Dedicated to a "not so innocent" classmate of mine.

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"Oh my God. I will never look at icing the same way again." –my mentally scarred classmate.

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A Hetalia Axis Powers "GerTalia" fanfic.

-Xxx Blame the Cupcake xxX-

It was around 6 in the morning, and I was preparing my battle plan for the next upcoming meeting of the nations.

Nihon will be stationed with Italya by-

My planning session was disturbed by a naked Italian who burst into my room.

"Italy, I already told you about visiting me naked. Please. Put some damn clothes on." I reasoned out. He looked rather surprised.

"I'm not wearing anything?" looking down and observing himself, "Ah… That's why Vash was shooting me again." He shrugged it off and reached out something, a container.

"Onii-san baked me some cupcakes~! Let's eat them together Doitsu!"


Plan…or Italya?

Plan. Italya.

"Okay, okay." I sighed in defeat.


"Please wear something."

So there we were, eating cupcakes in my kitchen. Well actually, Feliciano was the only one eating the cupcake.

I was… observing.

Well…sort of, "oogling".

At how sexy he was eating the damn cupcake. Stupid, stupid slomo effect.

Each bite he took made me hungry. Like an animal deprived of food for a few weeks. And I was hungry for him, not the cupcake.

He licked his lower lip, tasting the icing that landed there.

"Mhmm!" He moaned from the taste of the goodie.

My muscle tensed.

"D-doitsu, is something wrong?" He noticed that I was clutching the sides of the countertop.

"Er, nothing."

"Are you sure?" He asked, trying to approach me.

"Yes! S-stay away from me!" I pushed Italy away, but I ended up falling from the chair.


"D-doitsu…" His face held a totally shocked expression.

I swallowed.

"Uhm, may I ask… What is that?" He continued, this time pointing at something on my pants.

A certain gulp bulge.

I desperately tried to cover it up.

But Feliciano was in some sort of daze…

He was moving closer, and I tried to avoid him by crawling backwards, til I was back to back with my refrigerator.

In short, I was trapped.

I was staring at Italya in horror and… maybe a little yearning…for his lips which were still covered in that same sweet icing…

"Ah! It got bigger…" He observed, an amazed expression was drawn on his face.

He suddenly grabbed it then.

"Shit! I-italya! What the hell are you doing? Feliciano!"

But he wasn't listening. As usual.

He was slightly fondling it, making me flinch. He was molding it in his hand then. His… assertiveness made me moan.

"Mm… Feliciano…"

"Does it feel good?" He asked, getting hold of the zipper of my pants. His curious eyes made me bite my lip to hold back another moan.

"Y-yeah. Don't…stop."

Suddenly, my kitchen door burst open.

Spain and Romano were making out, pushing each other against the wall. Only Antonio noticed us, which was good because then I'd have to explain me and Feliciano's… awkward position.

"Oops." Spain breathed, "Wrong room."

"Hi Spain! Is that brother?" Italy asked, still clutching my… ah, yeah. That.

"We'll, uh, go and take the bedroom." I said.

I dragged Italya out of the kitchen, and we left the couple, rushing to the bedroom.

Once I entered, I let go of Italy's hand and sat down in the nearest couch and rested my face on my palms.

God. How did I get into this kind of situation?

"Ne, doitsu?"

I raised my hand and saw Feliciano. And a pole. Naked.

Well, the naked part… I was used to it already.

"Where… the hell did you get the, uh, pole?"

"Just saw it here~" He said in a sing-song tone.

"And… why are you naked. Didn't I tell you to—"

"Aren't I supposed to be?" He cut me off, "And it I'm right… You are supposed to be too." His voice suddenly turned deep and overpowering.

Italy approached the nearby cd player and pressed play.

When did he prepare that?

The song was upbeat… And very familiar.

Sexy back. By Justin Timberlake.

The other day, America was singing that over and over and over again, that's why I'm familiar with it.

After contemplating about the song, I returned my attention to the pole-dancing, erotic Italian.

His hand wound around the pole lazily, but at the same time in a very seductive manner. His hips were moving in time with the beat of the song, humming them at times.

I was gripping the sides of the couch too tightly that it hurt. And so did something below…

God. I was getting too turned on by this.

Feliciano crouched down, while his hands were still by the pole, giving me a "thank-goodness" view of his hardening member.

"Mm… Doitsu…" He moaned as he ran his hand through his body, sort of like, pleasuring himself.

Every constrain I had, all the sanity left in me dissolved into thin air as I tackled Italy.

"You liked it?" Feliciano slightly laughed.

"Mhm…" I muffled while trying to kiss, lick and suck every inch of him.

"Wait." I whispered.

"Wha-?" Italy's words were cut off by my tongue, forcively making it's way inside his mouth.

Unconsciously my hands went lower and lower into the Italian's body.

Once I reached his manhood, he moaned out loud. Louder than his usual "pastaa~!" voice. I fondled with the tip and he wriggled under my grasp.

"Ungh! Doitsu!"

I pumped his manhood by rubbing my hand against it. While doing so, Italy desperately tried to get my clothes off.

Without thinking, he escaped from my hands and took in my whole cock into his mouth.

"Oh god!" I shouted.

He was so good at giving blowjobs. That made me wonder where he got his experience from.

"Yes! Ungh! Italya!"

His head was bobbing up and down, licking from the shaft to the head, and again.

"Okay! Next step~" He announced, stopping and making me groan.

"Wait, wait! Where's the lube?"
"Lube? Oh! Right~ Wait a sec…" He skipped to the table and got a… cupcake?

"Italya.." panting, "What are you… trying to do?"

"I'm trying to be resourceful!" He explained while licking the top of the icing.

After that, he grabbed a handful of the sweet mixture and spread it around his throbbing member.

THEN. He fucked my brains out.

"Ah~! This feels good!" He said, pumping his sugar coated (literally) cock inside me.

"Hey, doitsu?" Italy panted as he continued to hammer my backside.

Ungh…Oh dear God.

"Y-yeah? Mm! That feels good." I answered.

"I'm feeling, uh- Oh my! Ahh!" He screamed as he used what was left of his energy.

We came at the same time, then collapsed to the floor.

"Ah~ That felt good!"


"We should do it again~"


We then both fell asleep on the floor naked.

I snuggled closer to Italy.

"I heard an 'Ah, doitsu~!' upstairs. Was that Feliciano?" Lovino asked, breathing heavily.

"Maybe…" Antonio whispered, lying on the counter table.

"And…how did we end up here?"

Spain murmured something, but Lovino wasn't able to understand.


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