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'Inner sakura'


'inner sasuke'


Summary: The gang has graduated High School and are on their way to college at age 21. They haven't see each other all summer. What will happen now, with co-ed dorm rooms, bars, and new rivals? And what's this about Sakura's parents? Read to find out!

~~~~~~With Sakura~~~~~~

Walking down a hallway looking for her dorm a pink haired woman looked at the schedule she was holding. She was wearing a pair of white capris that tightened at the bottom, along with a light pink tank and white flip-flops.

"Where the heck is room A14 anyway! I mean there are like a million rooms in this school!"

She looked up to see a tall blonde boy with corneal blue eyes yelling at what must have been his scedule. She smiled as she recognized the voice and boy, and started walking up to him.

"Well let's see Naruto, I'm guessing its right in front of you." The pinkette said pointing at the door.

"Oh thanks Sakura-Chan." Naruto said not turning around to look at her. It was silent a minute as they just stood there.

"Wait Sakua-Chan!" The blonde turned around and hugged her. "I missed you, how was your summer!" Naruto said still amazed that it was really her.

"My summer was great Naruto I just can't wait to see Sasuke-Kun. I haven't seen him all summer." Sakura said pulling away from Naruto.

"I know what you mean I haven't seen Hinata-Chan either." He said now opening the door. "Where's your room at?"

"Well if you walk in I can go in mine too" She smirked as a huge grin came over the blonde's face.

"You mean we have the same room!" He yelled louder than before, causing others to look.

"Yes I do Naruto, so can we please go in my shoulders are starting to hurt." The pinkette said moving her shoulde showing how heavy her bag is.

The two walked in and looked around, The room consisted of a bathroom, two dresses, a closet, a desk with a chair, and three single beds. Sakura walked over and put her bag down on the bed in the middle, while Naruto took the one closest to the bathroom.

"Looks like we will have another room mate also." Sakura said, now unpacking her clothes and folding them into one of the dressers.

"Why do you say that Sakura?" Naruto said shoving clothes into the other dresser.

"Well Naruto why elsewould we have three beds." She said nodding her head towards the other bed.

"Oh yeah." He said rubbing he back of his head.

The door opened as a boy with black hair and onxy eyes walked in, and laid his bag on the other bed. He looked up and smirked, looking at the pinkette. Sakura turned towards the door and smiled, seeing the exact guy she wanted to.

"Yo! Teme! Long time no see!" Naruto said walking up to the said boy and holding a hand out for a high five. The dark haired man ignored the blonde's hand and continued looking at Sakura. "Hey Teme! You in there?"

"Hn, quiet down Dobe." The "Teme" said, as the blonde glared at him.

"Glad to see you again Sasuke-Kun." Sakura said walking up to him and hugging him, which he returned an pecked her on her forehead.

"Good to see you to Sakura, and glad I didn't get some stupid fangirl as my room mate. Even though I have to put up with the Dobe here." He said pulling away from Sakura and starts unpacking.

"This is unfair though! You guys get to share a room together, but I don't have Hina-Chan!" Naruto yelled sitting on his bed.

"Then go get a room change Dobe." Sasuke said, hanging his clothes up in the closet.

Naruto glared at the nickname that his best friend gave him, while Sakura picked up both the boys' and her schedules. She smiled looking at them and then set them back down, already memorizing all of them. She sat down on her bed watching her boyfriend hang his clothes.

"Hey Sakura-Chan what classes do we have together?" Naruto said looking over at the pinkette.

"Me, you, and Sasuke have three classes together and those are the only classes me and you have, while me and Sasuke have five classes together." The girl answered.

"You and teme always get more classes together." Naruto said glaring at his schedule.

"Sorry Naruto. Atleast we don't have classes today, and we can just relax." Sakura said trying to cheer him up.

"That's a good point Sakura-Chan! I'm going out to go look for Hinata-Chan, Bye!" The blonde yelled while running out the dorm.

"Some things never change" Sakura said smiling, as Sasuke finished putting his clothes away.

"Hn" Sasuke replied, letting her know he had heard her.

He laid down on his bed staring at the ceiling, Sakura got up and the laid down next to him. On instict he wrapped his arm around her waist an pulled her closer, as she snuggled closer to him.

"I really did miss you, and this Sasuke-Kun." Sakura said looking at his face.

"I did to Sakura, and no one is here to ruin i-" He was cut off as the door was thrown open.

"Hey Forehead and Sasu- Oh sorry didn't mean to interupt but the whole gang is meeting in the cafeteria." A girl with long blonde hair tied up in a pony tail said.

"Alright Ino-Pig, We will be down in a few." Sakura said sitting up, and the blonde walked out of the room.

"I guess we should head down there Sasuke." Sakura sid standing up and held her hand out for Sasuke to get up too.

"Hn" Sasuke said grabbing her hand and started walking down to the cafeteria.

They walked down to the cafeteria and saw a table with all their friends there. They walked over and started saying hello, and talking about their summers.

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