By Shaina
Rated R

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of Rowling characters or ideas. Fancy and Jessie are mine.

Authors note: If you enjoy this please go read, A Hard Ride, Playing with Poison, and Scotch. All are prequels to this.

There is a time in a child's life when her parents are her world, where a leaf can be the most amazing thing and even the most serious of men can find themselves praising their child for bringing it to them. A time when a mother's world can revolve around whether that elven little face holds a smile or tears.

Where a father, would gladly play tea party after tea party, for one of his daughter's smiles.

Only a few weeks shy of her second birthday, one such little girl lay fast asleep. The room was small, as was the house that sat on the coast of Australia, 10 miles from a wizarding village, almost 100 from the nearest muggle home. A velveteen rabbit was tucked under her little arm, as she slept in her ornately craved crib. Fancy smiled sadly watching her only child sleepily suck on her bottle, brushing the black curly hair out of her face, before leaving the room. Pulling the door slightly closed behind her.

In the crib black eyes opened, and a thumb popped in her mouth pushing the bottle of funny tasting milk away. "Da?" She sat up, peering around in the darkness.

Not old enough yet to grasp certain things, Jessie just knew that when she called him he always came. He'd always just be there, picking her up into his arms, talking to her softly in a voice that was silk to his daughter's little ears. Even here in this new, sometimes scary room, without all her toys, he'd appear when she called. "Da?"

Fancy sighed pouring herself a cup of tea. She hoped Jessie would stop asking for her father before this. It just made what she was doing that much harder. She knew they were coming to tonight... a tear ran down her face. She was doing the right thing... she was saving her... not killing her... not really.

He'd be devastated when he found out. And that hurt more than she thought it would. While she didn't love her husband madly and passionately she still...

Ah hell whom was she kidding? She was fond of him, she cared for him as the father of her precious baby daughter but... she didn't love him. Never had. She'd married for money, power, and name. Fancy knew he loved her... and before Jessie was born she'd love to throw that fact in his face. To laugh at him sometimes. To remind him how little she thought of him and how much she thought of power.

Power she was giving up so that the innocent baby down the hall one-day would never have the mark marring her arm. So that Jessica would never have to know what it was like to kill someone. Fancy had been selfish all her life. Never caring for anything but how much she could get... how far she could go. Before Jessie the only person she'd truly cared for was her little sister Narcissa.

That name just caused more pain, it was her fault that her sweet little sister had gone so far astray and married herself to Lucius Malfoy. Oh how she feared for little Draco, wished she could save him like she was her Jessie.

And how she feared for Christine Ovid if her brothers ever found out just how much of their deatheater actives she was telling the ministry about.

There was a sound at the doorway, and Fancy looked up and smiled sadly. "Hello sister. I was wondering when you'd find us."

"It'd be better for you both if you just co-operated and came with me, Fancy. I can only keep Lucius away so long." Narcissa almost begged her older sister. "You can still make amends..."

Fancy sighed standing and drawing her wand. "Since when does your husband listen to you, Nar? And aren't you afraid of leaving Draco alone with him? I would be."

Narcissa flinched. "He won't touch him... Draco is his son... he wouldn't touch him."

"Oh course he wouldn't Nar... not yet at least.Lucuius likes them a bit older than two." Fancy said cruelly.

Jessie climbed out of the crib toddling over to the partly open door, green teddy bear and blanket in one hand, her thumb in her mouth. Wondering why mommy wasn't happy to see Aunt Nars. Why they both looked so unhappy.

"Why are YOU hiding from your husband then, Fancy? Catch him not playing 'nicely' with Jessie?" Narcissa sneered back.

Fancy smacked her sister hard. "Shut the fuck up. He'd NEVER hurt her. He'd never touch her... not like that and you know it. Unlike your husband he still has morals." Fancy growled. "You can sell Draco's soul if you like, I won't sell Jessie's. We both made our
choices Narcissa... but I'll suffer a thousand deaths in hell before I force my child into this world. We both know what it will do to them..."

