing off. He reappeared moments later with a bunch of fruit and some other ingredients in his hands.

"Thanks, you're the best," Jinx said, kissing him on the cheek while relieving him of the fruit while he put away the other ingredients. Soon, breakfast was done being made with everyone getting a plate full of food accompanied by a glass of fruit smoothie, but no one ate, all watching each other.

This was the scene that Robin and Raven walked into. They had expected to step into a battlefield but were surprised to find that nothing in the room was destroyed and no one was trying to tear out the others' throats. Though they all had plates of food, no one was eating, waiting for the other to move first.

Robin coughed and all heads turned toward him. "I'm, er, glad that you all seem to be getting along." He said while picking up a plate of food off the kitchen counter. "That being said, I've come to a decision. Since the H.I.V.E. came all the way out here, we'll hear what they have to say. After that, we'll decide whether to work together or not. Any questions?"

The others shook their heads. Robin shrugged. "Okay, then can anyone tell me why no one's eating? It looks perfectly fine to me."

"We were waiting for you and Raven to return," Starfire said politely.

"Oh. Well thanks. Dig in everyone. I intend for the discussion to start after we've eaten." Robin said, scooping some eggs into his mouth and taking a seat in the empty space between Starfire and Bushido.

Raven, with her own plate in hand, came to sit down next to the children at the coffee table. Signaled by the leader, everyone else started eating filling the room with a wide array of sounds. Though at first there wasn't any talking going on, soon enough the room was filled with a semi-friendly chatter. This was mainly due to a general agreement that the food was delicious and most definitely not poisoned since they were all doing fine.

After everyone had their fill of food and cleaned up the dishes, they gathered around for a serious discussion.

"Let's get to the point. Why are you here?" Robin asked.

See-More answered his question. "We're here because Jinx asked us to be here. She wanted our help in locating some book and two other highly suspicious villains. If you would have our help, we would be glad to give it."

"Why?" Robin asked, bluntly full of suspicion. "Why would you help your enemy?"

"It's not just because we were asked to. It just so happens that we're looking for information, and helping you guys out helps us too." See-More responded.

Robin frowned. "What kind of information are you looking for?"

See-More shrugged. "We haven't exactly fit all the pieces together yet, but information concerning this book and the people holding it are part of the answers we seek. Which is why we're willing to help you out, because it's benefiting us." He leaned back on the couch. "That's the gist of it. Whether you take it or leave it is up to you, but know that even without your help we're more than capable of looking for the answers we seek on our own."

"Then why are you offering to help us?" Robin said, knowing the answer even as he asked the question.

"Because we were asked to."

Robin exhaled and knowing from their mood that they weren't going to say anything more on the subject, he made his decision. "Okay. Fine. We'll give you the benefit of the doubt and trust you on this, but I want an agreement signed that will hold you to your word."

See-More shrugged. "As long as all the terms and conditions are agreeable, I don't see why we would have a problem with that. Since you don't have one drawn up yet, let's get started."


After Robin and See-More drew up a short contract for H.I.V.E. Five members to agree to, everyone dispersed into groups, seeking to exchange and gather more information to put together. Gizmo, Cyborg, and See-More were the technical team, Billy, Herald, Kid Flash, and Jericho bounced ideas off of each other, and Mammoth, Jinx, and Beast Boy discussed the identities of the villains they had ran after. While Starfire watched the children for a turn, Robin left to do his own thing—they all thought he still needed time to get his head wrapped around actually trusting villains for a turn, so didn't bother going after him. Raven noticed that one of the H.I.V.E. members had disappeared and so quietly left the room as well to seek him out.

She found him alone, staring at the wall that had started everything, the event that was the source for all these sequential events. Together they stood in that room, neither speaking a word, unsure of what to say.

"So. You're Elliot." She didn't know how she knew, but without a doubt the teen before her was her childhood friend, the boy of her past.

