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My Dame in Shining Armor

Night at the Movies

A Chrave Two-shot by LaughLoveLove

They had put up with thirteen years of school, a countless number of boring teachers, bullying from Alana and Bianca and passing Miss Dearborn's history class to reach this night. It was prom night for Raven, Eddie and Chelsea.

It was a foregone conclusion that the three of them would share the longest, blackest limousine they could find – even longer than the one they share for junior prom. All of their dates from the previous year had changed. Chantel had broken up with Eddie at the beginning of their senior year. His date for the evening would be Alicia, the alternate captain of Bayside's cheerleading squad. Chelsea's boyfriend from the year earlier, Danny, had moved with his parents to Houston after his father was hired by NASA. Her date for the evening was Jimmy, one of Eddie's teammates from the basketball team. Finally, Raven's on again, off again beau, Devon, hadn't been back to San Francisco since he visited Raven on the night of the junior prom. Raven was being escorted to the prom by Damien, a student that transferred to Bayside from Arizona for his senior year.

The plan for the evening was for Eddie to be picked up first then have the limo pick Alicia up from her house. Raven's date would meet her at her house and they would be picked up next followed by Chelsea and her date from Chelsea's house. Eddie was scheduled to be picked up at six meaning that the limo would arrive at Chelsea's around 7:30 to take them to dinner with them arriving at the prom at little after 9:30.

It was nearing the 6:45 pickup time when the doorbell rang. Raven was down in her room putting the final touches on her makeup when her mother knocked on the door.

"Rae?" Tonya said. "Damien's here."

"Thanks Mom." Raven said.

"You look gorgeous." Tonya replied as she gazed at her daughter's baby blue spaghetti-strap prom gown.

"There is no disputing this." Raven said with a chuckle before softening. "Thank you Mom. I feel pretty tonight. I'm so excited."

"Just don't get too excited, if you know what I mean." Tonya playfully warned.

"Mom! I don't even like him like that!" Raven said. "He's just pretty arm candy." She said sweetly.

"Nevertheless, you can't be too careful." Tonya said as she discreetly handed Raven a condom. Raven opened her mouth to protest. "Don't… argue and don't tell me if you end up using it. It'll make me feel better just knowing that you have it."

"Okay." Raven said with a smirk.

"Now come on. You don't want to keep him waiting." Tonya said. Raven smiled and followed her mother out of the room, closing the door behind her. Tonya ascended the stairs followed by Raven. When Raven reached the top of the stairs, Damien's mouth fell agape slightly.

"Wow, Raven, you look… beautiful." Damien said.

Raven smiled sweetly. "Thank you. You're looking pretty handsome yourself." She said of the light-skinned African-American young man that stood just a shade less than six feet tall with a lean, athletic build.

"Let me just take a few pictures of you two and I'll leave you alone." Tonya said. "VICTOR! I'M ABOUT TO TAKE PICTURES!

"I'LL BE THERE IN A SECOND! I ALMOST BURNED SOMETHING!" Victor called out from the kitchen. Just then, the phone rang. A second later, the door bell sounded as well. Raven went to answer the door, while Tonya answered the phone.

"Hey Eddie!" Raven said. "Looking sharp!"

"You too Rae! You clean up nice!" Eddie said.

"Alicia, you look so pretty!" Raven said.

"I love your dress, Raven!" Alicia responded.

"Raven." Tonya said in a somber voice. "It's Richard Daniels. You need to take this."

"Mom? What's wrong?" Raven said as she lifted the hem of her dress slightly and briskly walked from the door over to the phone. "Hi, Mr. Daniels. Is something wrong with Chelsea?" Raven asked with concern.

"Raven, Chelsea's date just called her a few minutes ago. He cancelled on her and didn't give her a reason why." Chelsea's father explained. "She's devastated. She's crying her eyes out right now. Her mother's in her room with her now but… I know you're about to leave soon… maybe you could come over for a minute to…"

Raven cut Mr. Daniels off. "Mister D, I'll be right there." Raven said as her voice cracked. "Tell your wife to try to keep her calm until I get there." Raven said as her tears started to fall. She then hung up the phone and turned to her mother. "Mom, I need your keys."

"Raven, what's wrong?" Tonya asked calmly but with concern heavy in her voice.

It took everything inside her to control the sob that threatened to escape her lips. "That son-of-a-bitch date of hers cancelled on her at the last minute!" Raven fumed as tears streamed down her face. "She's up in her room bawling right now! I need to go see her."

