Chapter 71: Madara's Attack Part 3

The sensation intruded Karin's consciousness without warning. It was the same feeling that had petrified her at Killer Bee's funeral. She knew no one else who possessed such darkness. The darkness was pure and made her skin crawl. Karin whipped her head around and looked over her shoulder. Her expression was filled with worry.

She began running. "Kushina-san! Kushina-san!" Frantically, she looked around.

Soldiers were busy fighting off the invading zombies. They were being pushed back. Every minute the number of the enemy grew.

It must be that damn tree! It must be resurrecting the dead! She stopped in the middle of the street and shouted, "Kushina-san, where are you?" Damn it! We should've stuck together! Chakra exchanges are happening all around. I cannot pinpoint her chakra amidst this chaos. "Kushina-san!"

Akito had divided them into two groups. Karin, Kushina, Kalua, and Aika had been tasked to assist in Ajit's evacuation, while Akito, Karui, Setsuko, and Katsuo would go and help Naruto. Akito's team had already left a long time ago, so they should be there by now, except if they had gotten stuck fighting through the undead or, knock on wood, something had happened that made Naruto this desperate. Either way, I should find that dumb woman fast!


"Show yourself to me."

Naruto opened his eyes. As a parting gift, the Hakke Fuin, who had taken his father's appearance at the last moment of its life, had left a small sealed dome inside the Fox's cage. Naruto was there right now.

Naruto could see that the place had deteriorated immensely. The cage, which had contained a panoramic landscape before, was now just an eerie space of gray and black clouds.

"Show yourself to me."

A deep silence fell, and then there it was. The Kyuubi, ugly, black, and repulsive, lunged at the dome. Using its disfigured snout, it tried to bite its way to him. Naruto did not flinch or tried to retreat. Instead, he looked up at it. He was thinking he might regret what he was about to do, but he had no choice. He knew he would resort to using the Kyuubi's chakra sooner or later. It just happened that it had to be now. A small hesitation still lingered in his mind, but it would fade. He was sure it would fade. He watched the angry apparition for a long time. It seemed years.

Shitto gaped like a child watching a street magician gobble up a live rat. He could not hide his excitement. "Well, look at that! This is terrific! Hahaha! Madara, don't you dare intrude. I want to crush that brat myself."

A whirlpool of dirt had begun swirling around Naruto. The clouds above him started to spin. The wind whipped in anger, decapitating some zombies and hurling small carts.

"Give them eyes, Madara," Shitto said. "Sana and Yushin Taga cannot use their full potential if I keep deciding for them. Give them the best you have."

An empirical scientist since birth, Madara did not waste this chance to experiment. He summoned two glass cylinders from his collection: one container had gray eyes, one had pure black. He floated down behind the two Taijutsu creators, raising the cylinders at their heads. His Sharingan rotated to form the Mangekyou. "Mangekyou Doujutsu: Eye Implant!" The eyes in the containers disappeared and grew out from the empty sockets of Yushin and Sana. Sana got the black ones while Yushin received the gray. "Let us see how you will fare—the Byakugan for the Iron Fist and Sharingan for the Soft."

Slowly, the bodies of the dead martial artists changed. Their skin regained color. Their breath returned. Their heart pumped and blood flowed through their veins. "Come and wake up from your deep slumber, oh Mighty Ones." Madara poked their napes with his forefingers. "Mangekyou Doujutsu: Breach from the Underworld!"

This was a technique where the dead were revived completely, but with the following conditions. First, the original body of the receiver should have been preserved, complete with its stagnant supply of chakra. This was something accepted throughout the world as impossible to acquire. Chakra immediately disappeared with one's last breath. Madara, himself, had not expected that he would be using the Uchiha's legendary Doujutsu. Even the Nidaime Tobirama Senju had been well aware of this that he had created an alternative method, the Impure World Resurrection. The second condition was that a pair of Kekkai Genkai eyes should be implanted into the body of the receiver. These would act as the conduit for the user's chakra and as activator of the receiver's sleeping Tenketsu. Last, the user must sacrifice his pair of Sharingan as payment to the Death God. It was a once in a lifetime forbidden technique. Madara had the luxury of using this technique repeatedly since he only needed a perfect receiver. He had a bank of eyes at his disposal.

Yushin looked at his revived hands incredulously. A furious grin stretched his mouth. He looked up and roared at the sky.

"A man! Get away from me!" Sana shrieked, tears welling from her eyes. With her hands covering her small breasts and an apprehensive expression on her face, she looked rather cute.

Madara turned to Shitto and said, "How will you keep them on our side?"

