My dear, faithful readers,

I know and acknowledge that I have been a bad author recently and I apologise. But, you see dear readers, my teachers went to hell and brought back some horrible torture methods called assesments and homework. Which they unleashed upon us innocent, teacher fearing students... ok.. maybe not so innocent and I fear the teachers as much as sharks fear plankton so let us cut to the chase. I have a cunning plan. Monday will be my new update day. It will be an official day of updating for all my stories. I may add new chapters on other days should listening to my maths teacher drone on about stuff I really don't give a damn about prove too mind numbingly boring and I once again fill my maths book with fanfiction writing. If you can't wait till monday for my Rose and Dimitri adventures I have a challenge for you. Design a character. Give me a name, description, what ever you want and I will pick my favourites and add them to the mix. You know you want too... also, on I have an account and my own writing going on, a completely independent story with something for all you A Thousand Pieces fans, in my new story called Legends on ... LUCIAN LIVES ON! Yes, my dream character has his romantic life with Selene Monroe, not me... * sob *

Another question for you. Do you want me to post pictures of my sketches of my characters on my profile? I promise I am a good sketcher, I am in the top art class, so, review, message I don't know how, just tell me if I should.

Now, last but certainly not least, I want to give a shout out a reader called deliciouse. Thank-you for your awesome reviews, made my day!

Link for my profile : .com/u/729727/Rogue-Angel-Gem

I need you guys to tell me what you think for that one as I am entering it into a writing competion that could win me a publishing contract and yours truly could become an actual, legal, official author at the ripe age of my teenage -ness. I know you love me enough to care and if you don't have a fictionpress account, tell me what you think via fanfiction, just make sure you tell me beforehand so I don't get confused =P

Updates on mondays begin next week, but tomorrow will have some updates to keep you happy.

Good night all, happy reading,


Gem xXxoOoxXx

p.s – my dp (display pic) on fp (fictionpress) was drawn by me =D