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Falling Effortlessly

Chapter 14- A new beginning


When we entered the club I had only one goal in mind, and that was to find Bella. I needed to find her and tell her how I felt before it was too late and she fell for that douche she's with tonight. I didn't know him, but mom told me she overheard Alice and Rosalie talking about him yesterday. And according to them he was a real prince.

Yeah, Yeah. I called my mom for info.

She would have told me regardless; because unlike Alice, mom's actually team Edward. She was ecstatic when I told her how I felt about Bella. She thought that Bella would be good for me. Something about how my eyes lit up whenever she was around. So she decided to help me, by giving me as much information as she could about the girl's whereabouts this evening. Which is how Emmett and I ended up at club Twilight.

As we maneuvered our way through the hordes of people; I was searching, left and right, for her distinctively long - mahogany hair. But the lighting was too dim. I couldn't differentiate black from brown. After a while I grew frustrated. So Emmett and I walked up to the second level; that way I'd be closer to the strobe lights and could search overhead. But as soon as we got to the second level, I spotted a bar and we made a beeline straight there. I was a nervous wreak and in desperate need of some liquid courage. Emmett, on the other hand, only wanted to get shit-faced and party. He said he was holed up in his condo for far too long and needed to let loose. But discreetly of course. He still didn't want the Paps on his ass. I wasn't planning on getting fucked-up like I did a couple of nights ago. I just needed something to calm my nerves a little. Because although I was very confident when it came to women, Bella was different. She made me feel unsure and nervous. She wasn't just an ordinary woman to me. She was special, the only woman I've ever met that made me want to change. I knew she was too good for me. Nevertheless, I wanted her or at least a chance with her.

Selfish fucker much?

When we arrived at the bar we both ordered rum and coke, and perched ourselves on the stools. I impatiently drummed my fingers on the bar table while I waited for my drink. Emmett gazed at me with an impish grin on his face.

"Don't worry 'bout it, little Bro. If this doesn't work, there's like so many replacements" he tilting his head toward a group of attractive women at the bar, that were eyeing us - while sipping their drinks. One of them winked at me. I turned my head, not wanting to give her the wrong impression.

If this was a week ago, when I didn't know Bella. I'd be agreeing with him wholeheartedly. But this wasn't a week ago and I met that amazing woman. And now, I would never be able to look at another woman the same.

I placed my elbows on the table and rubbed my eyes with my palms irritably.

"I'm not interested in replacements" I replied testily.

Only her

"Alight, alright. I was just making sure you're serious about this,"

"I am" I snapped, smacking my palms against the table. "I'm not fucking around" I started bouncing my leg up and down, on the stool. Emmett gazed at me warily

"Damn, bro. Calm the fuck down. You're making me fucking nervous" I sighed and immediately stopped bouncing my leg.

"I'm sorry Em. It's just…she's just…perfect. I just don't want to fuck this up, you know?" He nodded and stared blankly over my shoulders with a look of contemplation.

What was that about?

The bartender suddenly slid our drinks to us. I didn't waste time as I chugged down my drink - Emmett followed suit. When I finished my drink. My body was noticeable warmer. I felt at ease and slightly light-headed. I was buzzed. Emmett ordered two more drinks, but I declined. One drink was enough for me. I needed to be level headed and alert when I finally saw Bella again. I didn't want to end up looking like a drunken jackass.

He shrugged his shoulders and quickly chugged down both drinks. I gazed at him incredulously. Did he even fucking breath?

"What do you expect? I'm an Irishman, lad" He burped. I shook my head and chuckled.

"We're only three percent Irish, asshole" He took his cap off and waved it in his face, airing himself off. Then placed it back on his head.

"Well, it's still in our blood" he unzipped the top of his hoodie.

"Jesus, it's fucking hot in here"

Well, no one told his ass to wear a black sweat suit to a fucking club.

"Em, what the fuck were you thinking, wearing that shit" He gazed down at his attire, flummoxed.

"What? I'm incognito" he stated.

"Incognito my ass. I'm surprised the bouncer let you in. You look like you're two minute from robbing this place" He gaped. I chuckled at his shocked expression.

That clearly wasn't the look he was going for tonight.

"Really?" I nodded my head. He sighed in disappointment and frowned.

