Dear Little Crossdresser,

Recently, I believe that things would come and go, land and fly, and be banished from my sight forever; I did believe that nothing lasts in eternal bliss, that nobody ever dies happy.

I knew that soon you would have to leave,

And, I realized that your silly little smiles and the fake words that come out from your mouth would have to transfer to another place.

I thought that your servant duties would soon be over, meaning, nobody.. and I meant nobody, would take the rightful place in calling me "Miss", "Madam", or even "Mashiro-sama".

Nobody would be sane enough to pull out a chair for me, or even care for me and ask what I would need.

No one would waste time to brew me some green tea anymore.

But I do believe that you made a big difference in my mind, and in my heart. It was that, even if I told you that you were nothing to me. You're nothing.

But there is something. Something I would like to tell you.


Jack, your tea is cold.

With all jokes aside, I give you my sincerest gratitude into being my.. er.. "friend". Why, yes, I do consider you as one; and if you don't "friend" me back, then.. then I'll never speak to you again.

You are the only one I made an effort to send a letter today, because..

Because I do believe you're the one person whom I hurt the most.

You're the one person who also hurt me.

And you're the only person of whom I opened up to.

I am really, really sorry for being a devil, for being mean, but let me tell you this.

I just did that because you're one person whom I can express my feelings on; when I'm mad, I just hurt you, when I'm sad, I don't tell you, and when I'm feeling something; something in my heart that tells me to speak to you..

I don't. I don't open my mouth and go "blah" just to chat with you, even if I myself want to.

The truth is, I can't tell you anything in words. I can't tell you anything, only when it's a special day.

I, Mashiro Rima, am a coward. And I'm sorry for it. But as you read this message right now, I am going to tell you, I was wrong.

Wrong about what I do.

But it's in my instinct. I can't help it. There's this feeling deep down, that makes me want to smile and tell you everything I've been throwing at myself. All these words, feelings, all these things..

I would like to know what it is. I would like to tell you what it is. But the problem is, this feeling.. This feeling won't let me find itself.

That happens; even if it's all like this. This new feeling keeps on hurting that light emotion inside me, telling me to stop it. To stop being of relation to you.

It tells me that someday, I should say to myself, these memories will fade away.

You will fade away.

Parfait would just be an ordinary dessert.

Violet hair wouldn't make me go jump anymore.

I would wonder what sparkles meant to me.

And, lastly, I'll stare at this picture, with a beautiful kimono-wearing dancer, the cherry blossom fan making me struggle to remember;

Why did I love you?

Happy Birthday, my little crossdresser.


Mashiro Rima.

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I know it's short, but I just went derp.

Anyway, this is is for our favourite Nagi's Birthday!

Advanced Happy Birthday! :)

His birthday's on July 4.

A Happy Birthday to youuuuu! ~

Hee, oh, and hi, everyone !

It's my first story. Hope we can be friends!~

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