LO! The three noble souls Ali Baba Aladdin and the stranger from Babylon stood with the automation of brass in awe at the Ifirit before them the creature of wrath sent by Allah the benificient king to bring down punishment unto those who would seek to misuse the power of the sacred gemstone within the brass city walls. There is no Majesty and there is no Might save in Allah the Glorious, the Great!

When thou art seized of Evil Fate, assume
The noble soul's long-suffering. 'Tis thy best.
Complain not to the creature, this be 'plaint
From one most Ruthful to the ruthlessest.

Mighty the Armidillo sighed and closed the tome, placing it in his lap. He sat in the shade of a tall tree, his bare feet tucked safely against him Indian style as he overlooked the expanse of the city below. Empire City was such a big place, but managed to still have an air of magic to it.

It was nice to get away and clear his head once in a while. Despite his incredible strength, he was a pacifist at heart, and took pleasure in meditation and quiet time every now and again.

He and Espio had gotten along with that mindset, but Vector's constant loud music and Charmy's naïve innocence prevented them from accomplishing the restorative benefits from such practice. It wasn't until a certain point in time, when one of their own sold them out, and led to a mistrust that forced Mighty away from the others.

He had seen in the papers, and on television, that the rest of the Chaotix was getting along fine without him, and almost acted as if they forgotten him entirely. Back in the days when they were a team, with a purple weasel/wolf named Nack as their fifth man, the Chaotix would go on many adventures and not expect any form of reward outside saving the world.

But after Nack had sold them out to a mysterious group known as the Brotherhood, things began to deteoriate. Mighty, being the kind soul he is, was the only one who knew that Nack wasn't as big of a scum bag as the others viewed him as. He was also the only one to come to the weasel's defense when he was revealed to be the traitor, as he understood the type of influence this Brotherhood had over him.

This was what lead to the force driving them apart. Then when Soinc began to get more prominece, the Chaotix became a second string team waiting on the bench, until Knuckles came along anyway. Vector got the hairbrained idea to start a detective agency, and the rest as they say, was history.

Closing his eyes, Mighty tried to fight back the tears that came with thinking about such things. He knew Knuckles kept his vow to not tell the others he still kept in contact with him, as he didn't need the headache that such socialization would bring.

Mighty's eyes snapped open when he heard the sound of seriens tearing through the air, and he glanced down to see several police crusiers speeding as if heading to something gravely important. Mighty put his sneakers on, stood, and took off down the hill to see what the comotion was about. It didn't take long after he reached the bottom that a loud explosion and a flaming police crusier sailing over his head, revealed what was going on.

Standing in the middle of the road was two Sonic headed robots, whose body shape resembled a certain mad doctor Mighty hasn't heard from in a while. But Mighty sensed the air of menace these machines gave shown that they were not Eggman's creations.

"BY THE ORDER OF THE BROTHERHOOD, YOU WILL SURRENDER AND GIVE US THE CHAOS EMERALD." One of the robots spoke, it's voice deep, distorted.

"Brotherhood..." Mighty whispered, glancing off in thought. "Could it be?"

Another exploding vehicle shown they wern't kidding. Mighty took action, putting to use the running skills he learned from his childhood friend Sonic. The robots couldn't get an aim on him, due to the unweildy nature of their laser cannons. Mighty rushed forward, putting all his body weight into the blow, sending the robot backwards with a crushed chestplate.

The armadillo then lifted the other almost effortlessly, and tossed it on top of the crushed one, destroying both of them. The crowd of onlookers and the police cheered his accomplishment. Mighty smiled. He missed this.

"Thank you for saving us once again, Mighty." one of the officers spoke.

"Well, it wasn't nothing. I am a hero after all." Mighty blushed slightly.

As he waved to the crowd of cheering masses, he saw from the corner of his eye a silver colored hedgehog and a green and black hedgehog among the crowd. This caught his interest, and he made a note to seek these two out later.

"Those robots don't know when to give up, do they?" Silver asked, glanicng at Ashura.

"Did you see that amazing show of strength? Brilliant!" Ashura exclaimed.

Silver rolled his eyes, then glanced over at Chip, who was lost in another chocolate bar he seemed to have in infinite supply.

Vector spat his coffee out all over the television screen. The crocodile couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Hey guys, look! It's Mighty!"

"What does he think he's doing?" Espio asked, glancing over from his spot leaning against the wall.

"Well he better not think he can come back to us! I can barely afford for the three of us!" Vector replied, a toothy smile at his lame joke.

"I miss Mighty." Charmy added, staring at the floor.

"Are you dense?" Vector asked, rapping the bee on the head, his fist resounding audibly off the flight helmet. "He stood up for that backstabbing jerk, Nack!"

"I'm surprised he isn't on the prowl yet." Espio mused.

"Well if he does show up, we'll be ready! Who knows if he'll drag that Brotherhood nonsesne with him again?" Vector stated matter of factly.

Charmy continued to stare at the floor, not saying another word. He couldn't help but feel that they did Mighty wrong.