"Ryuk, take a look at this." Zaber's computer was displaying a website detailing... the recent deaths of hundreds of evildoers.

"Kira, our God?" Ryuk stared at Zaber. His eyes burned holes into the wall as he thought. The red-haired teen was a supposed genius. Ryuk thought he was overconfident.

"Yes, Ryuk. All over the world, people have seen the deaths of evildoers. The honest, hardworking people of this world outwardly shun Kira. However, inwardly, people want justice. And so, to them, Kira is a savior." Zaber's green eyes frightened Ryuk. They burned with a desire that Ryuk couldn't fathom.

"Kira?" Ryuk asked.

"Yes, Kira. More likely than not, the name originated in Japan. Likely, they wanted to use the English word 'Killer'. In Japan, there is no 'l' phoneme. Thus, Kira. However, I dislike the name. I am not a killer. But Kira is what I am known as."

"We interrupt this program for a special address." The female TV announcer interrupted Zaber.

"Hmm... I wonder what?"

"Citizens of the world. My name is Lind L. Tailor. Otherwise known as L."

"L?" Zaber thought aloud.

"This is a worldwide broadcast on all channels. There is someone among you that I wish to speak to. I believe you know him as Kira."

"So, L... You are speaking to me? I'm listening..." Zaber joked aloud.

"Kira, you are the one responsible for the serial murder of close to two hundred criminals and another seventy foreign politicians. Granted, these men and women have done wrong in my eyes. As such, I have a fair idea of why you're doing this. But what you're doing is evil."

"Evil? You thing I'm evil? I am JUSTICE! I am the God of a new world! Those who are criminals and those who oppose me are the evil ones!" Zaber pulled out his Death Note. "I only wish this could've been more fun. Goodbye, L!"

A page in the Death Note was nearly completely filled with a hastily scrawled name. 'Lind L. Tailor'.

The man on screen dropped dead of a heart attack forty seconds later.

"Hahahahahaha... That could've been so much more interesting, L... But you made one mistake. One tiny mistake. And it cost you... L!"

"Well, that was shocking." Zaber turned back to the television. It showed a white screen, with an L written in a calligraphic font. "Kira... it seems you can kill people without laying a finger on them. How do you do this? I really would like to know... You killed Lind L. Tailor, a criminal sentenced to death row. I had the police arrest him in total secret, so you wouldn't know. Yes, Kira, I am the real L. Try and kill me, Kira! I dare you!"

Minutes passed as L continued ranting, daring Kira to catch him. The NCIS team watched the feed within MTAC.

"Well, this L really is sharp" NCIS's forensic specialist, (and resident gothic caffeine addict) Abby Sciuto pointed out.

"If he lives." Tony DiNozzo smirked at L's antics.

Gibbs headslapped Tony. "Quiet. I'm sure the ICPO's protege knows what he's doing."

"Well, Kira... It seems there are some people you can't kill." L gloated, though no one could see his face. "I should tell you... I may have said that this would be a worldwide broadcast, but, in fact, it is only being aired withing the Denver Metropolitan area of Colorado within the United States of America. I suspected you were there based on your first victim, who's crime was only broadcast in that area. Fortunately for you, Kira, there are rougly 2,360,000 people in the Metropolitan area. Soon to be 2,359,999."

On the streets in Denver, and in the homes across the area, people exclaimed in awe and wonder.

"It's Kira versus L!"


"L, Kira will kill you just like the rest of the evildoers!"

Zaber watched the screen in a panic. L had him. There was no way to kill someone who hid behind a letter... "DAMMIT, L!"

Speaking in perfect unison, Zaber and L swore to the other's demise. "Kira!"


"I will hunt you down and I will eliminate you! I am Justice!"

"This... L is mad..." DiNozzo watched as the broadcast faded.

"He proved everything he said he would. He proved that 'Kira' is in the metropolitan Colorado area... He proved that Kira can kill without coming into contact with the target. And he proved that Kira's motivation is to change the world into some disgusting hierarchy of justice." Gibbs stood up and led his team out of MTAC.

"Well?" McGee and the rest of the team looked at Gibbs.

"We wait until this Watari arrives. Then we arrest him." Gibbs strolled to his desk, while the team stood there, shocked.

"Umm, Gibbs... Why are we arresting this 'Watari'?" McGee asked.

""Because, McGee!" Gibbs rewarded McGee with a headslap. "We need to see this "L"'s face. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem like the type to show his face even when faced with international arrest."

The team looked shocked. Firstly, that was about the most they'd ever heard Gibbs say (except in an interrogation). Second, what he was proposing could very well screw up any chance they have of catching "Kira".

"Gibbs, what if this 'L' is the only chance they have of catching Kira?" Abby was the first to speak up. "We could lose his trust forever."

"He doesn't have OUR trust as long as he hides his face!"

"What next, L?" Watari stood over the detective, in the dark hotel room.

"Watari, I assume the team from NCIS will attempt to capture you. This Gibbs fellow seem like the type to accept someone who hides. I could simply reveal my face, but that might seem suspicious... Watari, please go along with your capture, but don't make it look TOO easy."

"Of course, L."