Chapter 70: Madara's Attack Part 2

Naruto groped at his chest, his jaw muscles clenching. He drew in a big breath and exhaled it with a huff. "You've gone too far." He formed a cross with his fore and middle fingers—his all too familiar ninjutsu seal. "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," he muttered. Blood trickled down his nose as he created a huge army of himself, on land and on air. His vision blurred for a moment because of the strain. The white of his left eye turned to black, its iris red. "I'll let your hatred into me, Fox, but let me control my body. Devour me afterwards, I don't care. Just let me kill him with a sane mind." The growl of the Nine-tailed Fox echoed in his head. His eyes hardened as he raised his hand. Then he let it fall towards Madara. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Kamikaze!" The first squad of his aerial battalion disengaged and plunged towards the south wall.

"Oi, oi. Is he serious? He'll detonate eleven bombs?" But Shitto's grin was wide. "Are you going to turn your back on his invitation?"

Madara stared at the eleven clones. "You should be running by now."

Shitto laughed. "Why should I? He's just a kid."

It was the biggest explosion that morning. The blast left burned corpses on the ground. Shitto was standing on a metal pipe, Madara on a column carved off the wall by the explosion.

"Hahahaha, let me handle him, Madara. Give him to me," Shitto said. The glint of bloodlust peeked out from his narrow eyes. "I did not have enough of him the last time. The old guy…that old guy always comes in at the best part—"

Another but smaller explosion. A single Kamikaze that was way too fast. Shitto could not help but gape in wonder. "Did you see that?"

"Another one is coming."

The mirth disappeared from Shitto's face. "Enough." A huge hole appeared on the attacking clone's torso. The detached part flew towards the battalion of Naruto's air surfers and exploded, annihilating three squads. The culprit was a bald man in his thirties. His eyes were nothing but two holes, his lips a set of perpetual downward curve. Beneath the man's gray, blood deprived skin, his well toned muscles bulged. This man was Yushin Taga, the creator of the Iron Fist.

Madara eyed the legendary hero of the Yushin Temple. Like the Saiga Sharingan, the ascetic monk was a mythical figure.

"The world exists in opposites. How about meeting one of your ancestors, Uchiha Madara?" Shitto raised his left hand. The fabric of space shook and out from it walked a fair woman, dead but still fair. She wore a white robe that went down to her feet. If Yushin looked hard, she looked graceful. Her eyes had long melted. Her skin had long been gray. But no one would deny she had once captured the hearts of men. Standing in front of the mad puppeteer was the only woman to practice martial arts in the era when beauty had been a curse. Her name was Yuugato Sana, the inventor of the Gentle Fist.

Both warriors had died young, but they had changed the world forever.

"I don't know," Shitto said, "why the greatest always die young."

Madara looked on, thinking, I might have met someone crazier than Orochimaru.

He did not know if it was the disintegration of Reiko's limiting seal or it was the Fox's contaminated chakra. It was giving him tremendous pain. Back in Hensen no Kuusho, where he had trained with the Hokages, he had experienced, after each sparring, a level of pain similar to being burned. But that pain had been a physiological reaction of his flesh to the damage inflicted to his mind. This pain was the actual pain his brain transmitted to him because a large amount of damage was being inflicted to his flesh. And in Hensen no Kuusho, he had had the luxury of falling into unconsciousness without worry. Right now, he had to endure all this pain standing and awake.

"Madara…" he hissed, and attacked. He refrained from using the Fox's chakra; he would reserve it for later. Instead, he changed into Sage Mode. The red streaks appeared around his eyes. His clones made a path for him by using Rasengan on the walking corpses. Their attention was on him now, like metal shavings following a magnet. He could feel Shitto watching him, but his focus was on Madara alone. When at last he summoned his surfboard to fly, Shitto made his move.