"Raven, maybe you shouldn't drive like…"

"Mom! I cannot… do this with you right now. I'll be fine. I need to go see Chelsea NOW." Raven said sternly. Tonya looked at her daughter's resolute face and simply nodded. She turned to go into the kitchen to retrieve her keys. Raven then turned to face Damien. "I am so sorry…"

"Don't worry about it. I understand." Damien said. "I have a sister that's a sophomore. I couldn't imagine anyone doing that to her. Go."

"Thank you." Raven kissed Damien on the cheek.

"Rae? You want me to go with you?" Eddie asked.

"No. Take Alicia to the prom and have a good time. I'll take care of Chelsea." Raven said just as her mother returned with the keys to her new Acura RL and handed them to her.

"Give her my love." Eddie said.

"Mine too." Tonya added as Raven headed for the door. She turned to smile before walking out, leaving the four shell-shocked people behind her.

Less than ten minutes later, Raven wheeled into the driveway of the Daniels' home. She jogged up to the door and knocked rapidly. Richard Daniels answered the door.

"Raven. Thanks for coming." He said as he embraced Raven. "I hope your date's not too upset about you being late."

"I'm not going. I'm staying with Chelsea." Raven said as she heard a sob come from upstairs that nearly broke her heart on the spot.

"Raven?" Rich said.

"I'll be okay." Raven said as she wiped her tears. "Thank you." Raven then picked her dress up again and headed up the stairs to Chelsea's room. She stood outside and took a deep breath before knocking lightly on the door.

"Come in." Joni Daniels said softly. Raven opened the door slowly and had her knees nearly buckle at the sight before her. Joni was rocking Chelsea back and forth in her arms as they sat on the edge of her bed. Chelsea was in a silent catatonic state in between crying fits as her head lay in her mother's bosom. Raven was unable to see her face for the shock of reddish-auburn hair that concealed her profile. Joni pursed her lips, looking at Raven with a heartbroken look of her own as Chelsea's best friend gingerly walked over to the bed. Raven knelt down just in front of Chelsea who was still oblivious to her presence. Raven rested her hands on her own knees as she cocked her head to the side and peered at Chelsea from below.

"Chels?" Raven called out as softly as she possibly could.

Chelsea slowly lifted her head and turned it to look down at Raven. Joni had already wiped Chelsea's face with a warm washcloth during her first crying spell. Chelsea's eyes were puffy and swollen, her porcelain complexion blotchy from the blood that had gone to her face as she cried and then retreated when she had stopped. When Chelsea's brain had fully registered that Raven was in front of her, a new round of fresh tears welled up inside her. Her face contorted into sobbing position a moment before any sound came out. Raven's façade crumbled as she watched Chelsea's slow motion meltdown. Chelsea then began audibly sobbing as she slid out of her mother's arms down to her knees in front of Raven.

Raven grabbed her best friend and began cradling her as they both wept. Joni, who had kept her emotions in check for the sake of her daughter, silently broke down upon seeing these two beautiful young women in their prom gowns on their knees bitterly weeping. Joni silently tiptoed toward the bedroom door and to the other side into her husband's waiting arms allowing her an opportunity to weep for her daughter.

After several minutes of crying, their sobs began to subside. As the tears began to slowly dry up, Raven went from a state of sorrow to a state of near-rage.

"No." Raven said in matter-of-fact fashion through the last of her tears. "No Chels." She said as she took Chelsea by the arms and slowly pushed her back so she could look at her. "We are not going to let that motherfucker ruin our night." Raven said defiantly as she held Chelsea by her upper arms. "He had his half and hour to hurt you. You hear me?"

"This… hurts." Chelsea painfully squeezed out.

"I… can't even imagine how much it hurts Chels." Raven said. "But I think it'll hurt worse if you sit here and let it eat you up."

Chelsea remained silent for a moment and then spoke. "Why… did he… do this to me?" Chelsea paused. "What… did I do to him?"

"He's an insensitive asshole. That's why he did it to you." Raven spat. "And you did nothing to him but be a kind, sweet beautiful girl. He made the worst mistake of his miserable fucking life, I can tell you that. I am gonna fuck his shit up when I see him Monday. He better not come back to school. I will kill his ass."

"All I wanted to do was go to the prom and have a good time with my friends." Chelsea said softly.