"Fancy... be reasonable. There's no way you'll keep her hidden. Lucius is on his way... and he will take her back over your dead body." Narcissa said calmly.

Fancy turned away from her sister walking towards Jessie's room. "I'll take her life myself before I let her be damned to hell for me and her fathers sins."

The front door of the house literally blew in, sending little Jessie to hide under her crib cowering in fear.

"Times up my dear. I let you try it your way... now we'll do it mine." Lucius
Malfoy's voice was almost pleasant. "Hello 'sister'. It's really too bad it has to be this way. It'll be hard to find someone else that's quite so fun to kill people with."

"She's already dead Lucius. I put a potion in with her milk tonight, it's slowing down her heart as we speak." Fancy said.

Narcissa backed away from her husband as he turned red. "You little lying... you'd never kill your precious daughter. Now stop going to that room!"

"Or what you'll kill me? You're going to do that any ways." Fancy laughed almost hysterically. "I'm surprised my dear husband isn't here to help you."

Malfoy laughed. "I won't just be killing you my dear... I'll be ripping you apart..."

The door to Jessie's room magically slammed shut.

She didn't know it but the strange sounds Jessie heard after that were spells and cures be cast... then horrible screams... and laughing... laughing that made Jessie want to scream herself.

Jessie hugged her teddy tightly, crying.

Eventually the screams stopped..and the door to her bedroom opened. Narcissa stepped in staring at the child cowering under the cradle. There was horror on her face. Jessie was still alive. Narcissa looked back where her husband was standing over the bloody body of her older sister, wiping the blood of his dagger with Fancy's hair. Narcissa turned around and left the room.

"Is the brat in there? I'd like to get home before Draco wakes up. Wouldn't do for his parents not to be there for his birthday." Lucuius called.

"Yes... no... She's dead..." Narcissa said, eyes glaring at her husband daring him to call her on this.

"She can't be dead... Fancy was bloody bluffing..."Malfoy sneered loudly.

"She's dead. Fancy killed her."

"That's utterly.."

"Lucuius, as you said let us return home to OUR son. We can inform her father later. And may I remind you that you still owe me that favour for giving you such a 'fine strong and health' son?" Narcissa hissed softly.

There was a silent pause.

"So be it." Lucuius had an odd note to his voice, as he looked at his wife for the first time almost with... respect.

A long time after that, Jessie crept out from her hiding spot, and ventured out into the living room.

"Moma?" The one-year old froze in her tracks, black eyes wide.

Her mother was lying in a puddle of red wet stuff. "Moma?"

"J-Jessie."Fancy struggled to open her eyes.

Jessie toddled over to her mother, patting her. "Moma ow?"she asked.

Fancy would have smiled if it weren't for the pain..."I-love you J-Jessie.. Now run..." She coughed... no longer able to see her daughter's small face framed with silkily black hair.


No answer.


Little legs carried the almost two year old out the door and into the woods... the swamps. She ran till she couldn't run anymore, then tumbled to the ground.

Sobbing and hugging her rabbit and blanket. "Da...Da."she cried wanting her father to come and make it all right. But he didn't. She must have fallen asleep because the next then she knew strong arms had picked her up, cradling her. "Its all right little one, go back to sleep." Jessie never knew who carried her to the village, but whoever it was did just that carried her the many miles to the village so when she woke up

she was being held by a strange woman. And she was crying. The little girl reached up and patted her face almost curiously.

"How did the child get here?" A man's voice was saying somewhere off where she couldn't see.

"Merlin knows... the mother was found dead..." the next words were spoken in a hush. "She had the mark on her arm..."

The woman holding her looked at her sadly. "You poor little dear. But don't you worry... things will different for you now..."

And they were. The much-loved child went from affection and adoration to being shipped from one family to the next. And even before she was three, Jessica had learn to fear and dread the hard faced man that would come and take her away just when she started to feel safe. When she was old enough to ask she was told her parents were dead and... By the hard faced man that she had to call Mr. Crampton... that they never wanted her any ways. And of course she believed what she was told... for why would they lie and because she couldn't remember ever having parents...


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