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Summary: NEST contact Tony Stark, who comes to help them take down the Decepticons. He brings Pepper and Rhodey along with him. Set after Revenge of The Fallen, and after the first Iron Man film.

Warnings: There may be bad language and hints of slash in later chapters, though nothing explicit.


Chapter 13:

Pepper, Morshower, Galloway, Maggie, Glen and the rest of the Autobots that had been left behind were all standing on the tarmac, watching the C-17 land and taxi in. Pepper was standing with her arms folded, tapping her feet in attempt to contain her impatience. Morshower and Galloway were both checking their watches, knowing that they would have to dash off to a meeting in a few minutes. Maggie and Glen were holding hands and grinning like idiots.

The C-17 stopped and the ramp at the back lowered. Lennox and Graham were walking down the ramp, being followed by Tony and Epps, the rest of the soldiers and the Autobots. They approached the welcoming party, and Lennox stopped in front of Morshower, and began to talk to him about the mission. Epps and Graham walked over to Maggie and Glen and began to congratulate them on their good news.

Tony stopped in front of Pepper and flashed his million-dollar smile at her, even though he was completely exhausted and his hair was a mess. He was covered in dirt and grime, as was everyone else, due to the fact they had been dragging people out of the wreckage of Stark Industries. She smiled at him, trying to restrain herself from throwing her arms around his neck in relief.

"I've got some good news for you." Pepper smiled.

"I did not get Maggie pregnant." Tony stated.

"I know that." Pepper rolled her eyes. "And if you had, I think Glen would've killed you."

"They make a good couple." Tony said, staring over Pepper's shoulder at them. "I'm happy for them. Oh, that reminds me – Happy was caught up in the fighting. He was in the debris."

"Is he okay?" Pepper gasped.

"Happy's going to be fine." Tony said. "He's in hospital being patched up and whatever. What was your good news? Nevermind, tell me in a minute. I need to talk to Morshower."

"Yes, you do." Lennox said, steering Morshower towards Tony.

"General Morshower, I will donate some of my arc-turrets to NEST – one of those bad-boys took down Megatron, though he's probably still alive and kicking." Tony said. "I will also donate any other arc weapons that my company designs."

"And what about the Iron Man suit?" Galloway asked.

"The weapons deal is with NEST, Director Galloway." Tony glowered. "The Iron Man suit will not be a part of the package. I'll draw up a contract when I get home and sent it over."

"That sounds good to me, Tony. Thank you very much." Morshower said. "Me and Director Galloway have to dash off to a meeting with the board now. I'll tell them about your proposed contract."

"Okay sir." Tony grinned. "Have fun." He knew how boring board meetings could be. Morshower rolled his eyes and walked off to the admin building, being trailed by Galloway. Tony turned to Pepper. "So, what was this good news?"


"Rhodey!" Tony exclaimed, walking into the hospital room, followed by Pepper, Lennox and Epps. "When did you wake up?"

Rhodey was sitting in the chair beside the hospital bed, reading the newspaper. He was wearing some dark blue pyjamas, with a nurse standing beside him giving him a blood test. Tony eyed the nurse, and then sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Hey, Tony!" Rhodey said, grinning at his best friend. "How's it going?"

"I'm okay. How are you doing?" Tony asked.

"I'm fine now." Rhodey replied.

"Thank you, Mr Rhodes." The nurse smiled shyly at Tony and left the room. Tony watched her leave.

"Hey, stop giving my nurse the eyes." Rhodey scowled.

"What eyes?" Tony asked. "And 'my nurse'? That's a bit possessive, Rhodey. We should let the lady decide"

"The eyes." Rhodey replied. "Stop it, okay. I saw her first."

"Are you going to ask her to go for a drink?" Tony asked. "Because I bet I can beat you to it. I'll ask her to go for two drinks."

"How does that beat it?" Rhodey asked.

"Guys, neither of you are going to get her." Lennox grinned. "She's got a massive crush on Graham. She seems to have a weakness for British accents."

"Well, I'm going to crush Graham myself." Tony said, cracking his knuckles. "Are they actually together?"

"They are..." Lennox said.

"... But we're not meant to know." Epps said.

"How do you guys know?" Rhodey asked.

"I was going back to my apartment in the officers accommodation and I walked past them standing in a dark corner of the lobby, whispering and kissing." Lennox grinned. "I said 'hi' and they both split. Then I went and tortured Graham until he told me the truth."

"Tortured?" Pepper asked.

"Threatened to ask her." Lennox shrugged. "And then I threatened to call his mum and tell her that he had a girlfriend."

