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Chapter Four: Irene

"Uh? Colonel Douglas, sir?" asked nervous messenger. The poor soldier had been pulled off his break by the orders of HQ to bring a summons to one Colonel Tristan Douglas. Many respected the Colonel and even more heard of his 'waltzing out of formation with his entire squad in tow.'

The messenger had taken part in the Planetfall of Olin and had seen the officer fight. He didn't wasn't to be the one who brought bad tiding to the one who secured the entrance to the campaign.

"Yes corporal?" asked Tristan kindly.

"Summons from HQ sir," stammered the messenger. He looked a little nervous.

Tristan chuckled inwardly, "I think I can find my own way if you have other duties to perform corporal," he said in the same kind voice.

"Thank you sir," mumbled the messenger.

Tank groaned, "I told you it was a bad idea!"

"Hey guys, relax," said Tristan calmly, "The General has not got so much time on his hands that he can go after wayward officers. More likely we're being moved back to the frontlines where we belong."

"Well I guess we'll see," said Rat, as calm as his Commanding Officer.

"Ah," Tristan groaned, "They're always around when you don't need em but when you do..."

"They're" were the fifteen swoop bikes issued to each company. Although primarily used by scouts and fast attack in an active combat zone, the highly manoeuvrable hover bikes were also officially used by troops as transport to dropships. However, mused Tristan, they were also used unofficially for joyrides.

"I guess I'll walk then," grumbled the colonel.

"Now where am I?" exclaimed Tristan. These portable HQs were getting more and more ridiculous with new designs created every few months and the "friendly and helpful staff" was surly and unresponsive.

"Well for starters you're on the wrong floor and second of all you're late," said an amused voice. Tristan spun around to find himself face to face with stunning blonde. Her eyes were deep blue, her figure was amazing and she had a beautiful smile. But this was no vapid secretary. Behind that smile was intelligence, her stance, even when relaxed, showed the bearing of one who belongs in the military and there were muscles on that body. This girl was definitely a soldier. She wasn't in uniform but technically neither was he. He was wearing his eternally dirty jacket and pants that served as his combat clothes. On both items of clothing were several pockets, small and large, sewn on that were not there when he bought them. He was however wearing his eagle badge on his shirt. On the other hand she wasn't wearing anything that identified her rank.

"Finished staring?" she asked.

"Yeah finished," said Tristan, "Now you were saying I was on the wrong floor Miss..?"

"Dawson," she answered, "Captain Irene Dawson."

"How do you know who I am?" he asked, half curious, half just enjoying the sound of her voice.

"I was sent to find you," she said, "They just realised that you wouldn't know where the Holo-Room is seeing as it's classified."

That's High Command for you he thought inwardly, outwardly he said, "Why there? Those room never get used as you need more clearance than a skyscraper to get in and those with said clearance never go anywhere near the frontlines."

"Search me," she said.

Be glad to he thought.

"I've also been summoned.