The Road Rovers were flying over a tropical rain forest in the middle of nowhere.

Hunter looked back at everyone. He smiled as he saw all the rovers asleep. But his peaceful grin disappeared as he saw Blitz look up at him from the window.

Hunter turned back around and continued flying. The Sky-Rover hit some turbulence, awakening Colleen. She looked over at Hunter, then Blitz.

She turned away as the Doberman looked at her.

Hunter looked at the two. As Blitz fell asleep, Colleen looked at Hunter, "Well?"

He glanced at her, "Well, what?"

Colleen raised an eyebrow, "Aren't you gonna say I should've told him before he went to sleep?"

The Golden Retriever chuckled, "Like I'd even bother trying anymore. I've been helping you hide your feelings for him for quite some time now, but honestly, I can't take it anymore. So far, you missed EVERY chance that came along for you to tell him. And I mean EVERY chance."

*Flashback *

Colleen and Blitz were alone in a disclosed location. Blitz twiddled his thumbs as the two dogs waited for something.

The Collie looked at Blitz, "Say, Blister?"

He ignored her. She sighed, "BLLIIIIISSSTTEEERRRR?"

He continued to sit, pretending to ignore her. She placed her head on her chin. Moments later, she lifted her head back up, "Blitz?"

The Doberman's eyes widened for a moment. He looked at Colleen, "Yes?"

She shrugged, time stopped for a moment. Colleen's angel and devil appeared.

Angel: Tell him!

Devil: Don't! Keep trying to hurt him!

Angel: What the bloody 'ell does that help?

Devil:...I am a devil!

Time moved again, "...Nothing."

Blitz sighed and turned forward again

*End of Flashback *

Colleen sighed, "You're right."

The Collie turned towards the sleeping Doberman, "Someday soon Blitz. Someday soon."

And with that, the Road Rovers flew back home.