"Aww, fuck. So much for being discreet"

After Emmett had another drink we left the bar. We found a booth in a more secluded area in the club, since Emmett didn't want to be noticed. I was glad because I needed to think about what I was going to say to Bella. I'm mean, what does one say to a girl they want to have a serious relationship with? Damned if I knew. I never wanted a serious relationship before and to my recollection, Emmett didn't either. He was just as bad as me. Probably worst. I don't know how true it is, but I once read in a magazine that Emmett was caught leaving a hotel with six women. Six. The most women I slept with in one night were three.

See, worst then me.

I was debating between 'Bella, I'm a selfish fuck up but you changed me, would you consider giving us a shot?' and 'Bella I can't get you out of my mind. Would you consider giving us a shot?' when a group of woman suddenly walked pass us. Emmett whistled catching their attention. Then he remembered he was supposed to be discreet so he lowered his hat and slouched down. I rolled my eyes at his idiocy. Yeah, like no one See's you sitting there. I spotted a familiar looking short-haired blond among them. She gazed at me wide-eyed in recognition.I knew her from somewhere, but I just couldn't pinpoint where.

"Edward!" she bellowed, in an unforgettable whinny voice. I groaned. Now I remembered.

What are the fucking odds that I run into another one of my stalkers, the night I wanted to profess myself to Bella?

Oh this is just fucking great.

Makenna. The whinny- voiced chick I slept with a year ago on a spring break trip to Mexico, Jasper and I went on. This chick was fucking insane. I'm talking about; ropes, chains, biting and slapping. But she sucked a cock like you wouldn't believe. That's the only reason I put up with all her fuckery. But one day she took it too far and tried to put something in my ass. And that's when I had to drop her. Because ass play was a no, no in my book.

I wasn't that fucking kinky

"Makenna" I said with false enthusiasm "How's it…"

She suddenly hopped on my lap, squealing loudly - tightly wrapping her arms around my neck. I was immediately assaulted by the stench of vodka and cheap perfume. I winced when I felt her nails dig into the skin on my nape.

Shit! I forgot how fucking aggressive she was

Prying her arms from my neck, I stood up and politely pushed her a few inches away from me. Even though, what I actually wanted to do was fling her crazy ass across the room.

"Oh lover boy. I missed you so much," she purred. Emmett snickered behind me.

Lover boy. That was her little pet name for me. I hated when she called me that shit.

She wrapped her arms around my neck again, forcefully pulling my head down for a kiss. I was momentary surprised by her strength but then remembered she was some-what of a fitness guru and had incredible upper body strength for a woman of her size. When her lips were about an inch away from mine - I thwarted her attempt, by turning my head slightly to the side; causing her lips to brush against my cheek. She pouted in disappointment as I gently pried her arms from my neck.

"What's the matter lover boy? You don't miss me?" she pouted, trying to reach for me again. I took a step back, thwarting her attempts again.

Can't she take a hint?

"Makenna. We hooked up a year ago. For only three days" I replied incredulously

"I know. And they were the hottest three days ever" she took a step forward and slowly ran her hands up my chest. I grabbed her wrist, halting her movements. She smiled impishly "You know. I'm staying at a hotel not to far from this place. Let's continue this…little reunion, there. I'll make it worth your while" she said, licking her lips suggestively.

Apparently she can't

I released her wrist, her arms dropping to her sides.

"I'm not interested"

"Oh" she said wide-eyed, clearly shocked and disappointed. "Well…if you change your mind. Come find me, lover boy" she winked before walking away with her girls. I sat back down. Raked my fingers through my hair and let out an exasperated sigh.

What was I thinking a year ago?

Emmett whistled "What a hellcat"

I raked my fingers through my hair again "You have no idea. Imagine that shit in bed"

Emmett immediately sat up, interested "You're shitting me"

"Nope" I said popping the 'p'

"Damn, if you didn't already fuck her. I'd definitely fuck her. There's nothing hotter than banging an aggressive chick. It'll be like some BDSM shit" he stated crassly

I wanted to shout 'It was like some BDSM shit' but I didn't want to spur him on even more.

"Yeah. Just make sure you're into having shit jammed up your ass"

"What!" he bellowed, wide-eyed.

I chuckled at his reaction "It comes along with the territory."

I stood up and glanced at a railing up ahead, that overlooked the lower level of the club. I was suddenly really anxious to see Bella

"Look, I'm going to go head over there for a minute" I said nodding toward the railing. Three guys were now casually leaning against it. Emmett stood up and glanced behind him.

"Alright bro. I'm going to the bathroom. I gotta piss like a racehorse"

I shook my head at the phrase and made my way toward the railing. The closer I got to it, the louder the music got. The dance floor and the Dee-jay were located directly below the railing. I stood next to the three guys, who were now enthusiastically pointing to something below.

