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The King's Captive

Chapter One: They're coming. They're here.

"Tell me!"

"Like hell I will,"

"Final chance; tell me what I want to know and I will spare your life,"

"Spare it to the depths of your prisons. Tempting, but I'll pass," the blonde pirate smirked at the Commodore. She continued pulling at the bonds around her wrists; attempting to loosen them but it seemed to be of no avail. His face went from irritation to impassiveness as he roughly pulled the noose tight around her slender neck.

"You will regret the day you sided with pirates," he said, spitting the last word and spraying the blonde's face with his spittle.

"I think it was the best decision I ever made; after rejecting your proposal that is," she smirked again. She saw the flash of hurt and hate in his eyes before they grew guarded and he leaned his face into hers.

"Begin." He uttered the single word with smugness, directing the order elsewhere but kept his eyes locked on the blonde's blue before he backed away and finally turned down the steps, descending into the crowd gathered below.

"…By decree, according to martial law, the following statutes are temporarily amended…" the officer's voice rang out across the courtyard. The blonde pirate sighed and lowered her head, turning her attention to the scuffed black boots adorning her feet; she didn't fear death, she really didn't… she just feared that it would hurt.

"Right to assembly, suspended."

The officer's voice still carried on the faint sea breeze but the sentenced pirate hardly heard him above the deafening silence which seemed to be closing in on her; suffocating her almost in its tangible grasp.

"Right to habeas corpus, suspended."

She promised, the blonde thought, she promised me. She's too late. I'm going to hang here, today, in this dusty courtyard before the man who had taken the lives of people I'd loved; my family, my friends...

"Right to legal counsel, suspended."

She strained at the bonds again but they were still too tight to pull loose of; and she was running out of time. The rope was cutting into her wrists and it stung, her teeth clenched in pain as she continued to try and pull free. Better a flesh wound to the wrist than a snapped neck dangling several feet from the ground.

"Right to verdict by a jury of peers, suspended."

Oh fuck; this really is it, she thought. No time to escape now; this truly was the end of my life. And it's just how I imagined it – surrounded by hundreds of people who hated me and were gathered to watch my demise… oh wait, that's not how I imagined it. But when it comes to death… how much choice do you really have? It is inevitable after all.

Here it comes, she thought, my life flashing before my very eyes. The blonde saw again how her life had led her to this very spot, to the spot she was about to die in.


"Miss Truscott," said a voice and I sighed. Could I never get any peace around here? Regardless of how I felt, I put on a smile and turned to see the Commodore standing before me.

"Yes?" I asked, faking the politeness in my voice. I acted the charming Governor's daughter but really, I just wanted to be free of here and free of this damn corset.

"Your father wishes for you to see him in his study," the Commodore said, stamping his foot in that orderly fashion the Navy men seemed to do. I had no idea what it meant but I knew to simply bow my head slightly to acknowledge it.

"Thank you, I shall be there in a moment," I told him, turning to face the ocean once more. How I longed to be out there, sailing towards the sunset, with no thoughts concerning corsets and formal dinners, or riding horses side-saddle and hearing of how I shall be wed to the man stood behind me. No thoughts or worries; simply the wind in my sails and holding my arms out as I soared across the waves.

"Lillian," came the Commodore's voice again. "He said it was urgent and that you go to him immediately."

"Fine," I pulled my gaze from the setting sun and pushed past the Commodore. He knew why. He'd called me 'Lillian' and he knew I hated it. Yet he refused to call me 'Lilly' as it was considered a peasant name… he really knew how to compliment the girl he was 'destined' to marry.

Upon reaching my father's study, I found him almost frantic and pacing up and down the room. I closed the door behind me, the noise startling my father out of his thoughts.

"Did he tell you?"

"Did who tell me what?" I questioned, noticing how the wig my father wore was dishevelled as if he'd been pulling at it in despair. He sighed dramatically and pushed his palms hard against the desk, "Father, what's wrong?"

"They're coming," he said ominously, his tone sending shivers down my spine.

"Who are coming?" I asked, my voice low with a hint of both fear and intrigue.


"Pirates?" I exclaimed to which my father quickly shushed me, flapping his arms. "Pirates?" I repeated at a much lower volume.

"Yes. We stole something from them many years ago… they've come to get it back,"

"You stole something? What? And why are they only coming for it now?"

"I really shouldn't tell you; it could compromise you if you're caught," he fretted, finally pulling off the wig to run his hand over his receding grey hair.

"I-if I'm c-caught?" I stammered over those few words. Caught by pirates… the thought wasn't completely filled with dread and fear but I knew that the pirates of my imagination and the ones of reality were two very different species.

"I'm so sorry Lilly; it may well be a possibility… which is why you are going to leave Port Royal as soon as possible. I need you out of danger,"

"B-but what about you? If they're coming because of something you stole, surely you need to escape too!"