He held still for the moment, surprised, but then nodded, hesitantly, as if unsure of what she wanted to ask him. But to deny the answer would be foolish, for they both knew she was right. She knew, he knew. Yeah. I am, he signed, as he turned to look at Raven, his eyes searching for an answer. Did Jinx tell you?

Raven shook her head slowly. "No, she didn't." She responded and paused for a moment, searching for words to communicate her meaning with. "I saw you," she said at last, deciding to say it out directly. "In my dreams, I saw you, but they weren't dreams. They were really memories. Of a past I was made to forget."

At that, Kyd Wykkyd's eyes widened, whether in shock, surprise, or a combination of the two, she couldn't tell. Impossible! Of all the spells, he had heard the Azarian ones were the hardest to break. How was it possible, for her to have regained them? He wondered and was about to ask as much, but then another question arose in him, an urgency he couldn't explain. The Book. Do you have it? He asked, letting his eyes show his desperation.

She could only shake her head. "No, but it wanted me to find it. And... I think it wanted you, too."

That caught his attention. What do you mean? His movements were quick, and she could feel the waves of confusion from him. What does it want from me?

"When did you start using your hands to communicate? Did something happen to your voice?" Raven ignored his question and inquired, remembering that in all her dreams, her friend had never been silent.

Kyd Wykkyd frowned and shook his head at the sudden turn their conversation had gone. That's not important. Why would it want us?

Raven frowned but let him skirt around the question for the moment. "Honestly, I have no idea. I had hoped finding you would answer my questions, but it just raises up more, doesn't it?" She turned and gestured to the symbols that read: 'Come. Rescue me or doom yourselves. Girl. Boy. Come.' "Right here, can you read what it says?" Kyd Wykkyd nodded slowly, as if not believing that it could be directed toward the two of them specifically. "Before, a couple days ago, I couldn't read these symbols at all. But now I can, and I can't help but wonder if it refers directly to you and me, with the resurfacing of my memories." She was about to say more, but stopped, her eyes riveted on the wall. Kyd Wykkyd, who had been watching it as well, experienced a similar reaction. This was because the symbols were changing before their very eyes.

Symbols that had seemed painted and permanent on the wall moved slowly in form to turn into a whole new set of symbols and though Raven hadn't wanted to believe it, she could still understand its meaning. And the words gave her a chill, for it seemed as if something unknown and invisible to them was holding a conversation with them.

'So at last the two of you have arrived. I have waited more patiently than I would, and for that you should be thanking me.'

"You… are the Book?" Raven wondered aloud, but even as she said it she knew. Who else could it be? She didn't know how she was so certain of that fact, but she suspected it was because there was a feeling she was aware of, the same as the time that object had contacted her in her mind.

And then, the room around them began melting. Or rather, that was how it seemed to Raven, for the white-gray of the room dribbled down as if formless and behind it, blackness came. Blackness and red, the two colors blended, swirled, and mixed all around them both, but it never blended into each other nor did it touch them either.

"Yes. I am the Book."

The voice surrounded the both of them, and the two turned around searching for a source but found none.

"What do you want with us?" The voice that spoke was male, smooth and familiar. Raven whirled around to face Kyd Wykkyd who had his hands against his throat and a face full of surprise, as if he hadn't meant to speak out or if he hadn't expected to hear his own voice.

"Hmm? I did leave the message clearly for you to see. I didn't expect you to forget it that easily. Perhaps you were more dimwitted than I had expected, after all."

"Never mind that. Where are we? Where have you taken us?" Raven demanded.

"Ick, another boring question. And rather simple, so also very stupid. The two of you are within a portion of my domain. In short, by reaching out, I am talking to you both within your own minds."

"Fine." Raven was startled by the sudden boldness in Kyd Wykkyd's demeanor and tone of voice. "Finally, you have gathered us here. But for what purpose? And why now?"

