Ace: Hahaha, this is my newest story, created mainly because I thought it would be funny to torture some people with chimeras. Anyway, the three chimeras are Lela, the oldest at the current age of 13.

Lela: Hello. *swishes tail and blinks eyes*

Ace: Then, there's Kayla, the middle girl at the current age of 12.

Kayla: Hiya! *tail wags happily*

Ace: Lastly, there's Sonya, the youngest at the current age of 11.

Sonya: *glares at everyone* Go away if you wish to live.

Ace: Ahahaha, um, Kayla, mind doing the disclaimer for me?

Kayla: Nope! Ace5980 does not own FullMetal Alchemist.

Lela: Enjoy...

1: Sins of the Past

If there were one word to sum up Lela Animalia's life as she saw it, it would be shame. She was supposed to protect them when their parents hadn't. Instead, she let those bastard Military's dogs have them all. Flinching, her slender tail twitched guiltily at the memory as she stared out of their small shelter at the rain falling outside.

"Blaming yourself again, Lela?"

Lela jumped, her fur bristling instinctively as claws shot out of her deft paws. She then relaxed at the familiar glowing yellow eyes of the second-oldest sibling, Kayla. "How can I not? It's my fault we're like this."

"No it isn't," Kayla growled firmly, her teeth gleaming ominously in what little light filtered into the room. "It's our parents' fault we're like this."

Lela snorted delicately, her black ears the last part of her body to conform to the movement. "Yeah, right."

"I'm serious." Kayla moved to scratch behind Lela's ears like she would to the younger girl herself but dropped her own silver-furred paw when she rememebered her older sister did not like to be pet.

"I know. It's just hard not to feel guilty when Sonya complains about not being able to see squat." Lela sighed, her green eyes asking why. Kayla understood Lela's guilt there; Sonya was the reason, partially anyway, they'd been experimented on. Sonya had been born blind and, now 11, could "see" only if she really tried and at great personal cost to both Kayla and Lela's sensitive ears, though neither ever complained to the bitter youngest sibling.

"Why don't you go for a walk? I can handle Sonya while you're gone."

Lela smiled gently. "In this weather?"

"Why not? You can really run out there. It's not like anyone'll be watching."

Lela ruffled Kayla's shoulder-length silver hair, discreetly scratching behind her sister's ears. Kayla let out a little contented growl, her larger, shaggy silver-furred tail wagging happily for a moment before she pushed her older sister away. Neither of them noticed a subtle movement made in absolute silence as a smaller girl with cloudy red eyes stalked back to her little room. "They don't care about me," she sulked, locking her door and popping her window in surprisingly smooth motions for someone with such a serious vision impediment, "only about themselves." She looked out into the cascading rain, glad that she could still "see" around them so effectively. "I guess I'll have to give myself my own freedom."

Pausing uncertainly, she let out a high-pitched click, reassuring herself as her large velvety ears twitched with the incoming echoes. The rain wasn't falling all too quickly. She could make a flight easily without attracting notice. With that, she opened her arms and let herself fall out the window, trusting in her large velvet wings to effortlessly catch her and bear her away from there.

Whyever did I let Kayla talk me into this? Lela mused, pausing under a tree's offered shelter from the infernal wetness. She shook out her paw, hating the water that flew from her fur with all her heart and soul. Face it, Lela, she chuckled dryly, eyeing the dripping liquid with contempt, you and water simply don't mix well.

Not true, some part of her sang, You like showers just fine.

Lela thought about that for a moment. Yeah, but that's willing subjection!

Suuuuure it is.

... Isn't the fact that I'm having an argument with myself, and losing I might add, just a tad disturbing?

... Good point. To Lela's surprise, her crazy other voice shut up then, leaving her right back where she'd started with the rain. She stared at it glumly, her tail swishing once behind her back as the rain picked up intensity.

"I guess I'll just have to wait it out," she muttered, resigned, and curled up on a large overhanging branch, resting her head on her front paws. Flicking her tail over her fingers, she let her eyelids droop shut as the rain lulled her into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

Ace: *peeks out from behind door* How'd we do?

Kayla: They're all gone. I have alone time! *cuddles up to Ace looking for belly rubs*

Ace: Fine. *gives belly rubs*

Kayla: Review...