"I must face the consequences of my actions. I may be able to reason with them; offer up what they want in exchange for sparing the town…" he trailed off and I could sense that despite his words, he probably wouldn't stick to father was indeed the Governor and on the surface he presented himself as this hero, brave and strong… but really, he was a coward who only got to his position by chance.

"But father –"

"No 'buts' Lilly; you will leave tonight whether you like it or not. I will not have my daughter in harms way," he ordered, slamming his fist upon his desk.

"You always told me you couldn't reason with pirates – why are you attempting it now? You'll be killed,"

"I'll be fine," he said, but I could hear in his voice he knew he wouldn't be. "Henry! Take her to the carriage,"

Henry came in through the double doors and quickly escorted me out of the room, his hands firmly securing my arms to my sides as I protested. "No! Father!" I yelled but it was no use, Henry did his duty and got me inside the carriage, locking me inside.

"Hey!" I banged against the carriage window but Henry just continued to mount the carriage and suddenly we were moving, the big black horse pulling us along. I slumped back in the seat, defeated. I sighed. What was it my father had stolen? And if it was years ago, why were they only coming to collect it now?

An almighty bang shook the carriage some minutes later and looking out of the window I saw a huge fire billowing up from the docks; the oranges contrasting with the purpling sky as the sun finally disappeared over the horizon. "Oh my god," I breathed, pressing against the window. I could see a ship in the waters, its cannons firing at the Port. It bore no flags and its sails were of the deepest black. "Pirates," I uttered the word, my breath steaming up the window as the landscape sped past as Henry encouraged the horse to travel faster. We were hurrying through the back streets, the houses now few and far between before we finally past the final house, and onto the hard road which led away from the Port.

Suddenly I was thrown forward in the carriage, crashing against the wall and hitting my head hard. I cringed and put my hand to my head. I was bleeding. Disorientation quickly passed as I realised the carriage was no longer moving. I heard my breathing fast and hard in the small, dark carriage; the only thing which seemed louder was the cannon fire outside which flashed light into the carriage. Then the door began rattling and a face peered through the window.

"Hello poppet," the vile looking pirate grinned with discoloured teeth, his breath creating a foggy cloud on the thin glass. "Going somewhere?" He ripped open the door with ease and grabbed hold of my ankles, pulling hard. I grasped on to whatever I could, but it was no use and I was soon bucking in his embrace.

"Put me down you!" I screamed. "Henry! Henry, help!" I yelled as I continued to struggle in his arms.

"Henry? Oh was that his name?" he smirked, nodding towards the body on the ground, blood swiftly soaking the white on his uniform.

"Henry?" I squeaked, looking upon his frozen face. Henry… was dead? I couldn't quite comprehend it, I'd never known anyone who'd died before – except my mother but I was much too young to remember really – let alone, seeing the bleeding body before me, his skin almost visibly cooling as the life escaped him and pooled on the dirt ground in a viscous red puddle.

"Now then poppet, can't be having you escaping now can we? Where is it? Tell us where it is and we may spare your life," he spat, his comrade appearing and holding a blade to my throat.

"What? Where is what? I don't know what you're talking about,"

"Don't lie to us poppet," he growled and the cool blade pressed harder into my flesh, a simple twitch away from slicing my throat open. I squirmed but they held me fast. "Maybe her father didn't tell her after all," he surmised. "Which means we have no further use for her... kill her,"

"Parley!" I blurted and it clearly took them by surprise.

"Parley?" they both questioned in sync.

"Parley," I repeated, panicking. "I invoke the right of parley. According to the Code of the brethren, set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew, you have to take me to your Captain."

"I know the code," he spat at me through his blackened teeth, shaking me slightly in his grip.

"If an adversary demands parlay you can do them no harm until the parlay is complete," I continued my heart racing and adrenaline pumping around my body fiercely. Please let them honour the code, I chanted in my head.

"To blazes with the code," said the second pirate, the one with the scruffy mousey hair. My breath caught in my throat – they were going to kill me regardless of parley!

The first pirate slapped the second around the head, before quickly restraining me with both hands once more. "She wants to be taken to the Captain," he spat at his comrade before turning to me and smirking. "And she'll go without a fuss. We must honour the Code."

They each took a hold of my arms and dragged me back into the town which was much like a battlefield; flames and gunpowder and the clashing of swords. Many bodies were strewn upon the floor, none of them pirates. Tonight I saw my first dead body, closely followed by about thirty more. They led me to the docks and man-handled me off of the pier and into a small rowing boat amongst several other pirates, all of whom began leering at me. I wrapped my arms around myself self-consciously as they began rowing towards the huge ship which towered above us, the one with the black sails.

Upon reaching the side of the ship, I was again manhandled onto the wet rope ladder and pushed up, finally being tipped onto the deck.

"I thought no harm came to those who invoke parley," I muttered, as a half-sat half-laid on the deck most of my hair now hanging loose around my face and my dress swooping around my body, now dirty and ragged.