There was a cold amusement in the Book's voice as it spoke again. "Always the quiet ones to watch out for, I remember that saying clearly. Let's answer your question. What do I want from you? To be found of course! This human is completely boring. Why now? Because I'd rather not repeat myself to one and then another."

"Human?" Raven frowned. "How can it be that a human has you in possession? To have taken you from my father—surely he could not be human." Trigon was a demon in his own little domain nowhere near Earth, the origin of humans, not to mention that humans were completely incapable of surviving in space by themselves.

"Certainly, that should be the case, but he did it so cleverly that I cannot hold it against him. Indeed, it was quite cleverly done that I have put a point in his favor. That will be your mystery to solve. And a clue against whom you are facing, girl if you remember my last words, you will find them quite useful."

Raven wanted to shout back that half of what it had said was not useful, but restrained herself. To do so would have been unseemly and childish, and the chances that it would leave as quickly as it had come were quite certain. Remembering its previous visit, she kept her voice calm and steady. "Yes, I remember, poison and Necras. There was a message about the end of the world. I assume he means to use you to achieve that goal. Can you give us a timeframe to work in?"

"Smart question. How much longer until you are all doomed? Why, in about a month if all goes according to this human's plans."

The two were shocked, understandably so. One month? They had not realized that they had so little time left.

As if sensing their worry, the Book snorted and continued on in flippant tones. "If you can't find me before then, you are weaker than a mere man. But since you are who you are, considering the blood of descent, I believe that you'll be stronger than that."

Raven suddenly wondered why it was being quite forward, so different than when it previously communicated with her before, but she knew that if she asked, it would go back to being so cryptic. She would just have to take her chances with its demeanor now. "One other question. You know that we've been searching for a long while, my team and I, but how can we know how close we are? Villains can be anywhere on the planet and humans populate this planet. If this man was truly smart, then he wouldn't be anywhere near Jump City, but I have a feeling that's not the case."

If the Book had a face, it would be grinning in amusement, and that's what it let them both sense from it. "Indeed, you are correct. The safest hiding place would be the place farthest away from the headquarter city of heroes, but due to his own fears, he is here. And because his fears ties into his plans, he is here. This, I think, is the biggest hint you'll get from me." Raven and Kyd Wykkyd noticed that the red and black around them was dissipating. "Don't disappoint me now, children. I am very interested in the upcoming events. What will you do when you unravel everything?" The laughter that followed its words became distant as the room was returned to its natural state and there was no trace of the Book's presence anywhere.


Gizmo, Cyborg, and See-More were all busy tapping away at their communication systems. Because they were inside the Titans Tower, Gizmo and See-More made sure to work only through text, with no camera or audio on and making comments toward their collaborator to narrow down the options. Having received a description from some of the other members beforehand, they were cross-referencing what they knew with what they thought to find out what they were looking for.

All the teams had split up into different parts of the room and while Herald, Billy Numerous, Kid Flash, and Jericho left the room, Jinx, Mammoth, and Beast Boy were still casually tossing ideas out to each other. That ended when they were suddenly called over by Gizmo. "Hey! You two saw the target! Come over here and give me more details!"

"You don't have to be so rude about it," Beast Boy mumbled under his breath but the three walked over there anyways.

"Okay, what do you need?" Jinx asked.

"She's a shapeshifter right? You said her appearance changed repeatedly and I need references. Also what powers did she have? Is she even a she or a he?"

Jinx sighed and began sketching on a spare sheet of paper while Beast Boy described the agility she had displayed. Cyborg, on his network with the other Titans who had returned to their home bases, was rapidly typing in what they knew and asking the others to keep an eye out for their target. See-More, on the other hand, remained quiet—unlike the others, he was working on the problem of Morte Jones, something he had not decided to tell the Titans about. It would have been helpful if Kyd Wykkyd or Raven could help out with this part of the investigation but they had left the room soon after everyone else had dispersed with their own duties.

"Find anything?" Mammoth asked but See-More shook his head.

