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Chapter Two - Tora

It was like a large pavilion. Beds and blankets were laid out and buckets of fresh water were everywhere in preparation for the inevitable wounded that were to come. It was all shaded and under cover. Women Skandians and the very old were all there, most busy doing one thing or another, but apart from them the place was relatively empty when Halt arrived.

He rushed in, Will's head hanging down, lying limply on his shoulder, small whimpers and moans were the most he could muster to display his pain. Halt's front was stained with too much of his young friend's blood. The arrow protruded grotesquely from Will's shoulder.

"I need a healer!" Halt screamed as he gently placed Will on the closest bed. "Anyone with any skill at all, now!" His voice wasn't ridden with panic, but harsh and in control. Commanding, as he knew it had to be. He couldn't, no, he wouldn't panic, not now when Will needed him most. Panic fogged the mind, influenced mistake making decisions, and a mistake was the last thing he needed. So he spoke calmy, loud and harsh, but calm.

A woman rushed over. She didn't waste time asking pointless questions like 'How did this happen?' she simply went straight into it, and Halt decided he liked her.

She spoke the Common Tongue and Halt realised that she probably hadn't understood a word of what he'd said, as he spoke it in Araluan.

"Go fetch me one of the buckets of water and some salve and fresh cloth from the table over there," she pointed the direction. "Get more water boiling on the fire over there and leave your knife with me."

Halt didn't bother asking why or if she even knew what she was doing, it was obvious she did. He drew his saxe knife and handed it to the woman then hurried to do as he was told. There was a table stocked with fresh, clean cloth and bowls of some sort of paste in a corner, near where the buckets of water were grouped. He grabbed a handful of cloth, a bowl of salve then scooped up a bucket and made his way back. He had time to notice the arrow had been cut short, he supposed so it would not get in the way, then he went to the fire and put water to boil.

"Soak some of the cloth in that bucket," she said when Halt reuturned with the boiling water. He nodded once and did as she commanded. "The arrow needs to be taken out." Though she spoke the Common Tongue her speech was heavily accented and Halt had to concentrate to understand her. Afterwards he would look back and notice how good the woman was at what she did. She asked no pointless questions, she decisively told what needed to be done so as not to recieve any pointless questions and she was all round...very Halt-like. And he liked that.

"If I simply pull it out it the edges of the arrowhead will cause even more damage to the tendons. The arrow has almost gone all the way through, less damage will be cause if it is pushed through the rest of the way. You need to hold him up, and still, keep him very still, while I push it through. If he moves it will only cause more pain and damage."

Halt nodded and moved to do as he was told. He lifted Will's upper body and situated himself behind the boy. He let him rest back on his chest, though he made sure there was room between him and Will's left shoulder. Halt unwrapped Evanlyn's cloak and chucked it carelessly onto the ground, then, with the woman's help he stripped his apprentice's shirt and it followed the cloak. The woman used some cloth to mop up as much blood as she could so she could better see what she was doing - all the while Will was grunting and moaning and wincing away from the pain, his brow was sweating and creased.

The woman scooped a fingerful of the salve and applied it all around the wound, "It will help numb the pain," she explained. As her hand neared Will he recoiled and almost thrashed to get away. Halt held him firm; he did wonder what induced Will's reaction but there was no time to ask.

"We must work quickly," the woman said, as if reading Halt's thoughts. "Hold him tight. Ready? And..."

She jabbed her palm against the stump of the arrow. A sickening sound of muscle being torn through and skin being ripped open accompanied the howl of pure agony resounding from Will's tight lips. He struggled for a moment, then his eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped.

Halt winced at the fleshy, moist sound as he pulled the arrow out completely. The woman handed him the hot soaked cloth and he put pressure on Will's new wound and at her say so, his first wound to.

"Do not move, I will be right back."

Within moments of her disappearance she was back with a thick needle and threads. Halt wiped away all the blood he could from the front wound then looked away as the woman sewed it up; he just didn't have the stomach to watch, not when it was happening to Will. After she smeared on more salve Halt leaned Will forward so she could repeat the process. She told Halt to lay him down, on his right side then she gently laid more clean, hot soaked cloth around his shoulder, on both wounds.

"The heat will help with infection if nothing else," she stated. "From what I saw nothing vital was hit and now he's sewn up bleeding out won't be a problem. As long as infection stays away he will be fine."

Halt nodded, "I can't thank you enough," he said.

"There's no need to thank me, you are helping us keep our country, it is I who should be thanking you."

A silent understanding of gratitude was exchanged between the two, then Halt broke the silence. "I'm Halt." He would have help out a hand but both were bloody.

"Tora," she replied. "You can wash your hands in that bucket," she pointed to the one of fresh water he had brought over before. "I will watch over your boy and take care of him. I think the battle needs you."

Halt looked around for the first time and noticed the first wounded were coming in. She's right, he thought, and as reluctant as he was to leave his apprentice he knew he would be safe without him, the battle did need him.

Before Halt left he collected his discarded bow from the ground and told Tora that his apprentice's name was Will.

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