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My Dame in Shining Armor

The Hotel California

A Chrave Two-shot by LaughLoveLove

Chelsea sat in the passenger seat of the car turned on by the way that Raven was maneuvering the car around the half-empty parking lot.

"Damn Rae." Chelsea said. "You're driving this car like you're trying to get somewhere fast."

Raven smirked. "You noticed." Raven replied simply.

"I noticed that you were like Amerie… you know… you liked the way I kissed your neck in public." Chelsea said referring to a line in Amerie's song, Take Control.

"So you called yourself taking control just now?" Raven said as she pulled into a parking space about 15 spots away from the entrance to the hotel.

"No." Chelsea said as Raven put the car into park and turned off the ignition. "This is taking control." Chelsea then surprisingly grabbed Raven by the back of the hair, tugging slightly before pulling the darker girl toward her and kissing her with more passion than before.

Raven began panting as Chelsea broke the kiss. "Girl! If you don't stop…"

"We're sitting in front of a hotel making out. Do you really think the rest of that sentence is gonna make any sense?" Chelsea asked.

Raven smiled. Her demeanor then turned slightly serious. "Are we really gonna do this? Me and you?"

"We don't have to if you don't want to." Chelsea said. "I already feel a million times better than I did a couple of hours ago and it's all thanks to you."

"Kissing you is the best feeling I've had in a long time." Raven said. "It's been eight months since Devon and I…"

"It's been ten months since Danny left. I know." Chelsea said.

"I don't want this to be about sex." Raven said.

Chelsea paused as she thought about the meaning of Raven's last statement. "I know. I don't want to hurt you either." Chelsea said warmly. "I tell you what. Let's get a room, chill for a while, watch some TV and whatever happens… happens. No pressure."

Raven smiled. "I like that idea." She said. "Come on."

Raven and Chelsea got out of the car and went inside. After being given the last room they had for the night, a double, they headed up in the elevator. After entering the modestly-appointed room, they pulled their shoes off and flopped down, one on each bed, with Raven taking the remote and flipping through the channels while lying on her stomach.

It was Chelsea's idea to do the no-pressure TV watching evening, but her mind wandered as she sat with her back pressed against the headboard on her bed watching the channels go by. Every twenty seconds or so, she would glance over at Raven. She had noticed Raven's body before but never sat back and studied it as she was doing at that moment. And at that particular moment, there was one part of Raven's body that was capturing her attention. Chelsea found her eyes tracing the curve of Raven's backside and the rounding of her hips. She liked what she saw and with each glance the desire to see it close up grew.

As Raven's channel surfing landed on one of their favorite shows, Law and Order: SVU, her thoughts were of the auburn-haired beauty sitting behind and to the right of her on the other bed. She hadn't told her, but Chelsea was the best kisser she had ever known. Her lips were soft but she applied just enough pressure to make Raven feel thoroughly kissed. Raven also found her mind's eye lingering on a particular part of Chelsea's frame – her breasts.

She would occasionally tease Chelsea about the ample endowment for her size that was bestowed upon her. And with Chelsea deciding to add chicken and fish to her formerly all-vegetarian diet, the ten pounds that she gained landed below her waist giving her the makings of a killer hourglass figure that made the boys drool and the girl lying on her stomach channel surfing, take pause as well.

"For what it's worth, I loved your prom dress, what I saw of it." Raven said over her shoulder.

"Thanks Rae." Chelsea said sweetly. "You were pretty stunning yourself."

"Thanks Chels." Raven returned the sweet sentiment. She then rolled over on her side and propped her head up with her hand. "I am so sorry Jimmy did that to you."

"You know, a whole bunch of crap went through my mind as to why he stood me up." Chelsea said. "I mean stupid stuff. Is it because I'm white? Is it because I have red hair? Is my butt not big enough? Does he think he's not getting any tonight? Am I not pretty enough?"

"Don't you ever let me hear you say that again." Raven said sternly. "You are phenomenal and you know it."

Chelsea looked at Raven for a moment. "Watch Law and Order before I come over there and get you." Chelsea said playfully.

Raven smiled then glanced at the screen just as it went to commercial. "I…" Raven started as she got up off the bed. "… am going down the hall to grab some stuff out of the vending machine. We can't watch TV without junk."

"Amen to that sister!" Chelsea said.

