Chapter 2

[3 hours later]

"You're coming to school tomorrow?" Near threw his school bag to the brown sofa.

"I guess..." Matt took his vest and boots off before jumping to the couch and continue playing Kirby on his PSP. "Near, did you mess around with my Kirby again?"

"Oh, you know. I was so bored so..."

"Kirby's dying, Near! How dare, you?" He pointed at the only heart left which is Kirby's life.

"It's just a game character, Matt."

"Hey, don't say that!"

"Obsessed." Near paused. "I'm going to bed now."

"Fine. I'll sleep later."

"Don't sleep too late." The white haired kid said while closing the door to his room. Matt sighed and continue on playing. The apartment that he lived on is Near's. It's not like he couldn't afford one himself but, he just cannot take care of himself. If he can't even do that, how can he takes care of the place he lived on? Luckily, that current apartment has two bedroom so they don't have to share. When Matt was in the middle of his game, he dozed off. He's lifted his head up and stared into the ceiling with his mouth slightly parted.

He's now thinking of Mello...

"Oh, shit." Matt swore as he accidentally spilled the capuccino to his baggy jeans. "Hot, hot!" Mello quickly took a tissue and handed it to the redhead. But he just stared at the tissue, not knowing what to do. Mello sighed. He stood up and wiped Matt's pants. Mello might not noticed it but, Matt blushed a lot.

Oh yeah, Mello will make a fine wife...

As that words crossed Matt's mind, he gave himself a mental slap. What the hell! Mello is a guy. He then turned his PSP off, left it on the couch and get into the bedroom to get some rest... Probably tomorrow he will be as good as new, not imagining Mello anymore... Probably.


Matt stepped lazily into the classroom. Every eyes were on him, some girls giggled and whispered to each other while blushing. Some guys did some whispering without blushing, obviously. He sat on his seat next to the opened window. He looked down to the gate and he saw a familiar blonde. Mello was walking with some chicks. Matt's eyes widened and smacked his hands on the table, standing up.

Everyone was looking at him now...

How embarassing. Matt sat and tried to calm himself down. What is he getting so worked up for? After he regained his posture, he heard the bell rang and everyone on the gates started to run inside.

"Hey, Matt." Mello greeted.

"O-oh, hey." The redhead answered. "I saw you walking with Linda and her friends."

"Ah, I'm kinda lost my way here and they lead me." Mello sat behind Matt.

"I see."

As the teacher stepped into the classroom, chatter coming from students stopped altogether.


Matt is trying to catch his breath. He doesn't know where he's going to but, the most important thing is keep on running. Sweat starting to drop. The corridor was filled with the sound of footsteps and panting. Matt turned right and crashed with Mello.

"Shit!" He cursed. "I mean sorry." The redhead stood and looked around. He saw an opened door and he sneaked inside, putting his forefinger on his lips, a gesture so that Mello wouldn't tell anyone that he's there. Mello stayed quiet as he peeked on the turn. He saw someone was running over there. A light gasp escaped from his lips and he jumped into the room Matt's in, smashing the door closed.

What's unexpected is where he landed. His head was on Matt's groin. Matt moaned in pain and a little bit of strange pleasure?

"Sorry!" Mello blushed, trying to regain his posture. The redhead was kinda turned on by that touch so, he covered his groin as unsuspicious as he could. The room was so cramped and dark that they were forced to be in an uncomfortable situation where Matt was on left and Mello right side. Their arms and shoulder touched each other, skin on skin. They can't move or they'll drop something. It was a closet filled with brooms, mops, pails and some cleanser mixed with bleach smells. Definitely janitor closet.

They could hear someone outside, trying to open the closet but it doesn't work. Locked. As time goes by, the footsteps faded until there was no more. Matt breathed in relief and he stood up, his hands was on the lock and he tried to push the door but it doesn't work.

Click, click

Once again.

Click, click

"Mello, remind me to tell the school principal about the janitor closet's lock being such a rebel."

"If you remind me to remind you then I will remind you, remembering I have short memory out of school lessons."

Matt blinked twice, trying to digest Mello's sentence before his lips create an 'o' shape in understanding. "Jeez, why do you use such complicated words?"

"That just comes from my lips." Mello said.

"Why are you running away from Light as well?"

"I saw him kissing Ryuuzaki on the school backyard and he got all red when everyone knows about their relationship already. What about you?"

"I told him that I saw Beyond kissed Ryuuzaki yesterday. I insisted on my eyesight before he got mad at me."

"Okay. Now what should we do?" Mello asked, changing the topic.

"Don't know. Banging the door won't be any use and people barely walked here. So... we can only hope that Near noticed that we're missing and go looking for us."

"But then we're FORCED to get into such uncomfortable position except if we're standing up?"

"And get tired." Matt sat, on the cold floor with his back leaning on the wooden door. He spread his legs wide so he has room to breath but... it doesn't go well, actually. Mello's knee kept touching his member, making it hard. It was until Matt cannot hold it more longer and moaned. Matt realised it and slapped his hands on his mouth straightaway.

He cannot look at it because of the darkness whichh engulfed them but Mello was blushing. Quickly, the blonde lifted his knees, sitting like Ryuuzaki. It's no use either. His shoes touched Matt's members.

Oh, yes, sure. They can sit on the position you're thinking right now. Where Matt on North-East position and Mello South-West position. But neither of them could clear their brains and think clearly for the first 10 minutes of 'accidentally-touched-Matt's-dick'.

"Matt, do you realised we can sit like this...?" Mello shifted sideways and Matt still blush a lot with his member gotten so hard. Soon enough, they heard the bell rang.

The sound that made them looked at each other in horror.

The three seconds that made them froze in silence.

The high-pitched tone that made them drowned in the darkness more than before.

The last bell that day.

The school time was up.


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