Yushin Taga darted towards Naruto. Eyes wide in bewilderment, he tried to block the monk's fist, but it proved futile. He lost his surfboard and crashed into a building. He had fought with Rock Lee and Momoko a hundred times. Both were Taijutsu experts and revered in Konoha for their power and speed. Thing was, he could catch up with their movements. He could not see this monk's.

Yushin Taga jumped to the air to deliver another blow. Naruto summoned Akira, his red samurai frog. The frog began an upward slash with his sword, hoping to catch Yushin as he landed. But the monk rolled over the sword in midair and successfully delivered a back fist into the back of Akira's head. The frog was fast enough to avoid a fatal hit, but he was critically injured. "Sorry, boss," he said as he puffed into smoke.

Momentarily out of balance, Yushin Taga needed to set his footing first before he could attack again. Naruto had seen Minato do this before. He reacted immediately and bit his thumb. "Summoning Technique: Queen of Serpents!" The giant snake, feared by all of Sanmyaku, rushed towards Yushin Taga. Then suddenly, she just went flying to the air, ending up destroying a part of the south wall. Yuugato Sana stood beside Yushin Taga. She had used only one hand to parry away the snake's attack. Naruto could not move in disbelief.

"The difference between a master and a creator is this: authority," Shitto said. "For a master, the technique is everything. But for a creator, it's just a mere tool."

Feeling helpless for the first time since he had attained Shihai, he could only summon Bakuryu to take him away from the two monsters. They ran to the wall of the second district.

"Master, are you alright?" the black wolf asked.

Tears of frustration ran down Naruto's cheeks. He began to have regrets about letting go of Yumiko. "I should have completed Yuujo. This would have been a piece of cake."

"What are you saying? Master, you made the right choice—"

Naruto cut Bakuryu off with a growl. "You don't understand." He struggled to get up, black and gold eyes blazing. He glared at the black-clad figure of Madara atop the column of rubble. The masked Uchiha had yet to move from the spot. "I can't let this go on."

Naruto threw a tagged kunai at Yushin Taga. The monk waited. It was a cute attack to dodge. Shitto would just let it happen. Naruto was proving to be unworthy of his excitement. Then Naruto disappeared and reappeared in front of Yushin Taga. It was not his father's Flying Thunder God. It was an innovation of his Beast's Portal's. He cocked his fist and called out, "Sage Art: Wind Sphere Shockwave!" Naruto had been quick, but Yushin Taga's speed was on another level. He outraced Naruto by an eighth of a second and dodged. Naruto smiled. It was a part of his diversion. The ground beneath Yushin Taga became puddles of mud. Two pairs of hands shot up from the mud and grabbed the monk's ankles. "Your head is mine!" Naruto yelled as he attacked with a Reverse Rasengan. As his sure kill attack closed in, his peripheral vision caught a subtle movement beside him. Then he was flying. He was not sure what exactly had happened. He rolled on the ground and ended up staring at the sky. Why can't I even touch them? He pushed himself on time to see Yushin Taga kicking the ground, destroying his clones and creating a crater. Sana was eerily watching him with a sad expression.

That look on her face fueled his anger. He stood up, called his surfboard, and then soared to the sky. When he reached his desired altitude, he raised his hands and began creating an Ultimate Rasengan.

"This boy has gone berserk," Shitto observed. "I don't know what he is trying to do, but I feel it will be dangerous if left unchecked."

Yushin Taga stood low and then delivered a devastating kick at Sana. Sana gracefully caught the kick in a spiral. The monk rolled like a rag doll in her dance. Then, with a sweeping turn, she changed the direction of the kick, sending the monk skyward. Yushin Taga reached Naruto and sent him to the ground with a hammer blow. The ground exploded.

Naruto's left cheek had caved in. His right arm was hideously twisted. The Fox fixed him up right away, but the implication was enough. The two founders of Taijutsu were too much for him. He had no choice but to be in Demon Fox Mode. Clutching at his heart, he looked at the two martial artists, wondering if even that would be enough. He had completely forgotten how he had won against the four Hokages…and that he could die if he used the Demon Fox Mode.