Raven said as she walked up to the night stand and grabbed one of the key cards. She then looked over at Chelsea sitting on the bed. "I'll be right back." She then instinctively leaned over and placed a chaste kiss on Chelsea's lips. When she straightened up she froze, realizing what she had just done without thinking. Chelsea looked up at Raven equally stunned by the casual, natural feel of the moment.

"Rae? You know how you asked me in the car if we were really gonna do this?" Chelsea asked in a measured tone.

Raven nodded and then answered. "Yes."

"Put the key card down and come here." Chelsea said with a look in her eyes that left no doubt about her intentions for her best friend. Raven complied with Chelsea's request and leaned in for another soft kiss that began to escalate in intensity rather quickly. Chelsea slowly slid down onto her back, barely breaking contact with Raven's lips as she slid. With Raven now lying on top, the women launched into a steadily-paced kissing session that had each woman moaning softly as they kissed. Raven then moved down and started kissing along Chelsea's neckline causing her breath to catch in her throat.

Raven giggled softly. "I have no idea what I'm doing."

"Yes you do. Do to me what you want done to you." Chelsea breathlessly uttered. Raven locked eyes briefly with Chelsea before lowering her head to the redhead's neck once again. She then began kissing down her torso, stopping to nip at each breast through the fabric of the t-shirt and bra Chelsea was wearing. Chelsea shuddered when Raven's hand slipped under the bottom of her t-shirt and touched the cool skin of her stomach.

Raven lifted herself up, sitting back on her own legs as she motioned with one finger for Chelsea to sit up. When Chelsea did so, the dark-haired beauty slowly lifted Chelsea's t-shirt up over her head. She then slowly touched as much of Chelsea's exposed creamy skin as she could with her fingertips. Not waiting for Chelsea to unhook her bra, Raven hooked her thumbs around the shoulder straps and slowly slid the garment from her shoulders exposing Chelsea's round, firm breasts. The cool air from the room's air conditioner danced across her nipples, hardening them even more than Raven's actions.

Knowing from their previous conversation that Chelsea thought her lips were "pouty and perfect", Raven leaned forward and slowly and deliberately wrapped her lips around Chelsea's pink nipple and sucked with the lightest possible pressure. Chelsea moaned softly and gently ran her fingers through Raven's hair. Raven slightly shuddered at the new sensation of having someone play with her hair but quickly came to terms with the pleasant feeling.

After a moment of pleasing, Raven moved over to the other nipple, providing the same amount of stimulation as she did with the first. Chelsea's head fell to one side taking her thick mane of hair with it. Raven, glancing up in time to see this sexy development, applied more sucking pressure as well as a flicking of the tongue.

"Yes." Chelsea whispered. Raven's response was to lift her mouth slightly to allow Chelsea to see her tongue flicker on the swollen bud. She watched with aroused amazement as she saw her breasts receive tender care that they had never received before. Raven kissed her way in between Chelsea's breasts back to the other one and this time sucked deeply causing a sensation to shoot straight through to Chelsea's center. Chelsea gasped loudly and shuddered as her grip on Raven's hair tightened. Feeling a surge of sexually charged adrenaline course through her body, Chelsea groaned as she lifted Raven's mouth from her nipple and kissed her deeply causing Raven to groan in approval. "Time for my mouth to have a little fun." Chelsea purred to the delight of her ready and willing partner.

Raven raised her hands to the top button of her black button-down blouse only to have Chelsea playfully swat her hands away. "This is my Christmas present. I get to open it." Chelsea said as she first discarded her own bra before setting out to do the same with Raven's. Raven watched intently as Chelsea freed each button in succession until she reached the last. Raven felt her breathing grow shallow as her mind began to contemplate what was ahead. She anticipated that Chelsea would spend more time on her breasts than Devon ever did. It wasn't that he didn't like them; he just always had something else more important in mind.

Chelsea's fingertips dragged torturously along the length of Raven's arms as she slid the blouse toward Raven's wrists and then off. Goose bumps peppered Raven's arms upon Chelsea's touch. As she had done previously, Chelsea tangled her slender fingers in Raven's hair and tugged just hard enough to tilt Raven's head back to allow Chelsea to kiss and suck along Raven's neckline and down to the swells of her breasts.

"You are turning me on with the hair pulling." Raven said in a ragged whisper. As Raven still sat kneeling in the middle of the bed, Chelsea released her grip on Raven's hair and brought her hands down to squeeze Raven's breasts as she continued to kiss her ample cleavage.

Chelsea then lifted her head. "Don't move." She ordered softly as she got off the bed.