"You are still gonna have a good time with me tonight." Raven said.

Chelsea then realized what Raven was missing to be there with her. "Oh my God! Raven! You're missing dinner! You don't want to be late to the prom!" Chelsea said in panicked but subdued fashion.

"I'm not going." Raven said. "If you're not going then I'm not going. Prom would not be fun without you."

"Rae, don't to that." Chelsea said softly as they continued to sit in the middle of the floor in her room. "We've been talking about prom since the sixth grade."

"That's right. WE have been talking about prom since the sixth grade." Raven said. "I could not and would not be able to enjoy myself knowing that you were sitting here. You're stuck with me tonight, Biscuithead. Like it or not."

Chelsea looked at Raven for a moment before throwing her arms around Raven's neck. "You are the best friend anyone could ever have." Chelsea said. "I love you so much."

"I love you too girl." Raven said as she embraced Chelsea, closing her eyes. She then opened her eyes and pulled back. "Get changed."

"Get changed? Why?" Chelsea asked.

"Because I'm taking you out." Raven said. "You are not sitting in this room tonight; not on my watch."

"I don't want to…"

"You have thirty seconds to start taking that dress off or I'm gonna take it off for you!" Raven said. "Now throw some jeans and a top on or something. I'm going downstairs to wait for you. We'll swing by my place and I'll change and then we're going to Oakland, so nobody we know will see us and ask why we're not at the prom, we're going to eat dinner and see a movie, my treat."

"But Rae…"

"Thirty, twenty-nine, twenty-eight…"

"Okay! Okay! Gimme ten minutes." Chelsea said.

"That's my girl." Raven said with a smile as she turned to leave.

"Rae?" Chelsea called out to her. Raven turned around. Chelsea walked back over to Raven and embraced her again. "Thank you." Chelsea said softly.

"That's what best friends are for." Raven said warmly before pulling back. "I'll be downstairs."

"K." Chelsea said as Raven turned to leave Chelsea to change.

Forty-five minutes and two wardrobe changes later, Raven and Chelsea were on their way to dinner and a movie in Oakland. On the way to Oakland, Raven did her best to keep Chelsea in good spirits, but every now and then Raven would find Chelsea lapsing back into a despondent state.

"He's a piece of shit, Chels. He's a piece of shit that wasn't even your boyfriend. He was just some prick that you were going to share pictures with. That's it." Raven said, trying to be the encouraging friend as she watched Chelsea stare out the window,.

"I just feel… like I was left at the altar or something." Chelsea said.

"That's his loss." Raven said. "He's missing out on the most beautiful prom date at Bayside High." Raven said as she drove.

"Raven, I know you mean well, but empty compliments to make me feel better aren't gonna work." Chelsea said.

"Empty compliments. That's what you think I'm giving you is empty compliments?" Raven asked.

"I'm not hot. I'm a… goofy, tree-hugging, wannabe environmentalist that guys don't give a second look to." Chelsea said.

"That is the one thing I don't like about you! You do that… self-deprecating thing, downing yourself." Raven said. "You have got to stop that."

"I don't have the confidence you do." Chelsea said. "You strut around knowing you're the shit. I don't have it like that."

"I have insecurities just like you do. But you sell yourself way short. You are drop dead gorgeous, period." Raven said. "And I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm your best friend. If I was into girls, I'd be all over you like a spider monkey!"

Chelsea laughed. "A spider monkey? I'm flattered." Chelsea chuckled.

"I'm serious! I'd be all up in here!" Raven reached over and started pawing at Chelsea, tickling the sensitive redhead making her giggle uncontrollably. Chelsea started swatting playfully at Raven.

"Stop it, you… lesbo!" Chelsea joked.

"You know you want this!" Raven shot back. "Don't make me pull over the car!"

"Don't make me make you pull over the car!" Chelsea answered. "This IS prom night!"

"See! I knew you wanted to get laid tonight!" Raven said. "You know what Mom gave me tonight? A condom."

"You're lying!" Chelsea exclaimed.

"She said I can't be too careful." Raven said.

Chelsea laughed and then changed gears in mid-conversation, her demeanor becoming serious. "What insecurities could you possibly have? You are Raven Baxter; fabulous Raven Baxter." Chelsea inquired.

"You're kidding, right?" Raven said. "Thunderthighs. I should be a pro wrestler."