"Those chicks are so hot. Especially the little one and the blond" a tall lanky guy gushed.

"No, no the one in the blue is. I'd fuck her seven ways from Sunday" a short scraggly haired guy added

I peered down at the dance floor, inquisitively. My eyes widened when I spot Rosalie and Alice at the center, dancing with two guys. I knew my sister liked to party, but I've never seen her in action. My teeth clenched when I saw the guy's hands move on her ass. I'm going kill that asshole. When she grabbed his hand and brought them back to her hips. I sighed in relief, glad that I didn't have to commit a murder in such a public place. My eyes shifted to the left and my breath hitched when I spotted her.


She was dancing alone - which I was fucking happy about, and I never seen anything more sexy in my life. I was entranced by the way that blue strapless dress hugged her body, exposing her long beautiful neck and shoulders. The way her hair tumbled around her as she ran her hands through it, in the most enticing way. And the way her hips swiveled and moved, slowly and sexy. It was all so very erotic and sensual. Like she's dancing… just for me

My cock hardened at that thought. Oh god I wish that were true. Then my eyes narrowed when I saw some dark-haired asshole with a shit load of tattoo's come behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Who the fuck was he? Was that her date? My fist clenched with fury and jealously.

She's mine.

"Way the go Ryan!" short scraggly guy bellowed.

"He totally snagged that chick in the blue" tall lanky guy added

My head snapped in their direction. Are they talking about Bella?

"If I was him, I'd totally wrap my hand around all that hair and pound my dick against that sweet ass" the last guy piped up, who was just as weird looking as the other two.

They were definitely talking about her. And that guy that was on her wasn't her date. He was just some asshole trying to get his fucking dick hard.

Now, I'm fucking furious

The threesome chuckled and I desperately tried to fight off the urge to pummel them, then jump off this fucking rail and kill that motherfucker that has his hands on my Bella.

"Aww fuck, where did they go?" tall lanky guy said. My head snapped back to the dance floor and Rosalie, Alice and Bella, were indeed gone. I was relieved when I saw the assholes that were dancing with them still there. Looking some what befuddled.

I immediately scanned the crowd below in search of the girls. I looked left and right but I couldn't find them. Where the fuck did they go? There were too many people down there to make out a single person, let alone three. Fuck! I missed my chance with her because I was so busy eavesdropping on these three fuckers. I turned and glared at them in distaste. I can't believe I use to be like them. Talking about women and using them as if they were objects. Toys. I raked my fingers through my hair in frustration, pissed at myself for not running down there five minutes ago. Now they probably fucking left. And I'm standing here looking like a fucking jackass.

I turned back around and peered at the crowd below.

What the fuck do I do now?

Well I have two options. I could either go back to the house or ask mom to give me Bella's number.

They both were good ideas but the problem was I'm not going back to Carlisle's fucking house. Fuck him. And mom would never give me Bella's number without her permission first. And I'm not sure how Bella feels about me at this moment. For all I know, she'd probably tell mom to tell me to fuck off. I sighed and raked my fingers through my hair.

Maybe I should just forget about this whole fucking plan and take my ass back to Emmett's place. I'm leaving in two days anyway. Maybe I should just forget about her and move on with my life.


My heart clenched at that idea. Even if I do say fuck it and leave, I would never be able to forget about her. That's an impossibility. She would be forever on my mind, my thoughts, and my dreams. I'd always think of her as the one that got away. The one that I was to chicken shit to run down the stairs of a dark nightclub and profess my absolute love and adoration to.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.


I get adoration. But love?

Now I'm in love with her?

I tried to ignore the way my heart soared just thinking about that word and Bella used in the same context.

No, no I'm just being emotional right now. I can't be in love with her, it's to soon…


"Edward!" a soft unforgettable, beautiful voice bellowed.

Goose bumps rose on my skin. My head snapped in the direction of the voice. And there she was, standing there looking like an angel, a goddess or some kind of ethereal being. She looks far too beautiful to be human.

As I stood there and gazed at this incredibly beautiful woman; I knew in that moment that any woman before her will cease to exist. My life would be miserable and incomplete without her in it. Alice, Carlisle and the whole fucking town of Forks, couldn't keep me away from her again.

I knew that because…

I was in love with her.

