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Chapter One - Will Goes Down

Now he decided that they were accustomed to seeing him appearing to the right side of the big shield. He selected four arrows and stepped to his left, shooting as he came clear. Two more saddles emptied and he darted back into cover again. The change in sides had worked for him. Not a single arrow had come near him in reply.
He stepped left again, snapped off another shot.

And then there was a feeling, brief, too brief to be able to act on it. Something was not right. Something was about to happen, something bad. Before he could do a thing, Will felt something in his shoulder, then excruciating pain. He cried out and fell.

Horace saw it happen from his safe position behind the shield. Will had switched sides, surprising the Kaijin at first but all it took was one quick-recovering man and Will was down. Most of the remaining men saw their leader fall and stopped with fear. Horace dropped to his friend's side.

"Keep the men shooting!" Will gasped, his mind still on the battle.

Horace relayed the command, then turned his attention back to his fallen friend. "Will, you got hit!" It was obvious the warrior was panicking. "Will, I don't know what to do." Horace looked around hurriedly, searching out anything that could help him. "Evanlyn!" he called.

"I'm here," a soft voice came from behind him. The girl had seen Will go down and had come up from her safe spot to help straight away.

"What do we do?" Horace almost pleaded.

On the inside the girl was panicking but she knew she needed to appear calm and get Horace doing something helpful. She couldn't blame him, Will was his best friend,he had a right to panic. Evanlyn placed a hand on Horace's shoulder to calm him. "We need Halt," she stated. "Go and get Halt, bring hom here urgently. I don't know how much time Will has."

The young warrior nodded vigorously then left.

Evanlyn turned back to Will who was losing blood quickly. He was pale and a thin layer of sweat was glistening on his forehead. She looked him over; the arrow had hit his left shoulder. His shoulder was good, the chances of long term damage with a shoulder wound were not too high. The left was not so good however; the heart was on the left side, the arrow could have struck something vital. And getting hit altogether was not great, he could bleed out. Back in Araluen she had been taught how to care for some injuries but nothing on this scale, after all, who would expect the Crown Princess of Araluen to be in a situation such as this? The blood was gushing. "Will!" she said desperately. "Can you hear me?"

Will's glazed eyes looked at Evanlyn and she could tell he was out of it. His eyes were slightly glazed and unfocused.

At the moment the best thing she could do was to stop the blood flow. She knew removing the arrow would only make him bleed out faster and that is something she did not want to happen. She ripped off her scarf that she'd been wearing to keep some of the cold out, and bundled it up.

"This is going to hurt Will, sorry."

Evanlyn situated the scarf on his wound, around the arrow na dapplied pressure. She recieved a sharp intake of breath from her patient, then a groan and silence. "Sorry," she whispered, even though he was now in a peaceful abyss of unconsciousness. She didn't know how long it had been but too long for her liking. A few minutes maybe? Being realistic Horace would still take a while, getting across the other side of the battlefield, finding Halt within the chaos and bringing him back. It could take a while, all she could do was try and keep Will breathing.

Horace ran as fast as he could. The Temujai still hadn't managed to entirely break through the Skandian's line so the biggest danger for him was tripping over some Skandian's big foot, which he did.

As he ran Horace wove his way through the lines of Skandians, darting in and out between them and once, his sharp reflexes were a little too slow as one of the giants stepped backwards. He hit the ground hard but jumped straight back up, barely noticing the grazes on his hands or cut down his leg. There was no time to notice, he had one mission: find Halt. Get Halt. Help Will.

Finally, when his breathing was erratic and his lungs hurt with each deep breath Horace sighted who he was looking for.

First Halt just felt something was wrong in his gut. Then Will's archers, who had been doing extremely well with their volleys of arrows, stopped. Arrows began to fly randomly, with no real direction or target. They were doing individual shots and that fact alone told Halt that something had gone wrong. Will wouldn't stop the men shooting group shots when they were so crucial to winning the battle, especially this early. Then Halt's heart skipped a beat. Through all the noise and commotion of the battle his ears picked out a voice calling his name. He turned around.


The young warrior was running towards him screaming his name. Halt turned to Ragnak, beside him. "This could be bad," he stated simply. He turned back to where Horace was running to him to see him just arriving.

"It's Will!" Horace said between desperate gasps of air. "He's...he's been hit, arrow through the shoulder."

A cruel, cold hand crutched his heart, freezin the blood in his veins instantly.

The old Ranger turned to Ragnak, "Stick to the plan, do not lose control. I will be back as soon as I can."

The Skandian Oberjarl nodded once. "Keep him alive Ranger, I quite like that kid."

Halt didn't bother asking questions and Horace didn't bother giving him information, he simply led the way. Anything that Halt needed to know he would find out as soon as they got back.

Evanlyn was seriously stressing out. Her scarf eventually became so drenched in blood that she was forced to shed her cloak as well. Will had re-entered the conscious world a little while ago and was now muttering randomly under his breath. She doubted if he had any idea what was going on at all.

Thankfully it was not much longer until Horace came back, Halt trailing close behind.

The Ranger instantly dropped to his knees, setting his bow down next to him.

"Halt," she huffed, relieved.

Halt didn't bother with a greeting, too much was at stake. "Has his condition changed?"

Evanlyn nodded, "He lost consciousness not long after getting hit but he came back round a while ago. He's been delusional and muttering since. I've kept pressure on the wound, but I didn't know what else to do."

"It's ok, you've done well," he praised. " You've been helping Will out with training the archers, would you and Horace be able to handle directing them?"

Panic flashed in the girl's eyes. "Uh, I don't..."

"Evanlyn, you can do this. You know the ranges and positions. You'll be fine, just keep the archers going. But if anything goes wrong you and Horace get yourselves out. Not a single Araluan is dying today, no one. Understand?"

Evanlyn nodded.

With the archers sorted Halt turned back to Will. He quickly wrapped Evanlyn's cloak around Will's shoulder in a way to decrease the bleeding as much as possible and so it would stay in place by itself. Then he slung his bow over his shoulder, picked up his apprentice, minding the arrow, and as gently as he could he ran.

Well back, behind the Skandian lines there was an infirmary of sorts for the wounded Skandian soldiers. Most of the Skandian women were there, willing to help, in some way or another, rid their land of the Temujai. So early in the battle there would be practically no wounded men there, not that it made a difference. Will was hurt. He needed help and that was the only place he was going to recieve it.

The boy whimpered as he was jostled around in Halt's arms. "Sorry, Will," the older Ranger whispered.

Halt only hoped he would make it there in time to save Will.

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