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Chapter 3 : Of to Hogwarts

The shouts of a little boy woke Alex

"Mumma, Daddy! Me want breakfast" shouted Tommy

Alex quickly ran to Tommy' room and shushed him

"I'll get you breakfast, just don't wake Mumma" pleaded Alex, knowing that Alyssa would want some sleep

"OK, Daddy"

They went downstairs and Alex got out some cereal for him and Tommy.

"So...Tommy, do you like me ?" asked Alex

"Of course I do, you're my Daddy"

Alex didn't think he would get used to being called Daddy.

"Thomas! Where are you? " Alex heard Alyssa shout as she ran down the stairs

"It's OK Alyssa, he's here. He was crying and I didn't want him to wake you" Alex explained

"Thanks Alex, I appreciate it, I just freaked out a bit"

"No problem" started Alex "We need to see Blunt though, unfortunately"

"Why don't you like Blunt ?" asked Alyssa

"I don't like him because, when my uncle died, he made me take his place at the age of 14 and after that I became MI6's secret weapon, any mission that I went on was a mission that other agents had tried and died on. For example on my 4thmission(skeleton key), the other two agents with me were killed and the enemy shot himself because I reminded him of his dead son and on my 6th mission(SCORPIA) I was shot 3 cm from the heart" Alex explained

"Oh" was all Alyssa had to say

Suddenly Tommy started crying

"I'm so sorry Daddy"

"It's OK Tommy, I'm fine now. Besides if I'd never been forced to do the missions, I would have never met you or Mumma" comforted Alex

Then the phone rang

Alyssa went to pick it up.

A few minutes later she returned.

"It was Blunt" Alex detected a small amount of contempt in her voice, the kind he often used when talking about Blunt but a bit smaller"He wants us to go to the bank and start our mission as soon as possible"

"OK, let's go"

As they arrived in Mr. Blunt's office.

"OK Alex, this mission will be one of your toughest yet" stated Blunt "And your cover has been dificult to create and there are some complications that we are going to sort out right now"

"What kind of complications, Alan ?" Alex asked sweetly

"Well.."Blunt looked embarrassed(Does that even happen?)"You two have to officially get married"

"What?" Alex and Alyssa almost screamed

"Yes, I know you're going to hate me-"

"Like I don't already" Alex muttered under his breath

"-, so I'm going to do this quickly" Blunt finished "Because I'm the head of MI6, I have the right to marry you in the eyes of the law, so please come before me"

Alex and Alyssa did as comanded as Blunt went through all the weding rites and then reached the I do's

"Do you, Alex Rider, take Alyssa Robinson to be your lawful wedded wife ?"

"I do" Alex responded

"And, do you, Alyssa Robinson take Alex Rider to be your lawful wedded husband ?"

"I do" responded Alyssa

"Then, you may kiss the bride"

Alex waited a moment, thinking about were this would lead, before kissing her lightly and then turning to face Blunt with a glare

"Yucky !" exclaimed Thomas and Alex chukcled lightly at that before his anger took over again

"Why did we have to get married ?"

"Because the most powerful wizards have a way of seeing if your telling the truth" explained Blunt

Okay, great, thought Alex

"You will be getting to Hogwarts on a train, look at this pillar" Blunt said as he showed a video.

Alex watched and saw people walk straight into it

"What do you want us to do ?" asked Alyssa

"If someone magical touches a muggle, thats what they call un-magical humans, while going through the walk way the humans will go through to" explained Blunt "You will wait there until somebody comes and tries to enter"

"And how do we know someone will come ?" asked Alyssa

"Well it's a school, so people will go at the start of the school year, today, that's why I asked you to come at 8 o'clock, the train leaves at 10, so you have about an hour and a half to get your gadgets and get to the station" explained Blunt

"Hello Alex !"

"Hello Mr. Smithers, let me introduce Alyssa and Thomas Rider"

"So you're Alex's wife, are you ?" asked Smithers

"Thanks to Mr. Blunt, I am" replied Alyssa

"Great, first, here are the rings, if you speak into your ring the other person with the ring will be able to hear you and if you twist it once on your finger you will be able to talk directly to Mr. Blunt" Smithers explained as he gave them there there rings

"Me want something pretty too" objected Tommy

"Here you go little fella, I got you something for you too" he said as he gave Tommy a picture book on wizards fairytales

"For you, Alex and you, Alyssa X-ray sunglasses" he said as he gave them the sunnies

"Your guns Alex" he said as he gave Alex his handgun and sniper rifle

"And for you Alyssa, this necklace has four different beads on it two green and two red, the green one's give off sleeping gas and the red one's explode when you take them off" explained Smithers "I've also packed all your clothes in some trunks plus some cloaks and smaller cloaks for Thomas"

"Thanks Smithers, you're the man" thanked Alex followed by Alyssa and Tommy

"You'd better go soon, it's already 9.30, and please come back safe and Alex, look after Alyssa"

"Don't worry , I will, I promise"

And Smithers knew that Alex would keep that promise, because a Rider always keeps their word.

They arrived at the station and waited at the pillar

"Daddy, Mummy. I'm tierd"

"How about you sleep then ?" Alyssa asked sweetly

"OK, Mumma"

"Alyssa! Quick, look !" Alex exclamed

Alyssa turned to see two people pushing trollies towards them

"OK, hide behind the pillar and as soon as they're about to go through grab hold of them with one hand and hold Tommy with the other, I'll do the same with the luggage" explained Alex

The plan worked and they both got through without anyone seeing.

"OK, all we have to do now is get on the train" Alex said

They got on the train and got into the students compartments and sat down, they were soon joined by three people, two boys and a girl. Suddenly the girl asked them a question :

"Aren't you a bit old to go to Hogwarts ?" she asked

"I'm actually going to teach there and Dumbledore has let me bring my wife and son" replied Alex

"Aren't you a bit young to have a son ?" asked the boy with orange hair

"Ron !"

"It's okay, we married quite young, but enough about me, what are your name's ?" asked Alex, wanting to get away from things that might blow his cover

"I'm Hermione Granger, this is Ronald Weasly and that is Harry Potter" Hermione introduced

"Hello, I'm Alex Rider, this is Alyssa Rider and on my wife's lap is Thomas Rider" Alex introduced

As everybody went to get changed into their Hogwarts robes, they arived in Hogsmead.