I approached her - with what I hope looked like ease. But truthfully, my mind was on a whirlwind. Now that I knew for a fact that I was in love with her, I had to fight with the instinct to wrap her in my arms, kiss her senseless and confess all that I'm feeling. It was too soon for that. But the way she was looking at me, wasn't helping me one bit. She was looking at me the same exact way; she looked at me that day in the basement. Like she wanted me. And God knows I wanted her.

I stood in front of her and slowly perused her heavenly appearance. From her slender toned legs to her flushed, elegant neck - where my eyes lingered a bit longer. I remember how her skin smelled and tasted. How it felt against my lips. How appealing I found the bluish veins that appeared underneath her translucent skin.

But remembering was not enough for me anymore. I was in love with her. I wanted to experience it again. I needed to.

Her flush deepened under my scrutiny. I watched as her blood travel from her face all the way down to her chest. My cock stiffened. The urge to trace that path with my tongue was so fucking strong. I needed to say something. If I continue to stand here and gawk at her like this I just might do something

"Bella" I said in a voice full of want "There aren't any adequate words to describe how amazing you look tonight"

It was true. Beautiful, gorgeous, breath-taking were not sufficient to describe her tonight.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled coyly. I smiled back loving her response. Then suddenly her brows furrowed and the expression on her face worried me immensely.

Oh, no what's wrong? Am I being too forward?

She chewed her bottom lip, deep in thought for a minute. Then she murmured, so low I hardly heard it. 'What was he doing here?'

I'm here because I love you

No, no! I can't tell her that. She'll think I was insane. It was too soon for that. So I decided to tell her the next best thing.

"I couldn't stay away"

She stood silent, face flushed carnation pink. I watched as her chest rose and fell rapidly, which unnerved me a bit. But it was too late to turn back now. This is the moment I've been waiting for. It's time to lay it all on the line.

"Bella, I don't have the strength to say away from you anymore"

There I said it. It wasn't I love you. But it pretty much sums-up how I felt about her overall.

She inhaled sharply, but stayed silent. My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for her to respond. Oh, god! I am being to forward.

Please, say something.

Suddenly, I felt her soft warm hands lightly grabbed mine - twining our fingers. The electric current hummed straight to my heart, causing it to beat twice as fast. I glanced at our joined hands, in awe of how great they looked clasped together. Big and small, rough and delicate. Then I gazed into her warm chocolate eyes, earnestly.

Please, say something

"Then don't" she murmured. I blinked twice.

Does that mean…


I had to understand. What does that mean? I needed to hear it.

"I tired of being away from you, Edward"

She wants me too!

I had to fight off the urge to stand on top of the railing and shout at the top of my 'Hey everybody, she wants me too!'

I squeezed our joined hands and smiled my first real smile in days. She smiled back and I never seen anything more beautiful in my life. As corny as it sounded I can honestly say my heart fluttered at the sight of it. It fucking fluttered.

"You don't know how happy I am to hear you say that" I gazed into her eyes earnestly as I slowly lifted the hand I was holding and placed a searing kiss on the back of it.

I watched her eyes flicker from my eyes to my lips. She had that look again. The one she had that day in the basement. The one that immediately engorged my cock. My heart sped up and I swallowed thickly. She has no idea how much affects me

"Me too" she replied

I placed our hands down, twining our fingers again. Her eyes didn't waver from my lips.

She involuntarily licked her lips. I stared at the movement transfixed. Remembering how warm and soft her lips felt on mine. How sweet her tongue tasted. My cock twitched at the memory.

I needed to feel her

I squeezed her hand again and slowly pulled her body to mine, giving her the option of pulling away if this was something she didn't want. My gaze flickered from her eyes to her mouth. I didn't know which one I found more appealing at the moment. When her body was flush against mine her eyes prevailed.



On their own accord, my hands slowly glided up the soft skin of her arms, over her shoulders, up her neck to her cheeks. She shivered from my touch. I smiled, loving that I affected her too.

"Bella, I really want to kiss you right now. Would that be o.k.?"

Please say yes, please say yes

"What about Tanya?" she whispered. Eyes filled with doubt and uncertainty.

What! Who gives a shit about that whore

"I don't want to kiss her" I stated rubbing circles on her cheeks, reassuringly - with my thumbs.

"Why not?"

Because I love you

"Because I want to kiss you. Only you"

She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply, absorbing what I just said.

Yes Bella, you're the only girl I want

"Please" she murmured

"Please what?" I inquired

Her eyes opened. The look in it was enough to send my heart in a frenzy.