"No. He must be very new with very little outside contact or a shapeshifter himself. I can't really figure it out."

Jinx's curiosity arose at hearing that. "Wait, he? Did you find out something?"

See-More scowled, torn between telling her what they had learned and not, considering she had been a former member. Instead he glanced over to Mammoth and Gizmo, seeking their decision. A subtle shake to the head from Mammoth made his decision—this problem probably wasn't related to the Book they were looking for, and until they were sure the two were connected it wasn't necessary to inform the Titans.

"It's not that. I was double-checking my contact's information. It's difficult though, so either they're lying or I'm overlooking something." See-More said, hoping Jinx wouldn't call his bluff. She hemmed a little but said nothing else, leaving him grateful and more focused onto the task.

While those six were busy working together, Herald's team went toward the room with the symbols, intending to investigate it further. It was a surprise to see Raven and Kyd Wykkyd already there though, and not moving, not speaking.

"Hey Kyd Wykkyd, what're you up to?" Billy Numerous said, surging forward over to the other immediately with the other three Titans following him cautiously.

At his touch, Kyd Wykkyd started, as did Raven beside him. "Woah there buddy. Ya'll right?" The taller male asked, steadying his friend.

Slowly, the other nodded, movements slow as if coming off from a trance. I'm fine. When did you get here?

"Just now. We're gonna take a look at this wall 'ere. What do you make of it?"

Um, just reading something about the destruction of the world. And the texture is icky but also seems like paint? What do they know?

"Very little." Billy cackled.

"Herald, what did you sense when you came in?" Raven asked when he stood by her.

"Sense?" Herald frowned. "Nothing, really. Why? What's the matter?"

Raven took a deep breath. "I see." So even Herald, who had some ties to magic, was blocked out and sensed nothing. Ignoring his questioning look, she cleared her throat to get the attention of the others. "Right now, I don't think we need to look at this wall anymore. Cyborg should have the substance analyzed by now, and if he doesn't, well we don't have time to waste. Let's regroup with the others and see what they've come up with."

Confused, they followed her back to where the others were. Raven immediately strode over to Cyborg. "Cyborg. That substance from the wall, you've identified it, right?"

Cyborg looked up at her. "Um yeah. What's up?"

"I need it. The target is in Jump. The substance from the wall seemed like a mix of paint and something else—maybe that something else will let us find him."

Cyborg thought about it, and then frowned. "You know," he said slowly, "I did finish analyzing it, but now I wonder if I was wrong, and it's actually four components blended together instead of one. Let me get back to you, 'kay?"

Raven nodded. "Fine, but I want results in a couple of hours. If you narrow the categories to Jump and the area outside it, it shouldn't take very long."

"Um, yeah. I can do that. But, what's the rush Raven?"

Raven sighed. "Sorry. I just want this done and over with. We've been on this problem long enough." Then, telepathically, she talked to Kyd Wykkyd. "You know, if your team has information, it would a great time to share."

Kyd Wykkyd cast a worried glance at his teammates who were now collaborating with the heroes all in one big group. "They… they're only here helping because they think the people who are after the Book is also, after me. Because Jinx heard them, and since I have a connection to the Book, it's a likely thing."

"What? They're after you? Why didn't you say something?"

"Why would I? I was trying to avoid the Book, not drink tea with it! And tell who? The last time I saw you was when I pushed you through the portal to Azarath, and the subsequent times we met each other, you showed no recognition of me. I didn't want you to remember your past, but that's what the Book wanted, so that's what happened." Kyd Wykkyd replied angrily.

"Regardless, those events happened, and if you have any information that could of use, it's certainly necessary to tell us."

"Your team doesn't trust mine, and I can't put them in danger."

Kyd Wykkyd and Raven stared at each other in a battle of minds and wills. They could feel the other's emotions and thoughts. The strongest from the villain's was the fear of distrust while the hero's longing lay towards seeking answers.

