[Authors Note: This is a preview of my upcoming epic that is in the works. Unfortunately, work has been delayed to await any potential elements from the latest Sonic titles, announced and in the works, that I can incorporate into the fold, seeing as how this will incorporate any and all representations and timelines of Sonic into one cohesive story, even if it is just passing reference. This will give you a general idea of the direction I want this to go. There will also be bonuses for hardcore fans to spot and enjoy.]

Captain Westwood hated patrol duty. Everyone had to do at least one round eventually, and Westwood always hoped it wasn't his turn. Unfortunately, it was.

As he walked down the hall lined with glass fronted containment cells, he couldn't help but sneer at the scum that was housed here. Area 99 was the place where all political prisoners, prisoners of war, and the so called Super Villains, people that regular prisons couldn't handle, were housed. Lots of whack jobs mixed in with the scum. Walking by one cell in particular, he noticed a strange sign stuck to the glass. DO NOT HAVE ANY TELEVISION OPERATIONAL AROUND THIS PRISONER.

This caught his attention enough to peer through the glass at the squat man inside. He had to be no more than four feet tall, if even that. He wore a lab coat that was obviously too small for his girth, and a red fez upon his head, stained with years of wear and tear.

"Lack of quality television leads to depression from boredom! Theme songs don't exist anymore! There's no fun!" he muttered to himself before spotting Westwood though his goggles. He slammed himself against the glass, causing the Agent to stumble back in surprise. "THE SEGA CHANNEL WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR GOOD!" he yelled.

Westwood shook his head and walked off. "Weirdo."

Yes, Area 99 was interesting to those that worked there. It was even more of a wonderment to those outside. The public, as always, was kept blissfully unaware of what went on, leading to overactive imaginations to craft outlandish tales of alien technology, unlawful experiments on people and captive alien beings, and various other tales.

If only they knew how right they were about some of those claims. Attempts to utilize newfound technology discovered from an ancient alien race that visited Earth eons ago, were being made. Scientist called them the Drakon, after what little writings they found from the race.

There was also the matter of the Black Arms. They couldn't be covered up to the people, as the whole world witnessed their invasion. But what the people didn't know, was Shadow the hedgehog was only half successful with his mission. For floating in a tube within the confines of one of the myriad labs of Area 99, was the starfish like Doom's Eye. Studies have been made on its anatomy, but no autopsy had been made in a vain hopes that it survived, and that they could "coax" information about their technology from it.

Some even speculated that Doom's Eye was really the true form of Black Doom, and the other bodies were just for show to command loyalty from fear. Those claims were quickly dismissed. After all, the United States government was never wrong about anything.

Hell, even the president didn't know of what was going on here. Westwood kind of liked that. The thrill he got of witnessing things no one else ever will, the added thrill of getting caught. It gave him a rush. So much so, he began to undermine his fellow employees with secrets of his own. Unbeknownst to anyone, Westwood hated those that worked under his command. Agent Topaz and Agent Rouge. At first, the human and the bat didn't like each other's views, but quickly warmed to each other and became friends. Westwood heard their jokes about what he does when he sneaks off somewhere to concoct his own plans. He knew they hated him. And he hated them just the same. The one thing he had that they didn't, was power. He could fire them at any time, but given the fact that their success rate has made them the Commander's pets, it would make him look bad in his superior's eyes.

So began the eternal struggle. Westwood became one of the few to lead a triple life. His everyday life, his government life, and now his secret dedication to destroy those he hated for stealing his rightful glory. He worked his ass off to get where he was today, and suddenly he's ousted by the vigilante tactics of a blue hedgehog. Ever since that hedgehog came to Station Square to stop Dr. Eggman, a mission HE was supposed to do, Westwood had to save face with what he had left. Then came Shadow joining their ranks to rub salt in his wounds. Bad enough a blue hedgehog makes him look bad, but now a black one taking his job was the last straw. Not to mention all the horrible things he did under the sway of the Black Arms, and they give him a job, just like that! Almost as if it was a thank you! Good thing he broke ranks to become an Agent in Soleanna. But that wouldn't spare him from Westwood's reach.

His life wasn't the only one destroyed by Sonic's sudden intrusion, far from it. There were others who felt the same way. And in some cases, they're justified in doing do. Granted it's partially the governments fault for Dr. Eggman having what he has in the first place, but that didn't matter. Those mistakes were in the past. Effectively covered up like everything else.

With thoughts of revenge and reclaiming his faded glory swirling in his head, Westwood cracked a smirk. Just one final insult to those he was about to betray completely. He glanced back at the holding cell of the fat man in the fez.