"Please kiss me Edward"

She didn't have to ask me twice. I leaned in and softly pressed my lips against hers. My eyes closed as I felt her mouth move with mine. The kiss was languid and slow. Savorous; as we reacquainted our lips with one and other. It felt so good and natural to kiss her. Like our lips were made to be molded together. I would never get enough. I wanted to feel her lips on mine everyday for the rest of my life, as crazy as that sounded.

I pulled back, breathing harshly and leaned my forehead against hers with my eyes still closed

"I'll never tire of that" I murmured mostly to myself

"What" she breathed.

I opened my eyes and gazed at her. Her face was flushed pink. Her lips were red and parted. And her chest rose and fell repetitively. So fucking beautiful

"Kissing you" I smiled, rubbing circles on her cheeks with my thumbs again. She smiled.

I leaned for another kiss but she grasped my hands that were on her cheeks, halting my attempt.

I gazed at her disconcertingly. Her eyes were once again filled with doubt and uncertainty.

I hated that look

"What are we going to do, Edward?" She asked "Alice…"

My eyes widened at the mention of that devious little pixie

"Fuck Alice!" I spat.

She jumped at my outburst, released my hands and took a step back. Staring at me incredulously. I raked my fingers through my hair.

"Shit, I'm sorry Bella. But I don't want to think about Alice right now"

"But she's important to me. The decision we make will affect our friendship." she lowered her head "It will affect every thing"


"Listen Edward. I know that I'm fucked up and damage and it's selfish of me to want you. But I do… I want you. I felt dreadful without you. I'm just worried. Alice and your mom have been so good to me and my boys. I don't want to lose them" she gazed into my eyes and I saw fear there.

She really was afraid she'd lose them.

"You're not going to lose them"

"Yes I am. Once they find out their over achieving brother and son is involved with the pathetic unwed mother of two, they pity so much"

Pathetic? Pity?

"How can you say that Bella?" a familiar light voice suddenly asked. Bella gasped.


She approached us, with a hurtful expression on her face. Bella has yet to turn around and face her. Her eyes were squeezed close as if she was in pain.

She's really afraid. I cupped her face and gazed at her anxiously.


She shook her head "Please…don't"

Her voice hitched and tears began to slowly fall from her eyes.

Alice was immediately at her side. She pulled her into a hug and Bella sobbed on her shoulder. I suddenly felt like I was intruding on a private moment.

"I'm so sorry Alice. Please don't hate me" Bella sobbed. Alice rubbed her back soothingly.

I frustratingly raked my fingers through my hair. It killed me to stand back and watch someone else comfort her, even if it is my sister.

"I can never hate you Bella. You're like a sister to me"

"But…Me…and Edward" Bella sobbed

"Bella I was more worried than angry. I don't want you to get hurt" Alice pulled back and gazed at Bella "You're important to me too, you know" Bella gave her a sad smile and murmured 'Thank you' before hugging her again.

"I would never hurt her" I suddenly piped up.

I loved her

Alice turned and glared at me "I will get to you later" she said in a mock friendly voice.

I glared back at her. You're on pixie

Alice turned back to Bella, grabbing her hand "C'mon Bella. Let get you cleaned up in the ladies room" She nodded her head as Alice pulled her away from me.

I couldn't help but feel desolate as I watched her walk away from me. It was irrational I know. She's only going to the bathroom and would most likely be back. But, something about watching her walk away from me pained me deeply. I didn't like the feeling. I wanted her close to me all the time.

When she was half way across the room I began to feel uneasy. What if she doesn't come back? Oh god what if Alice gave her an alternative. Their friendship or me?

She'll choose Alice.

As if she sensed my inner turmoil she stopped and looked back. Our gazes met.

"Will you be here when I get back?" she asked hopefully

Oh yes Bella, I'll wait for you forever my love

I smiled broadly "Definitely"

She smiled and they resumed walking. They turned a corner, nearly bumping into Emmett who surprisingly had his hand clasped in Rosalie's. My eyes widened at this new development.

What the hell?

Alice quickly whispered something in Rosalie's ear. She nodded her head and released Emmett's hand. The expression on his face was priceless. He literally looked like a sad fucking puppy or in his case a dying bear. Rosalie kissed him on the cheek reassuringly, whispering something in his ear. When she walked away, following the girls around the corner; Emmett gazed at their retreating figures for a minute then turned around and gazed at me with a wide smile.

"What a woman" he gushed as he approached me.