"I got it covered. I put a seal on their Amygdala that commands them to protect us. It contains a suggestion that if they disobey, they will perish."

Madara stared into Sana's eyes. His eyes were now lifeless. Sana stared back for a time, but she pulled her eyes away.

"I know!" she said. "I understand, okay? Just keep your distance from me. You're disgusting."

Madara could not help but laugh. "I did not know that the great creator of Gentle Fist was afraid of men."

"I might have been forced to protect you, but I'd rather die killing you than let you touch me!"

Madara laughed some more before he went back to his perch.

"What a rude man!" Sana said. She turned and noticed Yushin Taga watching her. "What are you looking at?"

"So you are the creator of Gentle Fist," he said. "Care for a spar?"

"Unfortunately, we don't have time for that," Shitto said. "We have a busy day ahead. And let me remind you. That kid over there is mine."

"No problem, boss. Hahahaha!"

"Is that a man? He's all yours." Sana slipped on red leather gauntlets that she always kept with her. On the other hand, Yushin pulled the rope from his waist and wound it around his right fist.

"So you have this kind of ritual, too?" Yushin said.

"I just don't like being touched. I can easily cover my fingers with chakra, but doing it on my arms is troublesome."

Yushin Taga looked around. "Such a creepy bunch. These people don't have chakra on them."

"The fact that we were revived is already creepy enough, but to think that we will be fighting along with these dead warriors," Sana glared at Shitto and Madara one at a time, "is pushing it too far. I haven't felt this disgusted in a long time."

"It seems you're fond of the word 'disgusted.' Did some emperor somehow make you his sex slave?"

"Did you think I would have gotten this famous and my Gentle Fist if somebody had his way with me? I just don't like the way those women looked when those demons took advantage of them. You had it rough, too, right? Because you were attracting too many followers, your village was destroyed."

"Ah, the era where beauty had been a curse," he said, ignoring her last remark. "So tell me, are you still a virgin?"

Suddenly, Sana was in front of Yushin. Yushin tried to step back, but this reaction was a mistake. He flew spinning in the air. He landed hard on the ground.

"Hahaha! How did you do that? How could you throw me with that small body of yours?" Yushin said as he was getting up. I don't understand how she did it, but she used my weight against me as I shifted my center of gravity. It was just a split second, but she calculated and predicted the directions and magnitudes of forces acting on me in that short amount of time. This woman…is that why she was reputed as the "untouchable" lady?

"If you will fight me, it's better if you don't move at all," Sana said.

"A defense specialist, I see. But how will you protect these two if you do not attack?"

Sana grinned. "I have plenty of ways, muscle head."


Naruto saw in his mind the bloody state in which Yori had been. This flared his anger even more. I've decided. You will be mine, Kyuubi. I will use you to destroy the root of all this misfortune. He punched the dome, and it shook.

"We're walking in circles," Akane the Healer said. It was true. Since their revival, they had not progressed much with their journey. No one knew how many times they had come back to their caskets. "I know this will be frustrating to accept, but I think that we are somehow bound to the Temple of Preservation."

"Let's try again," Yumiko said. The fire in her eyes had not died yet. She was determined to be out of here and be with her Jinchuuriki again. "Amaya—"

"It will not work. Yumiko, this temple should be breached from the outside. I think this place was designed to keep the dead from leaving."

"But we're alive!" Yumiko said, teary-eyed. Even the impassive assassin Toshiko was taken aback by that expression on her face. Every one of them knew how the Crimson Queen had been. This was a little out of character. Akane—so mean!—had to turn around to stop herself from laughing. "Please. Maybe this time you can summon us to a Beast's World."

"I'm sorry, Yumiko," Amaya said. "This place is completely isolated from any other world."

"Hey, wait. What's that?" Akane said. She was looking at the sky. A whirlpool had begun forming in it. Without another word, Yumiko dashed towards the disturbance. Akane ignored her. "You two, do you feel it?"

"This darkness is so deep," Toshiko said.

"This is the Crimson Queen's hatred," Amaya said. "Something must be happening to her Jinchuuriki. Anyway, let's get going."

The whirlpool had formed into a tornado outside of the thick forest. Yumiko was standing in front of it. She looked back at them, tears flowing down her beautiful face. "He's calling me. He needs me. I'm going." She ran towards the massive cyclone with all her might.

"Wait, Yumiko!" Akane called out. "Don't be hasty! Hey! Shit! That's why I hate to fall in love!"

And thus, Amaya the Iron Forger, Toshiko the Stealth Death, and Akane the Healer ran after Yumiko whose back was fading fast.