"What if… You told your findings only to me? Not the rest of my team, just me. As it is, I'm the one with the strongest connection to the Book, and with you, we could find it. The sooner, the better, since we have a deadline to keep."

Kyd Wykkyd thought about it. It sounded like a good idea. But would it work? "What are you going to tell your team? And Robin? He's still mad at Jinx for contacting us, treating her like a villain when she's already proven her worth as a hero. He would want to know everything."

"And he has every right and reason to, since so much is at stake. But, he doesn't need to know everything. Not right away, and not until we have concrete evidence to present to him. Let me be the in-between."

Kyd Wykkyd stared at her for a long time, thinking about her proposal. And then nodded. "Fine. Wait here."

Raven watched him walk over to See-More and tug him away from the others before moving his hands frantically in the air, presumably explaining the situation. The single eye of the villain grew wider than it already was, glancing over to where she was and then back to his friend again. "What?" she heard him hoarsely whisper. "You want to do what?" Impatiently Kyd Wykkyd explained again. See-More frowned. "It does sound good, considering…" He glanced up at her and the others again. "But, you have to ask the others." Kyd Wykkyd released him and glanced over back to Raven. We'll have to discuss it. You'll have your answer tomorrow.


An hour later, the H.I.V.E. Five members left the Tower and ten minutes later, the Titans were called out to handle a bank robbery. It was nothing too major, just a minor problem that was quickly dealt with. However, several other crimes came into their notice, and they were forced to handle the situation. At the end of the day, back in the tower, Raven told them that time was running out and explained her idea of personally working with the H.I.V.E. Five members. Her teammates didn't like it, but finally conceded to her logic. The only condition was that Jinx would accompany her, since she knew her former teammates better than the rest of them.

Late that night, after everyone was asleep, Robin called up Red X.

"Robin. Always a pleasure. What can I do for you?"

Robin snorted. "Don't beat around the bush Red X. It's been months. What have you found?"

"Interesting, interesting information, but nothing has been concluded." Red X smirked. "Trust me, when I find out, you'll be the first to know."

"Yeah? Well heads up, we have an approaching deadline."

Red X narrowed his eyes. "I didn't hear anything about a deadline."

"We have month to find this guy and put a stop to him. I hope you know what you're doing."

"Hmph. Don't worry about it."

"Then hurry it up."

After the communication with Robin ended, Red X mulled over the information he had. Although he had gotten young See-More's help, nothing was quite finished. Remembering the boy's paler companion, Red X suspected that he would have to pay his young friends another visit.


"So you're saying you want Raven to know about Morte? What good will that do?" Gizmo asked with crossed arms. "If you're leaving out information, spill it!"

Kyd Wykkyd looked at him warily. He still hadn't told his friends about his connection to Trigon in fear of what might happen to them and what they would think of him. But he couldn't explain why Raven was necessary unless he told about himself, something he was very unwilling to do.

Well… Raven might remember seeing Morte during the time period that she lived with Trigon. Surely she would know if her father had an apprentice? Kyd Wykkyd thought out slowly, trying to bring his friends to see his line of reasoning.

"That may be true, but she was just a kid then. Would she even remember him?" See-More pondered.

Gizmo snorted. "Here's a brilliant idea. Why don't we ask her if she knows anything about the guy Morte's looking for? She was in the picture with him, she must know something."

"That's a great idea!" Billy exclaimed. "And once she finds him, we can figure out why that chap really wants with him."

However another Billy smacked his head. "Idiot! Didn't we say that maybe our Elliot was this guy's Elliot? That's why we agreed to help Jinxie remember?"

"Oooh, I forgot about that!" Billy glanced over at Elliot. "Whaddya say, Elliot? You the kid in the picture or what?"

Kyd Wykkyd swallowed nervously as all eyes were upon him. What could he say? All his plans to keep hidden were unraveling faster by the minute… He sighed and hung his head. There's… There's something you all should know.


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