Chapter 76: Madara's Attack Part 8

Smoke and dust covered the area once more. Yushin Taga had been thrown into the iron wall, forearms and shins badly burned. Before the explosion, he had curled into a ball to protect himself, but the impact and the heat had still managed to injure him.

Madara thought hard. He knew something was not adding up. How could the woman escape one of his best immobilizing techniques, his Shinketsu? One drop of his blood was enough to paralyze his victim. He could bind a potent amount of chakra into a micro liter of his plasma and mess with the electrical signals of his target's nervous system. Only people like Hashirama, who had monster-like regeneration ability, and those who possessed a Kekkai were invulnerable to this technique. So what did the woman do?

But thinking was not an option for him right now. Time was running out. The Heretic Demon Statue was not making any progress. He had to do it himself if he wanted to get near Naruto. Leaving Sana and Yushin Taga to deal with the assassin and the woman with the black sword, he went inside the cage with his dimensional technique and aimed straight for Naruto. But it did not go smoothly for him. He found himself surrounded by swords of different shapes, stuck to the ground like stakes.

"I'm a teleportation master, if you should know," the tanned woman said. He immediately felt an ominous feeling wrapping itself around him. The way the swords were spread and the tags on their hilts said so much. It was like being taken back in time, the day he had made his first attempt to destroy Konoha with the Kyuubi. It eerily resembled Minato's Hiraishin. His suspicion was affirmed when the tanned woman suddenly disappeared from his sight and appeared in front of him with a big sword pulled back for a slash. He activated his dimensional distortion, making the blade pass through him. Like he had done to Minato, he would time her approach and attack as soon as the blade had gone through his body. But this never happened. As soon as the sword passed through his body, the woman disappeared again. Now he found himself being attacked from his left with a thin sword. It would take two more seconds to reactivate his dimensional distortion, so he dodged with his sheer speed. The woman pursued him using the thin sword. He evaded her thrusts as fast as he could, but as she was in the offensive, she had the advantage. Madara picked up a katana and tried to parry the woman's attack. Their exchange was fierce. They were matched in speed and ability, but the woman proved to be stronger than him, physically. He found himself backing away at her every strike.

Then he chanced upon a good break. Sacrificing a wound to his shoulder, he used the inevitable pause to shoot Amaterasu at the woman. The woman easily dodged, but she could not prevent the black flames from licking the iron cage. A part of the roof melted. The demon statue stuck its hand into the hole and reached for Naruto. The tanned woman hastily teleported and stopped the demon statue by impaling its hand with a large sword. The demon statue roared. Seeing a chance in the confusion, Madara sucked himself into his mask.

"Akane, he's coming!"

"But I don't know how to fight!"

"Think of something! My hands are full right now!"

Madara materialized two arms length away from Naruto. But this proximity did not mean that everything would go his way from then on. Chakra chains shot out from Naruto's body like ghosts. Because of its suddenness, Madara had to physically evade.

"Amaya! Let me handle that monster! Concentrate on pulling the Kyuubi out!"

"Are you crazy?! You will disappear if you lose more chakra!"

The chakra chains converged to form a huge harpoon and drilled its way through the demon statue's stomach. Then smaller chains bound the demon statue's limbs, torso, and head to the ground. Now the giant was sprawled, unable even to lift its face to vent its frustration.

"Protect my son," Kushina said, before she went out through the hole on the cage and knelt down on the demon statue's chest.

"Hey!" Amaya called out, but Kushina ignored everything. She had already begun to chant a powerful sealing technique to imprison the demon statue and the tailed beasts inside it in an abyss no one knew where.

"Damn it, Kushina!" Amaya said.

Madara saw the scene and his eyes bulged. His feet weakly walked towards his fallen demon statue. No, no, no! Why did everything have to be so difficult? Why did everyone want to obstruct him from attaining his perfect peace? His face contorted into an ugly snarl. Naruto was so near. Why should this happen now? I'll kill you. I'll kill you. I'll kill you all!

Madara appeared from nothingness, fingers poised like talons above Kushina's head. But before he could do so much as touch a strand of her beautiful red hair, something white hit him in the face. He staggered back. It turned out to be the white haired kid that had stood inside the cage with the women. A stream of blood was flowing across her beautiful face and she was holding her hands, which were covered with knife-like chakra, in front of her petite body. She was glaring at him with quiet determination, but he could feel the fear emanating from her.

"Are you sure you don't want to get out of my way? ARE YOU SURE?" The sudden swell of Madara's voice startled Akane, bringing forth tears to her eyes. Madara ran towards her. "You will be the first one—" Something stopped him from moving. When he looked down, two blades were protruding from his stomach. He just stared for a time, listening to the blood in his ears and the panting of the person behind him.

"You will not go further," Amaya said.

"Do you think you can stop me with this?" Madara said. He grasped the protruding blades and broke them. With a blinding speed, he whirled and threw the broken blades at Amaya. Amaya managed to dodge the first blade, but the other one caught her left thigh. She was amidst raising her head to look at Madara when the blow came. Madara had invoked Susanoo's sword and used this to sweep her towards the iron cage. Amaya lost consciousness.

"No! Amaya—"

"It's not the time to be worrying for someone else," Madara said, and then kicked Akane away. The girl's delicate body slumped in pain as she hit Amaya's iron wall. He was now using his dimensional distortion technique, indiscriminately. Madara teleported and caught Kushina' neck as she bent over to touch the ground with her palms. If he was a second later, it would have been over. The work he had put his life into would have been lost in an instant.

Kushina struggled to pull his hand away, but Madara gripped her neck tighter. "I learned a long time ago that an Uzumaki is always dangerous, but I have underestimated you over and over because you are natural fools. This turn of events shows who the fool really is and I admit. I should have killed you instead of letting the Fox do it for me. That way I would have been sure. But now, Uzumaki Kushina, I will not make the same mistake." Black flames covered his right hand. "Goodbye."