"Where…" Raven started to question before she felt the bed dip behind her. She then felt Chelsea brush her hair to one side of her neck before latching her crimson lips to Raven's exposed flesh. Raven gasped as she reached over her head to tangle her fingers through Chelsea's hair as the redhead worked on her pulse point. "How do you know I like this?" Raven breathlessly questioned.

Chelsea brought her lips to Raven's ear. "Devon walked up behind you and kissed your neck once at your house and you looked like you were gonna lose it." Chelsea recalled. "Kinda like you are now. Except he didn't do this." Chelsea then nibbled at Raven's earlobe as she cupped Raven's breasts, sweeping her thumbs across Raven's hard nipples through the fabric of her bra.

"AHHH! No. He didn't do this." Raven purred as she felt manipulation that was soothing and stimulating at the same time. Chelsea then upped the ante as she slid her hands inside the cups of Raven's bra and began tweaking her nipples. "OH GOD Chelsea!" Raven gasped. Raven's lungs filled with air. "I… am so wet right now."

"I bet you are. I am too." Chelsea growled.

"We better do something else soon or I'm gonna start without you." Raven said.

"I don't mind." Chelsea purred. "I think it would be kinda hot."

"Are you serious?" Raven asked with surprise in her voice.

"Let me help you." Chelsea said as she reached around Raven's waist and unbuttoned her jeans. She then tugged on Raven's zipper, pulling it down just enough for Raven to slip her hand inside. Chelsea then brought her lips back up to Raven's ear. "How's that?" Chelsea asked sexily. "Now you work on that while I work on this." Chelsea purred in Raven's ear before pulling back. Raven could feel the hook of her bra being slowly released.

Moments later, Chelsea slid the black lace undergarment off of Raven's torso and tossed it to the floor. Seeing that Raven was still in shock over Chelsea's sexiness, Chelsea decided to give her friend a hand. "Here." Chelsea said as she took Raven's right hand and slipped it inside the waistband of her underwear and over the damp curls that led to her clit. She then pressed Raven's fingers slightly causing Raven's fingers to press her clit. Raven gasped loudly upon first contact. "Touch yourself while I touch you." Chelsea said before cupping Raven's breasts from behind as Raven began to make slow circles on her clit.

"OH MY GOD!" Raven cried out as a warm, intense sensation built up inside her. Chelsea continued to roll, pinch and tweak Raven's nipples as she pressed her breasts into Raven's back. Raven's breath grew shallower by the minute as she drew closer to her ultimate release. She then took Chelsea's right hand off of her breasts and brought it down to her center to replace her own. "AHH! FUCK!" Raven screamed as she felt Chelsea's fingers massaging her clit for the first time. Chelsea continued the slow rhythmic circles until Raven could take no more. "UNH-UH! Not yet!" Raven growled as she removed Chelsea's hand from inside her jeans and spun around on the bed to face Chelsea.

This time it was Chelsea's turn to feel the tug of another pulling her hair as Raven grabbed a handful of auburn locks and kissed Chelsea with an all-consuming passion. Chelsea brought her hands up to Raven's face, cupping it as the intensity of their kissing reached another level. Their hands feverishly began to roam as both women sensed that the next phase of their encounter was at hand.

"Wait a minute." Chelsea breathlessly said in between kisses.

"What?" Raven said.

"You thought you got away didn't you?" Chelsea said.

"Got away with what?" Raven asked. Seconds later she received her answer as Chelsea descended upon her breast with lightening speed and sucked her nipple deeply.

"SHIT!" Raven exclaimed as she fell backwards onto her back with Chelsea on top of her. Chelsea began devouring Raven's breasts in a manner that stood in complete opposition of her normally quiet almost docile demeanor. Raven was experiencing a blissful state of rocket-like sensations setting her body afire. Chelsea moved from breast to breast with devastatingly effective nipping, licking and sucking with an occasional playful bite thrown in.

"OH MY GOD I want you so bad!" Raven bellowed as she was being pleasantly overwhelmed.

Chelsea took a break from her breast worship only to begin feverishly working on removing Raven's jeans. Raven began wiggling almost comically in her attempt to help Chelsea remove them, along with her underwear, as quickly as possible. They both let out a relieved chuckle when she was finally free.

"Tight jeans are…" Raven started.

"The tighter the better." Chelsea responded.

"All right then. You too Missy." Raven ordered. Chelsea responded by standing up and making quick work of her jeans and panties as well.