I shook my head and raked my fingers through her hair, consumed with thoughts of Bella. Well, really her self deprecating could she think she was pathetic and my family pitied her? They adored her and her sons. As a matter of fact they liked her better than me. I realized she didn't view her self as the beautiful caring woman my family and I grew to love. She thought she was fucked up, damage and pathetic. Even though those words were far from true, she believed them. I heard the certainty in her voice when she said them; I saw the resignation in her eyes. She thought she was unworthy of me.


We walked to the booth we occupied earlier and sat down. Emmett gazed at me intently.

"So? How did it go with Bella?"

I raked my fingers through my hair. "Fine, I guess"

"You guess? What the hell does that mean? Are you guys together or what?"

Are we? Well I didn't exactly ask her to be my girl.

"Well…I don't know. It's kind of complicated"

"Complicated? C'mon bro don't leave me hanging. I dedicated a whole fucking day to help you get this girl. I risked being seen by the paps, even Alice. Now what the hell is so complicated?"

I sighed "She thinks mom and Alice will hate her if we're together"

"Really?" his eyes widened incredulously. I nodded my head "Well tell her that's not true"

"I did"

"Then what?"

"Alice" I said simply

"Well fuck that!" he boomed "We are not leaving this club tonight until that girl is yours"

Until she's mine. I smiled.I liked the sound of that.

I nodded my head in appreciation and he smiled; thus ending all talk of Bella and I. Which I was pleased about. I didn't want to further discuss Bella's insecurities with Emmett anyway; it was a private matter that only she and I needed to discuss. And we would. When that conversation ended he chose to bring up a disturbing topic. Rosalie. The new love of his life and queen of his castle, but to me she'll always be a stone cold bitch. He honestly shocked the hell out of me with this one. Never, in my life had I heard Emmett gush about a girl like this. It was sickening. But I had to admit I could relate. He sounded like me when I talked about Bella. He told me he had feelings for her since she was a teenager, but never acted on it because she was too young and also Alice's friend. Now that I think of it, I do remember him always lingering around the girls whenever he came home on weekends - when he was in college. When I told him this, he ducked his head and sheepishly admitted that she was the reason he came home in the first place. I gazed at him incredulously. He had a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face when he spoke of her.

Who is this guy and what the hell did he do with Big Bear.

When the girls finally approached us. I stood up and nervously raked my fingers though my hair. My heart was pounding so fast I thought I was on the verge of a coronary. This moment will make me or break me. What will she choose? I know that our connection is undeniable and overwhelming but so are her insecurities.

Will she throw caution to the wind and give us a shot?

I tentatively gazed at her and what I saw shock the hell out of me. She was smiling. I mean really fucking smiling. Thank god. I sighed in relief, my nerves once again put at ease. She caught my gaze and her eyes lit up. I smiled broadly in response.

God I love her smile

When she stood in front of me. It was as if the whole room faded away and it was just the two of us gazing into each others eyes. With matching shit eating grins on our faces. My eyes flickered to her lips once again. I really wanted to kiss her, but I wasn't sure if she wanted me to kiss her with our present company. She licked her lips, intensifying my need to feel her lips on mine.

"Oh, for fucks sakes! Would you two kiss already" Alice suddenly bellowed.


I turned around and gaped at my nemesis, who just - in her own unique way, gave us her blessing. What the hell brought this on? Not that I'm complaining. But I am curious.

She crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes.

"If you hurt her. I'll kill you, ass-wipe" she stated matter-of-factly

"I'll be begging you to" I responded earnestly

"Hey, what about me? Don't I get to kill Eddie too" Emmett piped up, with his arm around Rosalie's waist. She grinned up at him, completely oblivious.

I scowled at him "No, I'll kill your ass if you call me Eddie again"

He flexed his arms and pounded his fist in his hand.

"Bring it on little bro. I'll demolish your candy ass"

Big bear returns

Bella chuckled. I turned to her. Her cheeks were pink and she had this light in her eyes, I never seen before. She looked happy.

"Oh, you think he's funny huh?" I said, mockingly glaring at her

She smiled. "Yup"

I wrapped my arms around her waist. "And how will you feel if he demolishes me?"

I pulled her body flush against mine. She tilted her head up and gazed in my eyes.

"I'll be devastated"


I leaned in and captured her lips with mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and smiled against my lips.

"Woo-hoo! Lil' bro got his girl!"

I pecked her lips twice and leaned my forehead against hers.

"Yup, I got my girl"


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