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"So… this is where the vampires live?" I said, as me and Embry wondered through the forest. It did kind of stink a little like Dr. Cullen.

"Well, technically, but this is their backyard. And I think vampire training is in session right now… " he said, as his eyes scooted form left to right.

"You can train yourself to be a vampire?" I ask incredulously.

If I could, then it would be so cool to be a were vampire.

"No. they get bitten, like Hollywood and that's the only part they got right." He laughed.

"So, why do they need training?"

"they are extremely fast and strong and some of the have additional powers. Like… uh.. Sparkling. Wait all vampires do that. They can read minds and stuff. Well only some. "

"that is so cool! I so want to be one. Well, just for the mind reading stuff. we're strong and fast too."

"no. if a vampire bites you, you die. Their venom makes humans become vampires, but it acts as poison to werewolves." He said solemnly.

I kept quiet. He's obviously upset that I even said that. he looked at his watch and his expression suddenly changed.

"Em? You okay?" I looked up at him.

"yeah, but we're going to be late if we keep staying here."

"late for what?"

"You and Jenna's very first werewolf-council-meeting-bonfire. Or something like that."

But the word bonfire caught me. that is super cool. I have never been to one.

"lets talk in the car, first lets go!" Embry said suddenly with a burst of energy.

Then he let go of my hand and then swept me off my feet and carried me. and I mean swept me off literally. Then he began running. Really fast.

We reached the bonfire in about three minutes.

He set me down gently .

"you okay?" he asked concerned.

I was laughing,

"yes I am! That was really fun, we should do it more often! But you know I can do that too right?"

"yes. But I'm faster!" he teased.

"No I am!" I reorted. But then I saw Jenna.

"Nicky!" she screamed.

"Jenna!" I screamed back. It's a best friend thing. And plus, I actually missed her. We barely talked. Like since we are with people.

We hugged and then I heard Paul say, "get a room".

That pissed me off, but it was worse for Jenna.

Her muscles tensed and I could see that she was annoyed.

And then they were fighting like verbally at first, then it got physical. Sort of anyway. They cut it out like in like ten seconds after phasing.

I totally had to calm Jenna down, I mean she's getting even more short tempered than me now.

And it also took me a lot of time before I realized we weren't at the bonfire site yet. And well, we did get there late.

And there was Collin, and senior Quil and stuff.

They told stories about the vampires and kept saying hold up. I mean why would they hate the vamipres?

They're actually kind of cool.

"Embry, can I go fighting vampires sometime?" I asked.

"No. you haven't even phased yet. Its too dangerous." He said, without even thinking .

"Dude, can you at least think for a second? Like, isn't is cool to fight off vampires? And yeah know I haven't phased but so? I can wait."

"look, not yet, not now. But if you're stronger, i'll. No, I can't okay? Its still very dangerous. Jacob broke every bone because of them" he sighed.

Looks like Jenna was in the same situation as me too. So I suggested to her that we go, without the boys. And well, she thought the same too. No one stops me from getting what I want.

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