"Are we being playful now or serious?" Chelsea asked with a grin.

"I vote for both. Now get over here Brickhouse." Raven said, referring to the Commodores' song about a solidly built curvaceous woman.

"I'm a brickhouse now?" Chelsea asked with a smile.

Raven responded by reaching up and snatching Chelsea down onto the bed causing her to break out into an almost uncontrollable laughter that was immediately turned into something else as Raven touched Chelsea's clit for the first time.

"OH MY GOD RAVEN! Right there!" Chelsea was shocked that Raven found her rhythm upon her first touch.

Raven didn't kiss Chelsea so much as she consumed her as she continued fingering her.

"Please Rae! I don't wanna come yet!" Chelsea exclaimed as she felt an orgasm begin to rapidly build inside her.

Raven paused for a moment. "Don't worry Chels. If you do, it won't be your last one tonight. Just enjoy it." Raven purred into Chelsea's ear with calm sensuality. Raven then slowly withdrew her finger and began making very slow circles on Chelsea's clit, causing the redhead's eyes to roll into the back of her head and arch her back.

"If you touch yourself like this… no wonder you're… so happy all the time." Chelsea strained to say. Raven chuckled.

Raven lightened her touch slightly as she spoke. "I've made myself say 'Oh, Snap!' and some other stuff a few times."

"Oh, snap is not strong enough for what you're doing to me." Chelsea replied sexily.

"No?" Raven asked. "Well what does this make you say?" Raven asked before applying a little bit of rapid finger action to Chelsea's sensitive bud.

"Holy… shit!" Chelsea exclaimed as she arched her back again and squirmed. "Strong enough… for you?"

"I've never…" Raven began before realizing that Chelsea knew she had never pleasured a woman before. "I want to taste you."

Chelsea's eyes shot wide open. She had never experienced that before. Being orally pleased was something Danny just didn't do. Her body tingled in anticipation.

"I've never… gotten… that before." Chelsea said as her face lay mere inches from Raven's.

Raven smiled. "Then we're in the same boat." She replied, indicating to Chelsea that she had never received such treatment as well.

Chelsea then surprised, make that shocked, Raven with her response. "Well, since kindergarten, we've done everything together. Let's add that to the list."

It was Raven's turn to have her eyes shoot wide open in response to her new lover. Chelsea was proposing that they please each other simultaneously. Raven knew that there was one sure fire way to do that – a little position known as the "69" position. As Raven contemplated what Chelsea said, she did something curious; she began laughing.

"What's so funny?" Chelsea asked.

"If somebody told me this morning that you and I would be seriously talking about going down on each other…" Raven couldn't finish her sentence for laughing. Chelsea's face, which had registered no emotion and first, slowly lightened as a smile began to form. That smile morphed into a chuckle which in turn morphed into a laugh that matched Raven's.

"Eddie's head would explode thinking about it!" Chelsea said laughing.

"Which one?" Raven said causing them to fall out into a full, rolling belly laugh.

While still laughing, Chelsea had another question for Raven. "Rae? You nervous?"

"Nervous as hell!" Raven said as she chuckled.

Chelsea let out one more chuckle. "We can do this." She said with a chuckle before putting her lips to Raven's ear and becoming deadly serious. "Because I want to feel your lips on my pussy." Chelsea's uncensored comment shot through Raven like the proverbial hot knife through butter as she felt all playfulness leave her mind in an instant.

"Where did that come from?" Raven asked incredulously.

"Too much?" Chelsea asked.

"Hell no. I just didn't know you liked dirty talk." Raven said.

"Special occasions deserve special words." Chelsea said. "Now lay back."

Raven was stunned by Chelsea's sudden power play. It was a side of her best friend that she had never seen. Chelsea had always played the sidekick, second fiddle, Ethel to her Lucy and now her words were affecting Raven's body in a way she didn't know was possible. Raven positioned herself on her back in the middle of the bed in anticipation of what she knew was coming next. Chelsea flashed her a sexy smirk before getting up on all fours and pivoting on her left knee as she slowly swung her right leg over Raven's head, finally settling her right knee onto the mattress. Before Chelsea could adjust her position, an emboldened Raven grabbed Chelsea's thighs and pulled the redhead beauty toward her, Chelsea's center inches away from her face.

She could see Chelsea's glistening wetness and smiled a smile of satisfaction in knowing that she caused it. Chelsea was having a similar thought process as she looked down at the dampness that showed on Raven's honey-colored center.

