A/N: heyyy it's us again, me and Chelsea back with another story! Okay, this one works like this: there's two girls, jenna and Nichole, they're best friends and they both move to forks. Nichole's parents are jenna and her brother, Jason, legal guardians as her parents died in a car crash. It's a little confusing, but it'll be explained better in the story. Give it a chance? Oh, and Jacob and Sam's pack are together again, with Sam as the alpha.

Vacationing is fun! Well to me. You get to tour the place, hang out and tonnes of other perks. I also was travelling with my best friend! The only downside was that my annoying twin brother Jason was coming along.

I suppose i should introduce myself. My name's Jenna and I have a twin brother, . Our parents died in this freak car accident. It's a funny story actually. See, they were on this romantic vacation, somewhere up on a mountain, and while they were driving back down, they saw a dead body on the ground in front of them. So they got out of their truck to check it out. But my forgetful dad forgot to put the brakes on and the truck started to roll downhill towards them. It hit them and knocked them over the edge, but the truck survived. Great, huh?

I was only six when that happened. So, my best friend, Nichole's, parents adopted Jason and i, and we've been living with them ever since. Now, we decided to take a family vacation to forks, a random place in the middle of nowhere. Sounded fun!

So, back from the beginning. We took a plane from Manhattan (where we live) to Port angeles, and got in a cab for one hour. The whole time, Nichole and I were annoying Jason, like the immature 16-year olds we were.

We got to the little house we rented for the weekend. Lisa and Ivan (my legal guardians and Nichole's parents) were the total adventurous kind, they hated hotels and motels and all that. They had the money, so they used it. I loved that attitude.

The house we rented was pretty small, which was the first thing Jason pointed out when he got out of the car. This resulted in me kicking him, and him kicking me back and so on and so forth. Well, he was being extremely rude.

We unloaded our luggage from the cab, paid the fare and headed inside. Me and Nichole shared a room, Jason got his own tiny little room, and Lisa and Ivan got the biggest room. We started to unpack.

The first day itself we decided that Forks was a rainy bore. So the three of us got into a cab and asked the driver to take us to the nearest sunny place, which turned out to be a place called La Push. He drove past a forested area, and i demanded out. Forests were cool places to explore.

We paid the fare and stumbled out. "Remind me again, why are we in this dump?" Jason said.

"Shut up idiot. Forests are great places. Some unwanted people could get lost. I wonder..." I replied, looking pointedly at Jason as I said that. He flipped me before heading into the forest. Me and Nichole exchanged a glance and started cracking up. Again, immature 16-year olds.

We trekked through the forest, and came out somewhere, behind some dude's house. There were a bunch of dudes fooling around. Ohmygod. They were shirtless and holy mother of jesus, those were some abs!

One of them noticed us and was just staring at Nichole. I nudged her and nodded my head in his direction. She had this weird expression on her face like "what?" Another one turned around, and started laughing at the dude who was staring at Nichole. He called the other dudes and they were cracking up at the first guy. Except one. Who was staring at me. How weird. I mean, how many days do you have when weird shirtless dudes who look like they're on steroids start staring at you and your best friend? Not many, i suppose.

Was i supposed to say something? I felt so awkward standing there with a complete stranger staring at me.

"Uh, hi?" i said. "We're sorta lost, so um where exactly are we?" Nichole gave me a weird look.

"You're at Jacob backyard," one of the guys said, with mock seriousness.

"Yeah, thanks dude, real helpful," I said sarcastically.

"You're in La Push. More helpful?" he said, smiling now.

"Much better. That wasn't so hard, now was it?" I replied sweetly.

"Yes, actually it was," he retorted. I gave him a glare. "Okay, okay. Hey, i'm Paul. And you are?"

"Jenna. And this is my best friend, Nichole, and my idiot brother, Jason. We're in forks for vacation, but the rain and... it's just icky," i introduced ourselves.

"Sweet choice man!" he replied.

"yeah, thanks,"

"well, bye!" Nichole said.

"Bye? Come on, these guys seem nice! And hot" i whispered to her. Those dudes started laughing. Wait, they couldn't have heard me, could they? We were too far away from them!

"So, you guys wanna get a tour of La Push?" Paul offered, smiling madly. Another dude- the one that was staring at me- gave him a glare. What was his problem?

"Sure, i'd love that!" i said enthusiastically.

Later, i learnt that the dude that was staring at me? Yeah, his name was Seth. And the dude that was staring at Nichole? His name was Embry. They were kinda uncommon names. And by later i meant two seconds later. The rest of them were Jacob, we were in his backyard, Sam, Jared, Collin, Quil and Brady. And of course, Paul.

We went down to the beach. Seth was walking next to me, which was kinda weird. Nichole and Embry were getting along really well.

"So... uh... how old are you?" i asked him after a long awkward pause.

"I'm 16. What about you?" he replied cheerfully.

"Really? You look... well, not 16," i said, laughing. Most 16 year olds don't have such an impressive 6 pack.

"Well, how old do I look?" he asked smiling really hard now. It was kinda scary.

"Uh... i don't know" i faltered. I really didn't know. He looked like one of those people that you can't guess their age.

"Okay, so Jenna, right?" he asked. When i nodded he continued. "where you from?"

"New York. Manhattan to be exact. I'm just here on vacation," I replied. His reaction was weird. His hands clenched into fists and his mouth dropped open. His eyes opened wide and he started trembling. Like, what? How strange.

"Dude, you okay?" I asked nervously.

"yeah, yeah i'm fine," he said his voice strained. "Just... uh, distract me, tell me about yourself," he continued in that same tone.

"Okay..." I said awkwardly. "well, I have this stupid brother, who's up ahead talking to Paul, and my best friend is Nichole, who's talking to Embry. My brother and I live with her and her parents. We've been doing that ever since we were six," I blabbered.

"Why?" he said that with real concern. I seriously have no comments for that.

"My parents uh died in this freak car accident thing. Yeah..." I said tentatively.

"Jenna, I am so sorry," he said softly.

"It's okay, I barely remember them. Sides, it's not your fault. Right?" I pretended to be angry and glared up at him. And by up I really mean up. He was so tall.

"What? No, course not! I'm not a murderer!" he said defensively. I laughed, and he laughed along with me.

The rest of the day was really fun. We hung out at the beach and bought ice-creams, because they simply rock, and did nothing at all. When we got back to the house, Lisa was in the kitchen cooking dinner and Ian was up in his room doing god knows what.

"Hey kids! You guys missed lunch, didn't you? Wait, what time did we get here?" Lisa asked. She was such a scatterbrain, she wouldn't know we were gone if we went missing for a week.

"Oh, it's cool, we met some kids from the reservation, La Push and hung out with them the whole day," Nichole said breezily.

"Well, that was nice." Lisa said, getting out some dishes. Then Ian came down finally.

"They weren't guys were there?" Gosh, he was just so….. Dad-ish. That is the only part I'm not really mad about.

"Geez dad, what were you doing? Eavesdropping?" Nichole said rolling her eyes.

Ian then went all buggy-eyed. He tends to do that to extort answers out of us. "Were there?"

"Yes, yes there were, six or seven, happy?"

We both went' up to the room and I started "wow, you really lucky to escape this time."

"yeah okay, lets talk about the boys. That Seth dude has the hots for you." Nichole said, raising her eyebrow.

"Maybe. He is hot…" I muttered.

That night, I was tossing and turning in bed. I felt cold and feverish, and my body ached. But I'm sure its nothing.

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