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Rank-Jonin, Relationship status-Single, age-20





Chapter One

The sky was bright and peaceful on this early spring day as blooming cherry blossom trees swayed with the winds. Song birds chirped happily with the drifting laughter of children reaching through an open window. In the tallest tower of the city, on the highest floor of the building, in the largest room on the floor, was the Hokage's office. In this grand room, a warm pleasant breeze blew through the windows of the office, ruffling the leaves of several small office plants.

Just then two newlyweds walked inside smiling and laughing in each other's company. Hinata Hyuga, now a full grown woman, in all her glory and happiness was married to the love of her life, Naruto Uzumaki. The same boy she had adored since childhood had become her husband. Now a respectable man, Naruto had grown to become one of the strongest man in all of Konoha, and certainly the most influential in the entire world—he was the Hokage.

"Naruto..." Hinata whispered, her voice as soft and gentle as the breeze caressing her face. Bathing in a ring of sunlight she stepped towards a large open window and gazed through the windows at the beauty of Konoha.

Naruto smiled as he admired his wife calmly view the city he was in command of. Hinata Hyuga, the one with a personality that was nothing but friendly. Stunning fair skin, full pink lips, soft locks of dark hair perfectly framing her beautiful face, and her eyes… those Byakugan eyes. They always seem to be gleaming whenever he gazed into them. Hinata's very essence itself was beautiful. Admittedly, her striking features never failed to entice his hormones.

A thought struck him and his lips curled into a mischievous smirk. He snickered stupidly to himself at the brilliance of this sudden idea. Silently and with all the skill and stealth of a well experienced shinobi, he crept behind her. Before Hinata had a chance to realize anything, in a blur of yellow, Naruto appeared behind her, captured her in his arms, and began attacking her with his made up "thousand kisses jutsu."

Hinata giggled, thinking of how childish her husband truly was.

"Surrender to me now or I'll attack you with more than the lips on my face," said Naruto making an obnoxiously ugly pouting face. "I have to protect the village."

She smiled apprehensively at him, "Protection from what?"

"From your pretty mesmerizing face!"

Naruto's hands captured her chin. Hinata giggled. Without another word, he pulled her face up and together, their lips met. She didn't resist his kissing jutsu, but instead the warmth of their bodies came closer and their kiss deepened.

Naruto pulled his head back just enough to watch her, knowing how difficult it was for Hinata to hide her embarrassment. She wasn't ready to break their lips apart. He chuckled as visible tints of red roused her cheeks. His wife's reactions were always too cute to miss. No matter how long they've been together, at all of his romantic gestures she continues to fail miserably at hiding her embarrassment.

"Naruto?" asked Hinata, concern now evident across her face. "Are you okay?"

He smiled warmly at the woman in his arms.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he answered, embracing her tightly as he held her a little more possessively. "It's nothing to worry about." He kissed her cheeks lightly and couldn't help but let his lips linger. His warm breath brushing against her neck, as he whispered quietly, "stay with me and I'll always be okay..."

Yes, he had to admit it—He was perfectly fine.

Hinata smiled, touching the strong arms that embraced her. Being with him was so comfortable, so natural and so right. Naruto was the one and only person she had ever loved intimately, romantically, and passionately. He can be very silly sometimes with his wild antics and jovial attitude, but he was also the type of man that will continue to bring a smile to any pained heart.

"Naruto… as long as you have love for me, I will never leave you." Her voice was soft but bold. The annoying childish stutters were long forgotten as she felt confident and safe in the embrace of the man she loves.

The little space between their lips closed when he sealed their silent promise with a kiss. Her heart fluttered at the passion and intensity of his lips. Their bodies drew close, arms wrapped around the other, her legs shaking with excitement. Her knees were growing weak at his wondering hands. The blood rushed to her pale face and her cheeks quickly became scarlet. Feeling the sudden euphoria, she thought her body could no longer take it. Everything was too good to be true. She was going to faint from pure happiness.

Naruto could feel her quiver and instinctively he held her tighter, refusing to release her from their kiss. He felt her tremble against his body and smirked. Reaching for her legs, he swoop her petite frame into his arms and gradually made his way to their bedroom where magic was to happen.

Hinata's light giggles resonated through the empty hall. Guarding ANBU disappeared into the shadows.

Naruto was glad he married this woman in his arms—they were in love and most importantly— they were happy.

And judging by her giggling, he was sure she enjoyed every moment of being Ms. Uzumaki.


Two Years later: One peaceful night

"Naruto… Why are you still working?" Hinata asked, as she leaned against the door frame of his office.

It was 2 am in the morning, and while the rest of the village was sleeping the night away, Hinata was finding it difficult to sleep in a large room alone and even more daunting to bring her work-procrastinating husband back to bed.

"Will you…please come to bed," she asked sweetly.

Naruto heaved a deep sigh and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. He grabbed a stack of documents and waved them wildly in the air. "Hinata, I can't. It's a big day tomorrow. Big day! BIG DAY! Gaara—I mean the Kazekage will be here tomorrow. AND there's a four man mission I need to set up as soon as possible!"

