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Chapter 1- Saying goodbye


Never in a million years would I even come close to thinking that one day she would be gone. For the first twenty minutes I thought someone was playing some horrible trick on me just to get a few laughs, but my drive to Maricopa Medical center confirmed my fears. She was gone, the woman who's been my best friend, grandmother of my children, and life Preserver; was gone. I spent the next two days in complete denial, I kept sitting in the kitchen at the table looking toward the door, hoping her Phil would walk though and tell me stories about how wonderful Vegas was and how Phil is such a cheap sake, they never came. She was gone.

It was my mom Renee and her husband Phil's three year anniversary and he thought it'll be a good idea to celebrate in Vegas, the place they first met. Renee was so excited to go, they even planned to stay for three days at one of those luxurious hotels there; but they didn't even make it to Vegas.

They got into a horrible accident, which was caused by a drunk driver. Phil died instantly while Renee died at the hospital.

Now here I stand at the cemetery holding my sons Collin and Seth's hand, forlornly watching my mother and stepfather, as their bodies are lowered into the ground , while Reverend Peterson put them to rest. While standing here , I couldn't help but notice all the people who attended today, I knew my mother was relatively social but I never expected the amount of people that came today to pay their respects; amongst the many is my dad Charlie,who's currently bent down in the dirt weeping for his ex wife. Charlie and Renee have been divorced for years, but he never got over her. He remained unmarried, single, and still living in the house they brought together when I was born. In other words, he never moved on. Charlie is the chief of police in a small town named Forks, in Washington; the population is minimum so the crime rate is practically nonexistent, which mean Charlie has nothing to do except morn for his former life.

Reverend Peterson has just completed his sermon, and everyone is walking back to their cars, back to their lives, sadly mine has been irrevocably destroyed.

So I give both my sons hands a squeeze take a deep breath, and longingly look toward their casket.

"Goodbye mom, goodbye Phil" I say and turn around and walk back toward Charlie, Whose now standing up from the dirt his eyes crimson and his face ashen , My god he looks wretched.

"Come on dad let's go" I say as I stroke his back. He nods his head, bends down and places a kiss each of our foreheads as we quietly walk toward his red Chevy

The drive back to the Apartment had me feeling a bit uneasy, since neither of us had anything else to say. I turn my head and look toward the back seat and see that Seth and Collin are asleep, it's was an exhausting day for them also. I couldn't take the silence anymore so I say the first thing that comes to mind.

"Wow, I can't believe you still got this Chevy, Mom would of lost her mind if she seen this old thing". As soon as the words leave my mouth I immediately want to take them back, I should have never brought the subject of mom up so soon.

Then he does something I least expect him to do, he pulls the car over on the side of a dirt road about twenty minutes from home; and turns toward me with an expression that looks frighteningly similar to determination.

"You and the boys are coming home with me, no questions about it". I am stunned, speechless. I have no idea of what to say. He takes my stunned silence as his queue to continue and plead his case." Look Bells, Jacob is gone, Renee is…..gone. I mean who else you got here in Phoenix". If Charlie only knew where Jacob was and why he's there a shot gun and a shovel wouldn't be the only items in the back of the Chevy.

"But Dad I…"Charlie then raises his hand which automatically interrupts my attempt at pleading. "I said no questions about it Bells, now I got a job lined up for you when we get home and I also registered Collin and Seth in the daycare center in town. Everything is set up, all you have to do is go on in and start packing up and we'll be in the air early in the morning". He adamantly tells me.

Charlie's plans render me speechless that I didn't even realize we were parked in front of the apartment complex already.

The apartment complex was built near a freeway, so it's obviously not a quiet neighborhood. It consist of five building which are ten stories each. Many people associate my neighborhood to a slum because usually it inhabits low income residents, but I don't care. We've been living here with Renee and Phil for three months… Well, Ever since I had Jacob arrested that is. I moved in because I couldn't keep up with the rent and the measly cash I've been making at Chelsea's diner was no where near enough. So I moved out of me and Jacob's apartment and moved into Renee and Phil's two bedroom apartment on the fifth floor.

"Mommy I'm hungry" Said Seth, whose lying on his back, in the back of the Chevy.

I've been so lost in my thoughts that I didn't even notice he was awake.

"Ok baby, lets go" I unbuckle me and Seth's seatbelt and he immediately jumps in my arms. Charlie is already outside by the rear left door helping Collin out, whose still asleep.

As soon as we enter the apartment Seth runs straight in the kitchen to the refrigerator, pulls out his lunchables and eats it at the table while I go straight to my bedroom feeling exhausted and lie down. Just as I'm about to drift off I hear the annoying ringing of the house phone.

guess I won't be getting a nap in today.

"Hello" I say, while I'm twirling the cord with my fingers and yawning at the same time.

"You have a collect call from Jacob Black at Arizona state correctional facility, will you accept these charges?" I want to shout Hell No! But accept anyway because I'm a dumb ass.

"Bells?" says Jacob, sounding all breathless and annoying.

"Jacob what the hell do you want, you know your not suppose to call me" I tell him.

"Yeah, I know. I'm calling because I found out about Renee and Phil, god…I'm so sorry Bella" He says, and I have to admit he doesn't sound like he has one ounce of remorse. Then something he said caught my attention.

"How did you find out, who told you" I ask him.

"Um…..I spoke to Lauren yesterday and she told me, I'm so sorry Bell" He says

Fucking Bitch!

"Oh…Lauren how could I forget bout Lauren your future baby momma slash woman you cheated with slash my FUCKING CO WORKER!" I say angrily, at this point I'm pissed.

"Bella I'm so sorry" He says again. You got to be fucking kidding me.


"Bella you know I wasn't in the right state of mind at time, I don't even know why you continue to bring this up" He says, and it's the same damn excuse. State of mind my ass, I done with this jerk.

"FUCK YOU JACOB, I DONE. DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO CALL HERE ANYMORE BECAUSE WERE MOVING TOMORROW, I HOPE YOU ROT IN THERE JERK!" I yell as slam the phone on the receiver, l slump on the bed, bury my face in the pillow and silently began to sob. I then realize he didn't even ask about his sons, I sob loudly until I began to lose consciousness and fell asleep.

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