A/N: I wrote this fic right after 'The Whole Truth' (S2 E13), so if you haven't watched the episode, there WILL be spoilers. I was unsure about this fic, so I didn't post it until now. Hopefully it's not too bad.


"I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now."


"I...I've got a meeting waiting."

She unwillingly left the room, leaving Cal with Clara.

Clara. Earlier in the case, she was the main suspect. Her husband was found dead in the house that everyone believed only she had access to. Even Cal thought she was guilty at first. Unforunately, she wasn't. She was almost as much of a victim as her husband. Another reason for Cal to look at her like that.

She tried shaking the memory of his gaze. It was full of fascination, love...and it wasn't directed at her. No, he was looking at Clara, the woman he met a mere day ago. He chose Clara over her. She couldn't blame him, with their line, but it still hurt. How she wished he gazed at her like that...

"She's a beautiful woman." She couldn't help but linger in his office and listen after hearing those words.

"She's my Leo."

She left his office into the hallway. Usually, she liked the comfort of his office. Not now. She didn't want to be anywhere that reminded her of him. Hard to do with his name on the wall. she thought, misreably glancing at the front banner. The Lightman Group.

She would head home-there wouldn't be any reminders there. She would get out a glass of scotch, to help forget, as there are some things that even romance novels cannot fix. The happy endings would only make it worse, as happy endings ceased to exsist in her ever-shattering reality.

"Gil?" The voice brought Gillian out of her thoughts. Across the hallway was his daughter. No wonder Emily was the closest to a daughter that she had ever had.

"Em? I thought you were at a friend's house?" Gillian stopped on her quest to her office, adding a fake smile to her expression.

"I was. Um, is everything okay?" Emily saw past that faux smile. She is her father's daughter. Gillian thought grimly.

"I'm...fine." A lie.

"Wheres my dad?" She would've been thankful for the change of topic, but it still mentioned him.

"He's...he's busy right now." Emily saw it, the flicker of sadness. She suddenly had a feeling she knew what this was about.

"My mom's not here, is she?" A guess.

"No." Gillian paused for a moment. "Not your mom."

"Oh." Just then, Cal came out of his office, accompanied by Clara. They were both smiling. Gillian locked eyes with him for a moment-barely longer than a few seconds-before she turned on her heels and left. She couldn't stand it.


If only she watched the way he looked after her as she left.


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