"I'll help you with them tomorrow. Please come to bed," she offered, ready to drag her husband back to their bedroom.

"It needs to be done by…" trailed Naruto, as he ran his fingers through the stacks of papers looking for the exact date, "done by two weeks ago."

Hinata rubbed her tired eyes and understood all too well the procrastinating habits of her forgetful husband.

Naruto clenched the sides of his desk feeling worn out, impatient and grumpy. But as Hinata continued to force him away from his work, he became even more impatient and more annoyed. "Hinata just go to bed! I'll be done soon," he growled, rubbing his tired eyes.

She came forward and took his hand, "you can finish this tomorrow—"

"HINATA!" He slapped her away. "Just go to bed!" Naruto shouted, pushing himself off his seat.

She took a frightened step back. He has never been physically violent or aggressive with her before. This sort of behavior was unusual of him.

Naruto, fuming with rage, looked down at his frightened wife. Sure enough, her fearful eyes changed nothing. He didn't care if she was scared. He didn't care if he had to push her out of his office. This was not the time to deal with a bothersome wife. All he wanted was to be left alone to do his work.

He came towards her. His hands balled into tight fists, teeth clenched, annoyed, and furious. To her, he looked utterly frightening. He was different. And for the first time in a long time, she was scared of him. He reached for her arm, ready to drag her out, but Hinata stood.

Without another word, she began walking towards the door. Her silent footsteps were slow, hesitant, and light. She paused. For a moment, she stood at the door frame, as though waiting for him to apologize and embrace her. Naruto said nothing and did nothing. It was then, Hinata understood her presence wasn't wanted and left the room, closing the door quietly behind her, and leaving Naruto alone in his office.


Minutes later, Naruto continued to glare at the door, feeling frustrated and annoyed because now he didn't feel like returning to their bedroom and because he couldn't focus on his work anymore. Running his hands through his thick blonde hair, he sighed heavily and looked down at the forgotten files on his desk. The list of potential jounin remained scattered across the large oak table. Feeling unenthusiastic about his work, he returned to his desk and rummaged through the documents silently. Beneath the stack of discarded documents, Sakura Haruno's profile lay on his desk, as one of the potential jounin to consider for the four man assignment.


Naruto scratched his head absentmindedly, turned and gazed out the window. Come to think of it, he hasn't spoken to her in a long while. Aside from the medical care missions he had her assigned to. He never took the time to actually sit down and talked to his former teammate. Maybe it was because he was too busy with his own life, or he was keeping her too preoccupied with missions. Either way, neither of them found anytime to reconnect with team 7.

He jumped to his feet, knocking his seat to the floor, and dashed for the windows. In a giant leap, he jumped and landed on the roof of the Hokage Tower. The cold winds ruffled his robes and he welcomed the fresh night air. Work could wait 'til tomorrow, Naruto thought to himself. Right now he wanted some solitude.

Jumping onto a neighboring roof, he dashed towards the one place that felt like his second home—Ichiraku Ramen House.


"Whaaat!—It's closed?"

Naruto stood in front of his favorite ramen shop and hung his gloomy head in defeat. He had hoped to enjoy a warm bowl of ramen from his favorite cook, but was disappointed to find out its closing time had changed. Since when did the old man and his daughter ever close the shop? As far as he's concerned as long as there's one customer that's hungry—meaning him—the restaurant should stay open all day and all night.

This really sucks, he thought to himself.


Sakura came waving and smiling at him. The very person he was thinking of earlier appeared right in front of him. The sight of her made his heart skip. Ramen would have been nice but Sakura's company was priceless.

"Oi, Sakura! What are you doing here?" Naruto asked cheerfully, "I was just going to look for you!"

Sakura arched a brow. "Ne Naruto, you thought I'd be eating ramen this late?" she asked unbelievingly.

"Eh heh that's right, you only enjoy ramen when I'm not around," he laughed, scratching his head in embarrassment.

"I just came back from the Hospital. Naruto, Ichiraku doesn't stay open this late any more. But if you want ramen, I can make you some. I'm a bit hungry myself," she offered.

His giant blonde head swelled in excitement as a thick river of drool ran relentlessly down his front. The thought of Sakura's nurturing hands cooking ramen for him was like a dream come true.

"Oi Sakura! You're going to cook for me?" Naruto's large blue eyes sparkled. "You know when a woman cooks for a man, it means she has feelings for him!" he grinned, flexing his modest muscles, as if saying he was the MAN she had feelings for.

"Jeez Naruto stop acting like a twelve year old!–You're Hokage now!–You represent all of Konoha!" she yelled, punching him roughly, "so stop acting like an idiot!"

Sakura seized his arm and led him towards her apartment. In the back of her mind, she wondered how foreign diplomacy went between Konoha and the other villages with an idiot like Naruto representing them.

:==:-:==: :==:-:==:

At the Hokage Tower:

The swollen veins around Hinata temples relaxed as she deactivated her Byakugan. Guilt seemed to ring in her ears as she spied on her husband. But Naruto took the first step by betraying her with his very decision to follow the pink haired girl. And although she had no skill for reading lips, what she saw was self-explanatory: Naruto had allowed himself to be dragged away by Sakura to the privacy of her home.

