Written for the Friendship Challenge

Characters given to me were Hannah Abbott and Percy Weasley

Special thanks to xakemii for beta-reading it and chucking out my stupid mistakes :)

He had been working in St Mungo's as a volunteer. He had made a lot of mistakes during the war, which had not only affected his family, but also the community, as a whole. This was his way to pay back the community.

He was stationed in the trauma department. It was odd, really. He had never really been good with people. He rarely talked, and making people feel better was not something that came to him naturally. But this was his way to remember Fred. Fred, who always wanted to make people happy, make people smile. His brother had died with a smile on his face, and he wanted to share that smile with everyone. Percy would make sure that his brother's last smile did not go in vain.

The only thing he never expected was to see an old, familiar face there. The girl had deep brown eyes, and as he took in her appearance, he felt he had seen her before. Never the one to approach through, he went back to his work, tending to patients and nurturing them back to good health.

She approached him later, when he was eating his lunch in the small cafeteria of the hospital.

"Percy Weasley, right?" she asked, her blonde hair bouncing behind her.

"Yes. I think you look familiar, but pardon me, I cannot remember your name," he replied, taking a sip of his cappuccino.

"Hannah Abbott. I was in your brother, Ron's, year."

Saying that, she sat down next to him - just like that - and began conversing as if they were century-old friends.

"You know, I have been working here at St Mungo's a little over six months and you're the first familiar face I have seen around as a colleague. You can't imagine how good it feels. You work as volunteer in the trauma department right? I'm assigned to the children's ward. It's not much of a job, really. All we have to do is entertain the little children diagnosed with much worse diseases than they can handle. I love kids. I was so happy when I was given that department. Why don't you come there sometimes?"

One would think being with the patients all day long would have sharpened up Percy Weasley's conversation skills, but sadly this was not the case.

"I umm... I will see if I get the time," he replied, hastily.

His short next-to-zero replies did not seem to bother her. She continued to chat aimlessly and he found himself telling her a thing or a two about himself. Finally the bell rang to signal the end of lunchtime. She stopped talking and instead started to blush.

"Why are you blushing?" he asked her, surprised.

"Well, I... I just realized how much I must have bored you. I am not usually like this. It's just that it's been a long time since I saw anyone even close to my age and ..."

He understood. Most of the staff at the hospital consisted of old doctors and nurses, and the new trainees were often stationed away from the wards where the volunteers, like himself, were helping out.

"I understand. Let me accompany you to the children's ward. Maybe you could show me what you do around there," he said, and she instantly smiled, her big brown eyes lighting up.

The gloomy air of St Mungo's, which always reminded him of pains and sorrows, death and destruction, now seemed happier and chirper, as he made his first friend at the hospital.

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