"Poor Graham." Pepper said.

"Anyway, how long before you can go home?" Tony asked Rhodey.

"I can go home tomorrow." Rhodey replied. "Why are you in such a hurry to get out of here?"

"Because I have to rebuild my house." Tony said. "I'll be staying at yours whilst I do."

"Tony... my apartment is small enough without you there." Rhodey insisted. "How are both of us going to fit in there? And I only have one bed."

"I know. Thanks for letting me sleep in it."

"You're not sleeping in my bed! You can sleep on the couch."

"But you'll be up stupidly early to go to work!" Tony protested. "You can take the couch."

"You can both share the bed." Epps shrugged.

Tony and Rhodey both turned to face Epps and glared at him. Lennox began to laugh and Epps grinned.

"We are not sharing a bed." Rhodey insisted.

"Didn't you two share a bed a couple of times in college?" Pepper asked. "I remember being told the story at a Christmas party one year... I think you were both really drunk or something and that's why you were talking about it."

"Pepper –" Epps walked over to her and hugged her. "Thank you. You're a goddess. I've been looking for dirt on Rhodey for ages. Thank you so much."

"Yeah, you better start running." Tony growled and chased Epps from the room. Pepper, Rhodey and Lennox watched them charge out.

"We should probably make sure Tony doesn't kill him." Pepper said nervously.

"Oh, if Tony doesn't kill him – I will." Rhodey declared. "Pepper, why the hell did you tell them that for?"

"I don't know... I just did." She shrugged. "Anyway, we need to start packing up our stuff we're leaving for the US this afternoon. Tony wants to get back as soon as possible to start work on the house and get a contract with NEST sorted out."

"Contract?" Rhodey asked.

"He's made a weapons deal with us." Lennox cut in. "Anyway, Rhodey probably needs some rest now. We'll go find Tony and Epps and make sure they don't kill each other."

"We'll see you later, okay?" Pepper said as she and Lennox left the room.



A few hours later, everyone was standing out on the tarmac, ready to say goodbye to Tony, Rhodey and Pepper. Rhodey was saying goodbye to Lennox and Epps, whilst Tony said farewell to Graham and Ironhide and Pepper wished Glen and Maggie the best of luck in the future, then said goodbye to Bumblebee.

"Don't stay away too long." Lennox said, addressing Tony and Rhodey. "I'd still love to hear the story of why you two shared a bed in college."

"That's it!" Tony threw his hands up in despair "I'm firing a Jericho missile at him! Morshower, make sure you evacuate the whole of Diego Garcia. One Jericho missile would probably wipe this whole place out."

"Sorry, Tony. I don't think I can do that." Morshower said. "Have a safe journey home."

"We will." Tony said. "I'll get that contract drawn up as soon as I can."

"I look forward to it." Morshower stepped forwards and shook hands with Tony. "So long, Tony."

"Goodbye, Morshower." Tony smiled. He headed up the ramp with Rhodey and Pepper, walking past two people coming down the ramp – one male, one female. Both of them were either older teenagers, or young adults. They walked over to Lennox, the boy looking slightly puzzled, the girl looking surprised at the smile the guy wearing the sunglasses and the suit had given her.

"Who was that?" Sam Witwicky asked, watching the ramp on the C-17 close and the aircraft begin to move.

"That was Tony Stark." Lennox replied.

"Tony Stark as in – Iron Man Tony Stark?" Mikaela asked. Lennox nodded. "He was here and you never told us?"

"It was meant to be secret..." Lennox shrugged.

"So?" Mikaela snapped.

"Whoa, chill Mikaela." Sam said. "Why are you so pissed that you missed Tony Stark?"

"Haven't you looked at him, Sam?" Mikaela asked. "He's gorgeous!"

"Well I'm glad he's gone..." Sam mumbled. He knew that he would never be able to compete with Tony Stark.

"Me too." Lennox sighed. "He isn't exactly the easiest person to co-operate with. Are you two hungry?"


"I'm kind of glad that we're going home now." Tony said. "Y'know, that we're leaving Diego Garcia."

"Because you can return to the life of the rich and famous?" Rhodey asked.


"Why?" Pepper asked. "You seemed to get on with everyone there."

"Nah... it's just Lennox." Tony pulled a face. "He wasn't really easy to co-operate with."

"That's rich coming from you." Rhodey snorted.

"I'm still sleeping in your bed." Tony insisted. Rhodey scowled at him and Pepper giggled. Oh yeah, going home was definitely a relief.


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