Hi everyone. This story is going to be about an OC team of rangers with little or no interaction with previous rangers. If you want a certain character from the show to appear please mention it in your reviews and I will try to include them for you.

Disclaimer: If I owned Power Rangers Dillon and Summer would have kissed... Curse you Gem and Gemma


War. For sixty years Earth has known nothing else. Sixty years filled with violence, death, destruction, pain and such a massive waste of life .It so large a time frame that one could conceivably live their entire life and never hear of or experience peace. It has now entered the sixty-first year of the war and according to the propaganda we hear so much of, we are winning, our enemies are falling over themselves trying to surrender. The civilians are happy, they can go to sleep with the knowledge that soon it will all be over. The fools. We on the front lines see things differently. We ask, "If the enemy is surrendering why has fighting intensified?" Because we are been lied to. Only last week Glozen fell and the soldiers in the Syree system are been systematically butchered. But worst of all the traitor forces are about to take Olin the last loyalist system between Ferrus' massive armies and the Core Wolds and if he takes it that's the ball game. Traitors: One, Loyalists: 0.

We have been sent to reinforce Olin along with the defenders of Kess, Vetra and Callos. This is the Loyalists last stand. If we lose here, if we lose now, we lose everything. My name is Captain Douglas, Tristan, Serial Number: 0-876707 and I lead the Zee squad. We are only ten men but I swear that we will make a difference, we will ensure victory.