Stop At Nothing

He knows she can read him merely by looking at him and so when there is the threat of Reavers and inevitably, death, he musters a look that holds all of what he feels for her and places a hand on her shoulder. Her hair is soft under his fingertips and he wishes it was another situation – any other situation minus the imminent death part.

He wants to touch her in the same way, just simple skin on skin contact or the feeling of their legs brushing not so accidentally under the table, when there is no life endangering situation looming. He wants something real with her and he wants her to want it too.

He doesn't want much, but he does want that and he hopes as she looks back at him, with emotions swirling in her own eyes, that she knows it. He tells her to go and leave him, be safe, even as his heart screams for him to hold her and never let go. He might not be able to save her but he'll stop at nothing, trying.

He doesn't want this to be goodbye but if it is, she should know how he feels for her.