Chelsea quivered as Raven kissed her inner thigh.

Raven twitched as Chelsea lightly stroked the hair just above Raven's clit.

Chelsea moaned softly as Raven's second kiss inched closer to her center.

Raven's head fell back and she closed her eyes as she felt Chelsea slowly pull back her clitoral hood exposing her.

Chelsea moaned louder as Raven placed her hands on Chelsea's backside and brought her lips up to meet Chelsea's clit for the first time.

Raven moaned, sending a vibration through Chelsea's body as Chelsea dropped her head and began kissing and licking Raven's center.

Nirvana. Heaven. Bliss. Those are three words that fail to come close to describing the emotions and the feelings that Raven and Chelsea were experiencing as they made love to one another. Time seemed to stand still, the world outside of their room ceased to exist as they physically became all things to each other.

At one point, Raven's skills began to overwhelm Chelsea as she lifted her head, then propped herself up in push-up position as she cried out. Raven told Chelsea to turn around and Chelsea complied, repositioning herself to face Raven. She continued to cry out, using language that Raven didn't realize Chelsea knew existed; as she reached down to grab Raven by the hair as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her until she could take no more, finally collapsing to one side panting heavily in recovering from her first-ever orally induced orgasm.

After staring at the ceiling for a moment as she recovered, Chelsea whispered, "Your turn", as she quickly spun around at settled between Raven's legs. Raven's chest heaved as her breath shortened. Chelsea then descended upon Raven with purpose, intent on delivering to Raven as powerful a climax as she had moments earlier. Raven cried out, alternating moans and grunts with sexy profanity. Raven pushing Chelsea's head closer to her center only served to fuel Chelsea's desire to give Raven the happy ending that both of them wanted. Chelsea glanced up to see Raven massaging her breasts as she cried out and decided to give her a hand, reaching up with one hand to pinch and roll Raven's nipple before bringing her hand back down, placing her hands behind Raven's knees and pushing her legs toward her chest just before delivering what would turn out to be the flickering of the tongue that would send Raven tumbling over the edge.

Raven was panting, desperately trying to get air to return to her lungs, but she could not wait to share something with Chelsea.

"I've never come so hard in my life!" Raven breathlessly exclaimed. "Shit!" Raven uttered as she squirmed.

Chelsea, who had flopped to the side and was lying on her stomach with her head parallel to Raven's waist delivered what was going to be a sidesplitting deadpan. "My jaw hurts."

Sure enough, Raven exploded in laughter as Chelsea chuckled, trying to suppress her desire to laugh out loud.

"My jaw was a little sore too, but I don't care." Raven said. "I intend for my jaw to hurt some more tonight."

"Oh? You think you're getting some more tonight?" Chelsea teased.

"Damn right I am! You my woman now!" Raven said in a deep voice before reaching down, grabbing Chelsea by the wrist and pulling her up beside her with Chelsea laughing during her impromptu slide.

"You could give me comforter burn doing that!" Chelsea exclaimed.

"I'd kiss it and make it better." Raven said devilishly.

"Why didn't we do this sooner?" Chelsea asked.

"I don't think you had come to terms with your… latent desire for me sexually." Raven joked.

"You are so full of shit!" Chelsea exclaimed. "You've probably wanted to tap this since the pool party last year… the way you kept complimenting me on my bikini!"

"Okay… tap this? You've been hanging around me way too long! And if anything would turn a girl out, it would be you in that bikini." Raven said.

"You always say the sweetest things." Chelsea said with mock sarcasm. Her demeanor then turned serious. "Thank you for tonight. Prom night turned out better than I could have possibly imagined."

"Who needs fancy dresses and limousines when you have the one you love with you." Raven said.

Chelsea smiled warmly. "I love you too Rae." She said before placing a soft kiss on Raven's lips.

"But don't thank me for tonight just yet." Raven said. "The night's not even close to being over yet."

Chelsea snuggled up to Raven even closer as she grinned. "Aww, suki, suki now!" Chelsea exclaimed.

"Okay, one more of those and I'm gonna have to give you your honorary black girl card!" Raven teased.

"We can work on that later. Right now, I want my full benefit Raven orgasm card." Chelsea purred.

Raven smirked and then rolled over on top of Chelsea. "Then in that case, let me help you fill out your application." Raven said before lowering her head to kiss Chelsea, continuing a night of lovemaking that finally ended just before 1 am with them falling asleep in each others arms.

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