"Were you hurt poppet? No, so be quiet,"

"You be quiet Bellamy," came a voice and man pushed his way in front of the crew. "So she's invoked parley has she?"

"Yes. She has," I said, getting to my feet and attempting to appear brave.

"I see," mused the man before me, his dark hair mid-length and hung loose beneath his hat.

"She's the Governor's daughter yet she claims no knowledge of which we seek," said the scruffy haired pirate.

"Is that so?" he continued in that indifferent tone, his green eyes running over me, analysing me.

"Captain, I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal…" my voice trailed off as the entire crew, including the man before me, burst into laughter. "What?"

"She thinks he's the captain," laughed scruffy-hair, nudging the one with foul teeth who rolled his eyes. This scruffy pirate was obviously not the brightest of the crew.

"There were a lot of long words in there, Miss; but I'm not the captain of this here ship," smirked the green-eyed pirate I'd mistaken for captain.

"Well in accordance with parley, I wish to speak to the captain." I told him firmly although the fear in my stomach made me feel much less confident than what I was sounding.

"I'm afraid the Captain is unavailable right now," he laughed, the single gold earring swaying with the movement. The rest of the crew chuckled along with him. The chuckles trailed into a slight nervousness as a green parrot sailed over their heads, its claws mere centimetres from their scalps as it soared, coming to a rest on one of the ropes connected to the mast.

"Let her speak," came a new voice and heavy silence fell amongst the men. They each turned towards the voice and bowed there heads. This wasn't normal behaviour that much I knew. I looked up to see the actual captain stood up near the helm, a black booted foot resting upon the balcony railing. The captain's long hair blew loose in the strong sea breeze, but his hat stayed firmly in place. I couldn't quite see his face from this distance coupled with the shadow of his hat which shielded his face from the light of the ship's lanterns.

"Speak," he uttered the word again, in a thick accent I couldn't place, before leaping over the balcony and landing effortlessly upon his feet on the deck, some eight or so feet below. I couldn't stifle the gasp that escaped my mouth at such a feat. His face was still shrouded in shadow as he strode over to me; the crew parting like the Red Sea to allow him through. I took an involuntary step back as he approached and I saw him smile, flashing white teeth, before raising his hand and pushing his hat further back on his head, revealing his face.

"Y-you're… you're…" I stammered hardly able to comprehend what I was seeing.

"What? Dashing? Charming?" the Captain offered. "No? …monstrously attractive? The best damn pirate these seas have ever seen? Hmm?"

"A woman." I managed to spit out and she smirked, taking off her Captain's hat to run her hand through her long wavy hair, shaking the tousled brunette locks about her shoulders.

"Oh yes; I always forget that one," she laughed, and the crew chuckled. "So you wish for us to stop attacking the port, to turn and leave and never return, I presume?"

I nodded and she laughed, pacing slowly up and down; her boots clicking slightly against the wood and she donned her captain's hat once more.

"You see, I would…" she said hopping up to sit on one of the barrels, her arms behind her as she leant back. "But your father has something I want…"

"I d-don't know what you're talking about,"

"D-don't you?" she snapped mockingly, jumping up from her position to stand before me, her face extremely close to mine. I didn't move, attempting to appear brave. "I don't think that's quite true,"

"Captain," a voice said and we both turned to see several pirates climbing onto the deck from the rope ladder I'd been forced to climb mere minutes before.

"The Governor seems to have escaped through a series of underground tunnels. We found no trace of the compass,"

"Damn it," cursed the Captain before turning her attention back on me. "Where do those tunnels go? Where is the compass?"

"I don't know anything about any compass," I said truthfully but I did know about those tunnels but I thought it best to avoid admitting that. She stared into my eyes for a few moments.

"Fine. I believe you," she surmised. "So what are your terms Miss? You're father has escaped to safety along with my compass; so I no longer have any need to destroy your town,"

"L-leave. Leave and never return," I stammered. She smirked, pulling a stray hair from her head and letting the breeze carry it away.

"Deal." She continued to smirk as she shook my hand in her gloved one. She then turned to the crew, walking back down the centre of them. "Make haste gentlemen, we have a chase to continue."

The men were suddenly bustling around on deck, setting about with their jobs. Moments later the ship began to move away from Port Royal.

"Hey! Hey, wait! This isn't what we agreed," I argued taking a step forward then stopping in my tracks as the Captain abruptly stopped. Sighing, she turned slowly before striding swiftly towards me, speaking as she did so.

"We agreed that we would leave and never return. You didn't specify that you weren't to come with us," she smiled at the final word, hooking her finger under my chin as she reached me. "Plus, you'll make for wonderful leverage for when we do find your father,"

"A-are you going to kill him?" I asked, fearing the answer. Her fingers were still holding my chin, forcing me to look into her blue-grey eyes which bore into mine.

"Not if he hands over my compass," she smiled before walking away and going down below deck, leaving me stood on a pirate ship, alone, and with Port Royal getting smaller and smaller with every passing second. Oh god, what do I do now?

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