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Chapter 2 : His new family

"Hi, I'm Alyssa and this is Thomas" said Alyssa

"Alex, this is your new partner" said Blunt

"Hello Alyssa, Thomas, I'm Alex" Alex announced to his new partners

"I trust you were briefed on the way here ?" asked Blunt

"Yes Mr. Blunt" replied Alyssa

"You will be living with Alex for a tonight the we will give you the details of your assignment, goodbye"

As they left, Alex tried to start a conversation.

"So...How long have you been with ASIS ?" asked Alex

"I've been with them for two years now" responded Alyssa

"How are you really related to Thomas ?"

"He's my brother actually" Alex noted that she was shy

"And what's your story ?" he asked

"Story ?"

"Every spy has a story of how he or she got into the business"

"My story ? Well...My parents were in gangs and drugs, my Mum cheated on Dad and Thomas was the result. My Dad was drunk when he found out, he killed Mum and she told me to take Thomas and go to a shop in Sydney. It turned out that it was the ASIS HQ"

"Mumma" a voice came from Thomas

"Yes Tommy" came the awnser

"I hungry"

"OK honey, I'll ask Daddy if he knows a place to eat"

"There's a restuarant that's good for kids just round the corner" replied Alex without having to be asked

As they reached the car park Alex walked towards a four door saloon

They all got in the car and Alex started driving.

They entered the restuarant and sat down.

Soon a waiter arrived and they orded food.

Soon after, they left and arrived at Alex' house which had the Austrailiens bags in the hall.

Alex carried them upstairs whilst Tommy had a bath.

And they all went to sleep.