Confusion and uncertainty ran through her head as tears welled in her eyes.

He said he wanted to be left alone. Or were his true intentions to be left alone with Sakura?

After all these years… he still has feelings for Sakura.

Dazed and out of place, her hands rose to her trembling lips. When was the last time he kissed her? When was the last time he kissed her and meant it? Where was the romantic and silly Naruto she fell in love with? What happened to the Naruto that loved only her? Why was he behaving like this? Why now of all times? Didn't her feelings mean anything to him?

Her limp figure collapsed on the bed. The room was large…cold… and empty. Her petite frame looked even smaller in contrast to the oversize mattress. Her husband will be spending the night at another woman's house.

She gripped her bed sheets and buried her face in the mattress. Her heart ached more than she had ever known it could. There has never been another time when she felt this low, this lonely… this fragile and… this…


:==:-:==: :==:-:==:

The Next Morning: Day One

"Naruto! –Naruto!"

Naruto opened his bleary eyes, feeling his head throbbing.

Sakura was relentlessly slapping his face, desperately trying to wake him.

He looked around the room through slit eyes, and tried to focus his vision when suddenly, the world around him began spinning. Just barely able to think straight, he spotted empty sake bottles scattered across the cluttered room.

"Naruto! Naruto! Wake up!" Sakura yelled, slapping his face once more.

"Whaaat is it Sakuraaa? Stop yelling so much," he moaned, burying his face in the pink pillow.

Eh, pink pillow? This wasn't his house. Pink pillow. Pink hair. This was Sakura's room…He slept over?

In her bed? –He slept in her bed?

Sakura snatched the pillow from him, knocking the man halfway to the floor. "I called Sasuke to take you home. Hopefully you'll get back in bed before Hinata wakes up," she said, grabbing his shirt and pants off the shelf.

"Sakura…?" he mumbled through the mattress. Why were his clothes on the shelf? And why was he naked in her bed? In reality, he wasn't entirely naked. Sakura's red Konoha headband was wrapped loosely around his neck.

Sakura stopped fumbling with the mess.

"What happened last night?…Did we do anything?"

There was a long pause before she answered. "If you mean, did we do it. Yes, we did. But if it wasn't enjoyable enough to remember, then we didn't because as far as you're concerned, you only did what you remember!" Sakura hollered, feeling her ego bruised.

So it happened. After all these years… he did it.

But there was something wrong. This wasn't how he planned on winning her. Not as a married man, and not as a cheater. He didn't want to look at the pink haired girl and was more than content with burying his face in the mattress. He felt too ashamed of himself. His lust and longing for the girl he never had a chance with, clouded his judgment and overcame his will. And in the end, because he couldn't control himself… he cheated on his wife.

Naruto's blue eyes fell to the floor. What would Hinata do when she finds out? What could he do now about this situation? Either way, he was responsible for his actions and yes, he did regret it.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. Naruto pulled the pillow off his head and fixed his attention at the person behind the door. Expecting the worse, it could be a member of his advisors looking for him. It could have been Sakura's parents visiting her. Or even Hinata's watchful Byakugan glaring at him from the other side.

Naruto gulped, and understood the severity of the situation. No one can know he was here. Without any hesitation he dashed across the room and shoved his clothes on.

Sakura pulled open the door and Sasuke walked through.

Naruto blinked a few times, confused and surprised.

"I'm glad you could come, Sasuke," greeted Sakura with an obvious tone of flirtation.

"Sa-su-ke…" Naruto looked at him.

Sasuke, now a full grown man, was wearing a loose shirt and black slacks, something different form his regular ANBU attire. "You ready to go?" He asked, crossing his arms.

Sasuke's dark eyes quickly examined the room and judging by the mess, he assumed Naruto and Sakura had a busy night together. Naruto must be happy. He finally got the girl he was courting for so long. Only now Naruto was a married man. He threw a disgusted look at Sakura. She was always promiscuous around other men and now he knows married men aren't off limits to her.

Sakura was too busy spraying air freshener on Naruto to notice. "Try to get back in bed before Hinata wakes up. Otherwise, you're in trouble."

"Yeah yeah…" Naruto responded lazily.

This was some Sunday morning, Sasuke thought as he threw Naruto's arm over his shoulder. He was pissed at the thought of his ANBU rank being used for something as stupid as taking a hung over Hokage home.

"Sasuke…" Naruto whispered, half asleep, "please... don't tell Hinata about this…"

Sasuke glared at his former teammate. He was annoyed that the HOKAGE would ruin the status of Konoha by having an affair with another woman. But it didn't matter to him, Konoha could suck it. The Hokage can do whatever he wants. Naruto is Hokage after all, it's not like he will punish himself for his actions—No, only his wife can do that—only Hinata can.

Sasuke decided not to answer and with that, the two men left the cluttered apartment, and headed towards the Hokage tower to return the blonde man back to his wife.






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