"Bullshit. Killer legs. Keep going." Chelsea said.

"My hair has a mind of its own." Raven said.

"Jet black, exotic and sexy. Keep going." Chelsea retorted. Raven smirked and huffed but kept breaking herself down.

"My lips are too big." Raven said.

"You're on crack. Your lips are pouty and perfect. What else?" Chelsea responded.

"My boobs are massive." Raven added.

"More to suck on." Chelsea deadpanned. Raven let out a shocked huffing sound before laughing.

"That was about the last thing I thought you'd say!" Raven exclaimed. "I see your sense of humor is still intact. Anyway, you've got some nerve! You can put a hurtin' on a t-shirt your damn self!"

"That's from hanging around you. You know how they say that women that spend a lot of time around each other become synchronized." Chelsea said.

"They were talking about periods." Raven said. "But if we are synchronized, where's your booty?"

"Whaddya mean?" Chelsea exclaimed. "I have a booty! I can't help it if I'm not built like a stripper!" Raven's response was to reach over and tickle Chelsea again, causing her to howl in laughter. "BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL!" Chelsea exclaimed as she laughed.

They continued to laugh and play for the next fifteen minutes until they arrived at their destination, an indoor mall in suburban Oakland. After going to grab a bite to eat, the best friends went to see a romantic comedy. As they were settling in for the previews, Chelsea looked over at Raven warmly.

"Did I thank you for taking me out tonight?" Chelsea asked.

"Twice during dinner." Raven said with a smile.

"Well I'm gonna say it again. Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me." Chelsea said.

"You're my girl Chels. Always have been, always will be." Raven then borrowed a line from the movie Dirty Dancing. "Nobody puts Chelsea in a corner." Raven said causing Chelsea to smile broadly and swell with pride and love for her friend. The lights then dimmed and they sank into the plush stadium seats to enjoy the previews and the movie to come.

A large bucket of popcorn and two small sodas got them to the halfway point of the movie. As Raven sat slightly reclined in her seat, Chelsea turned her body in her seat slightly and rested her head on Raven's shoulder.

"Am I heavy?" Chelsea whispered.

"No. You're good. You comfortable?" Raven asked.

"Yeah." Chelsea responded. She paused for a second. "You'd think more people would have come to see this." She said, noticing about six people in the theater besides themselves.

Without thinking about her choice of words, Raven responded. "Kids are at the prom and their parents are home taking pictures." Raven said. Her comment was met with silence. Raven caught herself. "Chels, I'm sorry…"

"It's okay. I've got my prom date right here." Chelsea said with a smile as she laid her head back on Raven's shoulder. Raven smiled. "You came to my rescue." Chelsea whispered.

"I guess I'm your… dame in shining armor, huh?" Raven whispered.

Chelsea looked up at Raven. "Yeah. My massively boobed dame in shining armor." Chelsea joked causing them to giggle. She then put her head back on Raven's shoulder and watched more of the movie. While she was watching the screen, her mind rolled back to the shock and devastation she felt when Jimmy called to cancel, the total release of her emotions the instant she saw Raven in her room and the peace she felt as she sat there next to a person that would do whatever it took to make her happy.

"Rae?' Chelsea whispered as she lifted her head and looked at her best friend.

"Yeah?" Raven answered.

"This is the best date I've ever been on." Chelsea replied innocently. Raven smiled and placed a soft kiss on Chelsea's forehead. Chelsea held her gaze on Raven for a moment before leaning in slow motion up to meet Raven's lips in a soft kiss that neither young woman expected nor turned away from.

No words were spoken for the next several minutes as the impromptu make out session continued at the slow, sensually erotic pace. No thought was being given to the aftermath of this encounter, only to the warmth and tenderness of the moment. They gently tilted their heads back and forth as they savored the softness of each others lips. The parted their lips slightly allowing their tongues to peek out and hesitantly explore the other woman's mouth. Chelsea brought her right hand up to gently cup Raven's face as she continued to kiss her. Raven brought her left hand up and ran her hands through Chelsea's thick auburn mane as she melted into the unexpected kiss from her best friend.

Moments before things escalated to another level, they both nearly simultaneously pulled back, giving each other a shocked, wide-eyed look that spoke volumes about what was going on in their heads. As stunning as it was to both of them that they had just kissed their best friend, it was equally as stunning that they individually had enjoyed it as much as any kiss as they had received in their young lives.

