If anyone had told her eighteen months ago she'd be getting married again she would have laughed. Yet here she was, the morning of her wedding, watching as everyone around her rushed from one place to another setting everything up. When mark had left she swore she would never let another man in to her life. She'd kept to that for a while, focusing her attention instead on her children, that was until she'd met him. He was so charismatic and she'd instantly felt herself being drawn to him. He'd arrived in her hour of need, rescuing her from financial ruin and helping her to save the business. They'd had a laugh along the way and he'd somehow managed to make her smile again, something at the time she had found increasingly difficult to do. The past year hadn't exactly been plain sailing however, and there had been more than one occasion when she thought they were done for good but somehow they had always managed to work things out. The biggest problem they'd faced was Nathan; her oldest had had a problem with them from the start. It had been so bad at the beginning they'd been forced to hide their relationship as a way of keeping the peace. She had always imagined Will would have been the one to have a problem with her moving on, after all he still believed his father was coming back, but he'd been surprisingly relaxed about the whole situation. She suspected Maisie had had a large hand to play in that however, one of the many things she would always be grateful to her for. Her daughter had been supportive of the relationship from the start; it had been through her encouragement that they had even started seeing each other in the first place. She'd even attempted to persuade Nathan to be happy about it without much luck. Although unlike her, who had accepted Nathan would never accept Declan in their lives, Maisie still believed he would see sense eventually.

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the mayhem currently overrunning the lower half of her house she quietly slipped away upstairs. Entering her room she was immediately drawn to the wedding dress hanging on the front of her wardrobe. She wasn't sure about doing the big wedding again. Although this was technically her first legal wedding, in reality she had already done this twice. She had to admit none of her previous weddings had been on the scale this one seemed to be heading, the whole thing had taken on a life of its own, helped in a large part by Maisie's involvement. As happy and excited as she currently was however, she was terrified something would happen to destroy it all, that all this effort would be for nothing, just like the first time round had proved to be. She'd made Declan jump through so many hoops to get to this point and she knew he would never intentionally hurt her but she was still scared. She was pulled from her thoughts by a soft knock on the door.

'You need any help?' Maisie peered round the door, a huge grin plastered all over her face. She was so relieved to see her daughter happy again; when Mark had initially left she'd been unable to do anything but watch as her daughter lost control. Looking at her now she was like a completely different girl from then, the happy free spirited Maisie she was used to had returned with an added maturity she had developed as a result of her experience. It had been Maisie's ability to move on with her life and look forward that had convinced her she needed to do the same, not just for herself but for her children. She would never completely forget Mark or what he had done, he'd been a huge part of her life and had given her three beautiful children but she no longer felt he controlled her life anymore 'Um hello mum, anyone there?'

'Sorry darling I was miles away,' she watched as Maisie tried desperately to stifle a laugh 'What did you say again?'

'I just wondered if you needed a hand,'

'Um actually could you help me get this on,' she gestured towards the dress

'Sure no problem,'


'You look beautiful Mum,' she jumped slightly as Maisie appeared behind her, hugging her slightly as she did 'So you ready to become Mrs Macey?'

Smiling at the thought she nodded her head, she was ready to finally move on and start the next chapter of her life, whatever that might entail. 'Definitely, let's go,'