"I'm… sorry." Chelsea whispered. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She was powerless to stop herself from repeating her apology.

"S'okay." That was all that Raven could eke out as she gazed at Chelsea in shock over what had just occurred. They both slowly turned toward the screen and watched the rest of the movie with no physical contact or conversation of any type.

After the movie, they walked out to Raven's mother's car as if they had seen the Grim Reaper close up. No words were spoken, no eye contact was made. It was as awkward as they had ever been. Raven sat under the wheel, her mind unable and perhaps unwilling to enable her to start the car. With only a parking lot light illuminating the inside of the car, Chelsea spoke the first words since their kiss.

"I don't know what I was thinking." Chelsea started out. "I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry." Raven turned her head to look at Chelsea. For one of the few times in her life, Raven Lydia Baxter was speechless. "I felt vulnerable and you have been so sweet this evening and… I was just… weak. I am so sorry." Raven still said nothing as she looked at Chelsea with an unreadable expression on her face. "Please forgive me Rae. I swear I just got caught up in a moment and…"

"Shut up Chels." Raven said in a low, flat and drained tone.

"Oh God… I made you mad. Rae, I…"

"Shut… up… Chels." Raven said in the same tone as the first time she uttered those words. Raven saw from her vantage point that a tear threatened to leave Chelsea's eye. "Don't cry." Raven said in that same flat tone as she leaned toward Chelsea. "Come here." She said as she reached in the arm rest and took out a tissue. She then dabbed at Chelsea's eye as the redhead leaned in. "Don't cry." Raven repeated. "I can't kiss you if you're crying." Raven said softly as she leaned in and pressed her lips to Chelsea's again.

Chelsea quivered as Raven's lips contacted hers again. This kiss was slower and even more erotic than the kiss in the theater. Raven and Chelsea lost themselves in each other as they kissed. Chelsea caught Raven's bottom lip between her teeth and gently tugged. Moments later, Raven returned the favor. Neither of them dared to speed up; the sensation and emotion might have been lost if they did. After several excruciatingly erotic moments, Raven pulled back. There was a look of hazy, erotic lust in her eyes that Chelsea had never seen before. Raven's eyes, normally a honey hazel color, were as jet black as her hair. For the first time in her life, Chelsea felt like her body was on fire from head to toe.

Raven disconnected her gaze from Chelsea only long enough to find her cell phone and hit the quick dial button for her house.

"Hey Dad… She's fine. Would you have a problem if we stayed out tonight and have a girl's night out?... We're in Oakland…" She said to her father, never taking her eyes off of Chelsea. "I was gonna get us a hotel room and we were gonna hang out, just like after the prom except no boys, no other people, just us… Thanks Dad. I'll call you when we get there… Love you too. Bye." Raven snapped her phone shut and lowering it to her lap as her eyes stayed fixed on Chelsea.

"Just us, huh?" Chelsea said as the fire that she felt was getting hotter by the second.

"Am I taking you home or to the hotel?" Raven asked.

"The hotel. I have a feeling our parents don't want to hear our girl's night out." Chelsea purred.

"Or see this." Raven said lustfully as she slowly leaned in to partake of Chelsea's crimson lips yet again. Chelsea moaned slightly as Raven kissed her with all of the passion she had inside her. It was as if Chelsea's kiss in the theater awakened something inside Raven that had taken over her senses.

After another minute of white hot erotic kissing, Chelsea pulled away. "Start the car." Chelsea said as Raven saw the same look of lustful wantonness in Chelsea's eyes that she had moments earlier. In an ironic reversal of physical response to stimuli, Chelsea's brown eyes lightened to nearly the same honey hazel color that Raven's eyes were naturally as she became more aroused.

Chelsea decided to punctuate her point by leaning over and seizing Raven's neck with her mouth, latching on to the sensitive area that Raven had told her about in strict best friend confidence.

"SHIT!" Raven exclaimed as she threw her head back, the sensation of Chelsea's mouth on her neck rocketing through her body. Raven quickly righted herself and started the car. "Chels! I can't drive with you doing that." Raven stammered.

"So don't." Chelsea said as she continued to suck on Raven's neck.

Raven felt another wave of pleasure surge through her as she decided whether or not she could safely get them to the hotel that was right behind the mall with Chelsea all over her. "Fuck it." Raven growled just before throwing the car into gear and heading around to the backside of the mall parking lot to the hotel.

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